Haifa Wehbe is Hottest Woman of 2009

Haifa Wehbe Hottest Woman of 2009

Would you say Haifa Wehbe is hotter than Angelina Jolie? Will whether you do or you don't, she has been voted as the sexiest and hottest woman of 2009 ... taking the lead of a list of 99 beautiful women from around the world!

Haifa was voted the hottest woman of 2009 on the website Top 99 Women by people from around the world and of course her fan base!

Haifa Wehbe no 1

Hollywood actress Megan Fox came in at no. 3, while Angelina Jolie came in at no. 5!
At no. 7 is Britney Spears and the Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai gets a place at no. 58!
Way down at no. 73 is Catherine Zeta Jones.

What do you think of these rankings? For example, is Britney really hotter than Aishwarya Rai?!
Is it something to be proud of that Haifa tops such a list?

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  1. Nounours

    Yes I would say she's hotter than Angelina Jolie, actually I never that Angelina Jolie is beautiful, she's more freaky than beautiful.
    I still hate Haifa Wahbi though, I don't have any respect for her whatsoever.
    Is Aishurya Rai's beauty natural? I think it is, in that case she should've been number one.

  1. Jill

    No doubt Aishwarya Rai No. 1

  1. Majdn

    This is beyond pathetic. This "news" was sent from her office to the media. After I searched around for the site that published this so called poll, only one site mentioned it. Yes, her fan club.

    This is another way for Haifa's 'management' to bring attention to Haifa. A great story for publicity.

  1. love

    what a story .... haifa love u... she is the most beautiful lady in the world ....

  1. ToMajdn

    Check this!

  1. asa

    after 10 hits of xtc haifa is a goddess!

  1. lina

    What website? Where?

  1. Real

    Ok just cause Angelina Jolie is said to be the most beautiful in the USA does not mean the world, Im not saying that Haifa is but the people have spoken. Live with it, plus I agree with Nounours for what he said about Angelina Jolie.

  1. Nounours

    Hey, thanks Real, but I'm a she not a he :)
    Waleg, where did you get this news from, I just checked, Eva Mandez was number one on 2009 and they're still doing a poll for 2010.

  1. Right

    How do you know the results for the 99 most desirable women? The results aren't released until January 19.. on askmen.com

    Haifa was on the list a few years ago as #49 I think and hasn't been on the list since so if she's #1 for this year's edition, then that's an accomplishment to be proud of. she has gotten more beautiful ever since her marriage

  1. Right

    The website is top99women.com
    not askmen.com

    so it's not as big of a deal but still congrats!

  1. cedar10452

    Ok so according to this website haifa is number 1 based on a huge, enormous, mind blowing number of votes, the grand total for Haifa was 319 ***NO THAT WAS NOT A TYPO***like seriously how can an article that boasts haifa as the sexiest woman in the world "overlook" this important fact. Any one with a computer and basic website creation can whip this up. POOR QUALITY REPORTING BY WALEG WHO HAS OBVIOUSLY COPIED POOR QUALITY REPORTING FROM ELAPH.COM. Obviously this is a little known website with no real credibilty or backing, when Haifa makes it in WHO 100 most beautiful people then give me a buzz until then ***YAWN*""*"*

  1. Cjed

    Aishwarya All the Way...NO Plastic Surgery and Completely Natural... Unlike the Barbie Dolls look alike we get to see these days....

  1. Tania

    lmao Haifa supposedly beat out Angelina jolie, Megan fox, Aishwarya Rai, Eva Mendes, and Jessica Alba lmao... not on her best day would that even happen. The only people that know about this site is HER fanclub, and they did all the voting which makes this absolutely pointless to even acknowledge.

    Common sense is clearly lacking because if you scroll through all the girls majority of them don't even have single vote to their names. When they're international celebrities. Victoria secret models, and those who have constantly been voted and put on all the most beautiful lists, and they LOSE to Haifa. someone that's never on any of the beauty lists, and isn't internationally famous. anyone with a brain can see how FAKE this is. This is just another pathetic attempt by Haifa, and her "fan club" to gain attention.

  1. Drake

    OMG!!! This is impossible!! Haifa Wehabe is the hottest?? That means even Osama Bin Laden can have surgey and become the hottest woman (yes, you heard it right!). What is not possible with surgery???

    I bet Haifa would have voted for herself!! Yuck!

    and Britney? that saggy mommy is at #7?? Screw this list!

    Aishwarya Rai desreves to be #1. She's truly(and undeniably) the most beautiful woman in the world ever! Look at her eyes! she's got the sexiest eyes in the world! And she's a natural beauty, free of any sickening plastic surgeries! Angelina can follow second. And the others too!

