Syrian Women are The Brightest & Most Beautiful

Sulaf Fawakherji Asma AlAssad Dima Bayaa

According to research done by Michigan University, Syrian women are the most clever in the world! Why? The answer simply lies in their food!
Syrian women rely in their diet on fresh produce, olive oil and walnuts, which are all super foods for the health and are uber good for the brain.
Other reasons for the Syrian woman's excellence is her education, her openness on the world and the equality between her and the Syrian man.

Another study done by the Starch Research Center in The UK, shows that Syrian women rank third in the Most Beautiful Women in the World list, after Hungarian and Polish women.
Why has the Syrian woman come third on the list? Because of her finesse, tenderness and shyness. She doesn't let anything come between her and her femininity!

Other features that make the Syrian woman stand out is her capability to follow fashion and her endless love for her family or husband.

What do you think of this?
Do you find these results accurate?
Don't other Arab women share the same qualities as the Syrian women?

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  1. smiley

    although i am an egyptian and i'm envious that the syrians bagged this title and not the masryeen, still i am very happy and proud to say that the title was given to a group of arab women. in fairness, it is rather true. syrian women are so smart, beautiful, modest and graceful in every move.. you go syrian girl!

  1. biased study
    biased study

    Smiley half of EL SHAM resides in michigan, waleg needed to point that TINY fact out...


  1. lm tunisien
    lm tunisien

    the Tunisien ladies are the most beautiful and smarter in America

  1. habooba

    I am an Egyptian American and I live in America. I am happy that arab women in particular Syrians were named as the most beautiful and brightest woman. Yes, they might not be from the country we are from but its enough that they are arabs that present us, and also we need to put to end that blah blah blah is better why cant we just simply respect the fact that these women truly did get what they deserve.Also its a good thing to show that arab women are not oppressed by their husbands and that arab women are educated. The best part is that they didnt recognize any american woman and thats the best part...In the end we should be happy that Arab women are given what they deserve..
    Great Job ladies!!!

  1. ahmed

    i dont think so, the Lebanese are the brighter one and the most beautiful, syrian are just copying them. for example, sulaf stoled from jumana the look O_O

  1. faroo7a

    i don't think it is just syrian women, all arab women are truely amazing, beautiful and love their families equally. the same food in syria is avaliable in lebanon, and the same food in lebanon is in palestine. We are all the same culture and we all speak the same language. IN MY OPINION, THE ARAB WOMEN IS TRUELY THE FINEST WOMEN THERE IS :)

    but i am happy that an arab country made the list :) congrats!

  1. nadia

    according to what we see of syrians on tv, syrian women are the most beautiful, they are natural beauties (compared to lebanese who have imposed a very superficial image of women and femininity), but food isn't enough to judge people' intelligence. where is education in the survey? where is personal achievement? perhaps the survey refers to the managing of the private space, of households. the survey isn't enough precise and food alone doesn't make people more intelligent.

  1. banana

    can i have a link to these studies

  1. banana

    can i have a link to these studies

  1. END

    The point is...Arab women as a whole have been undergoing a nice little quiet revolution in the past 10-20 years. Compare Arab women from the 80's to Arab women today. They have come a long way, and we should all be proud of that.

    No matter if its Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Tunisian..they keyword is ARAB. :)

  1. lebanese

    i think there is a mistake. They always mix between syrians and lebanese in the west. All know that lebanese either women or men are the brightest in the world and that the lebanese woman is the most beautiful and the proof is that syrian actors imitate us in their look and way they dress. So i think it is a mistake.

  1. yasmine
    yasmine replied to comment from lm tunisien

    Thats so truee :))))

  1. Cilia

    loveeeeee youuuu

  1. arabee
    arabee replied to comment from lebanese

    Lebanese are beautiful... yes! BUT Syrian women hold the natural beauty and the better face features. it's obvious that MAC and all other make up products have not ultimately infiltrated their belongings as they have done so to the lebanese women.
    Don't get me wrong plz... I am just being a little rational and giving my opinion as an outsider not as a lebanese nor a syrian advocate.
    As for brighter... I don't agree that where a person is from has an impact on intelligence.