    Aishwarya Rai is the woman of the millenium and we should be proud that we belong to her generation! Atleast I am! Cheers! :)

  1. yash

    ash is no1....all polls are rubbish...

  1. soso

    for your information ash is not so called 'NATURAL' she had done plastic surgeries the indian news itself said many times that she did.....almost all celebrities these days have P.S

  1. haifafan

    Haifa should b number 1 in my opinion................Aishwarya Rai is not gorgeuos just bc she has colored eyes doesnt make her any different than the normal people with colored eyes. its all about structure and beauty and haifa definitley achieved both of them.

  1. Allen

    Of course Haifa Wehbe is sexier than Angelina Jolie!!!!
    Congrads Haifa!! Cant wait to see you in Vegas this March!

  1. hanz


    Your pathetic, ASH IS NOT GORGEOUS? your mentally retarded, mmm maybe thats why shes at no. 5?

    O AND I HAVE NOTICED. waleg hasnt put down haifa's rank in the 99 list. probably he fans ONLY have voted for her. she cant beat ash, megan, angelina alba or spears. are all NATURAL.

    Pathetic. probably haifa paid some people to vote or her hideous ugly beast husbund paid and voted many times.


  1. Celina

    hahaha, this is a fake and NOT official website it is made by haifa fans. because my friend is from that site and told me to click vote for haifa like in november. Pahetic cuz nobody knows who haifa is in the west and all over the globe and plus it wont cross your mind to put ash, megan, duff, alba all behind her? LOL

    joke of the year

  1. man


  1. Moe

    UM... I'm PROUD of Haifa that she's become nationwide beautiful now nd I LOVE her too!! But let's face the truth...

    Angelinsa Jolie must've made the number 1 category or Megan Fox since their beauty and sexiness is NATURAL, not even one plastic surgery!! But as you all know Haifa is all FAKE, full of plastic surgeriess!!! GOOO ANGIE AND MEGAAANNN!!! <3

  1. ميمو

    انا عربيه واحب هيفا لاكنني اعرف ان هيفا لم تعمل اي عمليات تجميليه وهذا جمال طبيعي 100% لانني اعرفها منذ كانت صغيره فهي جميله جدا

  1. haifafan


    u r MENTALLY retarded and perhaps someone with no brain what so ever! u r ignorant and rude..and u need to get a life! its My Opinion so Back off Jackass

  1. cohen

    this list is terrible. zooey deschanel, emmy rossum, jennifer connoly, scarlet johanson, ellen page, liv tyler, drew barrymore, jurdana brewstar, kristen stewart, gina phillips, areile kebbel, joey lauren adams,............ all these are among the hottest women in hollywood. I don't like none of the ones mentioned.

  1. Eduard

    Where is Haifa on that top? Her name doesnt appear anywhere! I see there names like Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, but Haifa Wehbe doesnt appear anywhere... So, what is this article about her if her name is not on that top? In my opinion, Prianka Chopra, the indian actress is one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in the world.

  1. Waleg

    For those of you who read the article, and visited the website 'top99women' and for someone reason they were NOT able to see the results!!! We just added a snapshot on this article that shows the final results!

  1. Shaqila

    im begining to agree with some people here why are all this stories about haifa?
    What about Nawal? Diana Haddad? Asala? or even other people?
    What about the Earthquake in Haiti?

  1. rana

    yeah haifa is the hottest! She represent the lebanese beauty. Congratulations haifa!

  1. Laila

    WALEG!!! Please! The last 2 names on the list are from my country, Romania and they are models in Italy. They are not known all over the world. Haifa is not well known also as other actresses or singers. This is a normal top, not the top made by People's Magazine or other magazine. That's something else...

  1. urbrain

    wlek ya hebel w3ou 3a wad3kon! ento el 3arab kel 3omrkon ra7 tdallo bheyem w ma ele el sharaf koun menkon. anw bas bede khabrkon eno khabriyet eno hayfa tol3et sexiest woman of the world mesh mazboutaaaa. hayde bas bi hayda el site li ma khasso bi shi douwale 3refto kif?
    so kafa kezeb ya loulouzz okay? hahahaha w btw ma betghott eddem el natural beauties yalle aslan manon bi 7aje la shhedetkon! w ouloula la fanetkon hayfa twa2ef 3amaliyet leano ma ba2a te7mol. bye ya 7elwin bizouyetttt

  1. layal

    agree with both last 2 comments ! this site is a fake nobody knows the hell is haifa in the world only in the arab world!

  1. lina

    the askmen list for 2010 was revealed today, haifa did NOT make it

  1. NaNa

    " Is it something to be proud of that Haifa tops such a list ?"
    This question is great,it really expressed my feelings!
    I say: one day everyone will be stopped alone in front of God & will be asked about everything in his life, about all the details.. so i ask Alla to guid us all to the straight path & to make the most beautiful day of our lives is that day when meeting him.

  1. kiki
    kiki replied to comment from Moe

    megan had nose jobbb......search for her before and after .....angelina was pretty but now looks like HIV .....

  1. The kingdom of Persia Yemen
    The kingdom of Persia Yemen

    Haifa Wehbe's very beautiful and attractive Congratulations Hiova

  1. thejimbonaut

    where am I ?

  1. Karine

    I can't rate haifa no1. Although she looks beautiful in pics. But must see in reality! I saw many girls who have very sexy bodies more than haifa - without plastic suguries either to their bodies or their faces, and without the make-up Haifa heavily puts on her eyes and the lences-to look stunning, then I can rate who is the beautiest or sexiest of them all, as it would be fair. But Haifa, it would be no more than a cheating! However, if must vote for Haifa, then she should enter a competion named: "Who is the most beautiful and sexiest women after "Plastic surguries", then I will give her no.1, no doubt.

  1. Karine

    I can't rate haifa no1. Although she looks beautiful in pics. But must see in reality! I saw many girls who have very sexy bodies more than haifa - without plastic suguries either to their bodies or their faces, and without the make-up Haifa heavily puts on her eyes and the lences-to look stunning, then I can rate who is the beautiest or sexiest of them all, as it would be fair. But Haifa, it would be no more than a cheating! However, if must vote for Haifa, then she should enter a competion named: "Who is the most beautiful and sexiest women after "Plastic surguries", then I will give her no.1, no doubt.

  1. fatin

    just haifa you are the beeeeeeeeeeest....

  1. afghanpride

    Please show me the proof please,lol,I went on askmen.com haifa is not one of the 99 hottest women and anyone who likes her is out of their mind,she looks like Micheal Jackson and like a tranny,nasty old woman.

  1. Pedro

    guys she is one of the best no doubt ! Even without the lenses her dark eyes and dark hair and perfect skin she's tall and have the perfect body and did no surgeries for your knowledge ! This is an arabian beauty like the indian beauty like latinos like russians understand ! It's just opinions but the one who talks about Haifa that she's ordinary he's a fool coz you didn't see this stunning beauty on reality coz i did so go to sleep much better for you..

  1. awam

    Whatever Haifa is,and whatever said about her, my sweetly wife is more &more beautiful &hot than her.

  1. Marta

    Haifa you deserve that ,you're so hot and beautiful ,and also Aisha deserve the #1 but she had it for a time .That's true that haida has done a lot of plastic surgeries but you can see her photos when she was young and before she's done the P.S how she was ,she was so pretty and hot . we souldn't forget that all celebrities are having plastic surgeries and all of them have changed by the time..

  1. Gondal

    Haifa is much more beautiful and sexy than every body else!

  1. Arab 101
    Arab 101

    LOL Haifa is not the hottest woman of 2009 no website or poll says she is except for maybe her fan club made by her management that works for her.Haifa self-proclaimed herself to be the hottest woman,no one actually named her that.That means it's not official & obviously it can't be cuz haifa is all fake.She copies Beyonce & other international stars.Haifa had numerous nosejobs(1 when she was 16 or 18 & one just this year!),she lifted her eyelids,wears contact lenses,BLEACHES HER FACE & BODY,lifted her eyebrows,had an eyelift,breast implants,CHEEK INJECTIONS(her face always looks bloated like a balloon)! She was ugly and still is ugly.She looks like a transexual hooker & MJ's cousin.Please go on youtube watch my vid my account name is cairo4448.

  1. liar

    Haifa is a liar she's the fakest,ugliest,most plastic woman on earth.Go on that website and see for yourself.There is no way a wh*re like her has beat angelina,aishwarya,adrianamegan fox, and other actresses and models.

  1. amir

    heifa is nomber one.2.aishwaria rai.are really beautifull.

  1. donya

    this year haifa lost and the winner is another lebanese girl jardelle

  1. Is this a joke??
    Is this a joke??

    Haifa is very ugly in actuality. Yes she may look good in pics I'll give her that, but then again the pics are all airbrushed and photoshopped. Haifa doesn't hold a candle to let's say Adriana Lima, all Victoria's secret models, Aishwarya Rai, Eva Longoria, Irina Shayk, Sarah Bilson,Cheryl Cole,or even Megan Fox and Angelina even though I don't like them very much.
    To the person who said Aishwarya had surgery no she didn't. She's all natural and has distinctive sexy blue cat eyes which should definitely put her in top 5 atleast of all beauty lists in my opinion. Adriana Lima ofcourse too because she is so exotic.This website that apparently voted her as hottest I doubt too many ppl even know about it. Seems like a rip off of Askmen's top 99 women.

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