  1. Mariam
    Mariam replied to comment from lebanese

    Im Lebanese and i congratulate the Syrians, they are truly beautiful and so are we and the REST of all arabs, but there is no need so say

    "syrian actors imitate us in their look and way they dress"

    That is very untrue, let us congratulate them as they are Arabs and so are we :)


  1. farah

    i think that it is true about the syrian women but still it think iit should be all ARAB women not juss syrian

  1. Nounours

    Yeah, it doesn't make sense, intelligence is a hard variable to measure. Besides they say because they eat "fresh food and lots of olive oil"?? The whole Mediterranean eat fresh food and vegetables and lots of olive oil. That's what we eat on a daily basis in Tunisia. I love Syrian actresses and Syrian culture but the study doesn't seem right or accurate to me. I'll have to look it up.

  1. END

    40% of the water in Gaza in contaminated, and here we are arguing over Lebanese and Syrian women.


  1. Tania

    I'm syrian, and im proud.

  1. Kamal
    Kamal replied to comment from Mariam

    thanks Mariam for your fairness, you "lebanese" should also be proud, we "syrians and lebanese" share the same "everything", we are one people, please dont take it politically i am talking demographically

  1. xXx

    HAHAAHHAA!!!! Lol ok that's funny lebanese always think they're on the top but they're not!! and plzzz whattt??!!! lebanese are beautiful??? since when?? they all look the same coz they go to the same doctor to fix their FACE!!! they are all made of plastic surgeries!!! And bright... uuhh plz all lebanese ppl that i have met are really stupid they think they're smart and clever and they think they are always right even if they are wrong and they are soooo bosssyyyy!!! they think they have strong personalities!!! they think whatever they say should happen!! but no not with meee!!!
    And btw im not syrian!! Just wanted to post my opinion :)

  1. smiley

    END is right. there are far more serious problems that are affecting the arabs nowadays, it's disgraceful and immature to go arguing over which group of arab women are the prettiest. the bottomline is: syrian women won, they deserve it and we all, as arabs, should be happy for them because as many of you pointed out in your comments, what matters is that they are arabs and they made it on the list. that says a lot about not just who they are but who we all are since we share same culture etc. now stop bickering about lebanese and syrian women..

  1. lilo

    oh my god i am sure that who published this study is a syrian , cause majnoun yehke w 3a2il yesma wadha metel el chames since when syrian people have all these perfect caracteristics those are stupid people and uncivilised just they are trying to copy other people

  1. smiley

    oh my god, here we go again. it's really horrible when arabs start talking this way about each other.. it makes me sick to my stomach

  1. Silvana
    Silvana replied to comment from Kamal

    Eh some Syrians and Lebanese will bicker for some time to come because of the shared political history regardless of the similarities which as you mentioned are great :)... I'd say let the kids fight so they feel they have accomplished something!!...

    Anyways why not? Syrian women are indeed beautiful and the study as Waleg posted mentioned the shyness factor as well as femininity, so it is more about personal factors that do make a woman stand out rather than physical beauty... Not every beautiful woman is "beautiful", she can be gorgeous but portray an ugly vibe so yes "finesse, tenderness and shyness" do factor...

    However I have seen some shockers from both the Lebanese and Syrian side in my parent's church ( you would not know btw which country they come from until you talk to them), boy oh boy oh boy!!

  1. dana

    sada2 eli al el 3arab mut5alfem
    argueing bout whos more beautiful n whos more clever
    lak etla3o bara

  1. sam

    That's just bullsh*t. Everyone is unique or has traits of their own fashion. And intelligence does have different domains. Anyway, why have people started associating intelligence with physical beauty...Trust Arabs to do such a thing!

    2009...Must become a slave to walnuts & olives.

    Has fish stopped being brain food?

  1. Silvana
    Silvana replied to comment from sam

    Nah Sam, fish shall always remain supreme. BTW I,m stalking you lol... The last paragraph of my first comment does not make sense and can be misleading, it looklfs like I need those superfoods myself!!

    I do not know how you can measure the intelligence of a nation and its female inhabitants?!

  1. Silvana

    * I'm
    * looks...

    Hmmm sleep beckons methinks, I shall depart before I make any more mistakes...

  1. beauty

    Syrian women are the most beautiful.. go to syria, you'll find NATURAL BEAUTY ;)

  1. an Arab with a brain!
    an Arab with a brain!

    Do you actually believe that? this is the silliest claim ever
    neither the Lebanese nor Syrians are the "smartest people in the world" this article is made up. And the fact the both Lebanese and Syrian people are arguing about this indicates that both peoples are plain stupid!

  1. George

    Good job for keeping the comments somewhat civil. Yes I've known it along that Syrian women are clever and very beautiful. The beauty part is true because I've been to Damascus many times; and many times I would play a game with myself and count any woman walking on the street who is not beautiful. Guess what (I swear) 300 women would pass by and I wouldn't find not one who looked bad. Not one, I am telling you.

    But I am interested in finding out how this study was conducted, how is beauty measured? by the symmetry of the face, eyes, eyelashes?

    Interesting subject, I have read many times in the past that the most beautiful, smartest, most atheltic people come from countries that have a huge diversity in the gene pool.

    For instance Newsweek about 10 years ago put this Irish-Indian woman and labeled her as the "most beautfiul woman in the world" I don't think you can crown such a title in a world with 6.5 billion, but stating, which country has the most beautiful women is more legitimate

    The people who are saying that this study was published by Syrians, then why didn't they list Syria as #1 rather than #3

    And for the lebs, who are pissing and moaning and always claiming Lebanon as the best in anything; guys get over it and get a life. You should be happy that Syrian women were listed as beautiful, because guess what lebs, palestinians and Jordanians are from the same ethnic origins!
    How about that! amazing!

  1. ahmed
    ahmed replied to comment from Cilia

    don't get so exciting cause the research pple are Syrian. and also the most beautiful people is khaliji too, they have the eye n the look. but Syrian nothing i guess

  1. Daria

    My God! Polish ladies and Hungarian the most beautiful? Maybe Ukrainian, Russians, Romanian from East Europe, but no way number 1 in the world. And YES, I DO AGREE. Syrian ladies are beautiful and i'm talking about natural beauty. I also think Iranian ladies are gorgeous, Morrocan ladies and also the Indian ladies, especially in Kashmir. Btw, l saw Fashion Week Pakistan and l was surprised to see how beautiful models they have there. In my opinion beauty is everywhere, but for the inteligence this rank cant be done...and it's not about food only, of course.

  1. Syriann
    Syriann replied to comment from ahmed

    Byy the wayy, jumana is syrian too !

  1. layalee


    please people we are all pretty in many different ways.

    whether Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Mongolian, Asian, African.
    no one can possibly tell which and who are most beautiful.
    there are many beautiful women out there that go unnoticed, and im not just talking physically, im talking mentally as well.

    jusssssst believe my fellow friends!

  1. meme

    Wooooow :O i never knew syrians were that beautiful, i always thought lebanese & moroccans women were the prettiest! :) Guess i was wrong :( congrats syria for making it to the list, u made the arab world proud loool.

  1. Respect

    Why cant u respect & accept the fact that syrian women won this title ? Stop the hating pple & let it go.
    u know what, all the women on this earth are beautiful! Yalla enjoy life pple and stop these racist comments.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    Top 10 ugliest women:

    1. Afghanistan
    2. UK
    3. Germany
    4. USA
    5. China
    6. Russia
    7. Albania
    8. Turkey
    9. France
    10. India

    Top 10 best looking women:

    1. USA
    2. Sweden
    3. Italy
    4. Brazil
    5. UK
    6. Germany
    7. Spain
    8. France
    9. Australia
    10. Netherlands

    That's the conclusion of a global survey compiled by lads mag FHM.november 2009

    Oddly I do not see Syria in the list of the most beautiful women in the world...hmmm...I never saw a Syrian girl in my life, I'd like to know how they look like and if they were truly the most beautiful women in the world why nobody knew it?...

    you will perhaps tell me they were busy perfecting their beauty by drinking olive oil and eating fresh fruits and vegetables , to talk specifically they were in the process of marinating!!!ha ha ha...omg...

    I'll leave you alone with your gossip... I'm travelling to Damascus as our friend George did to stare at women and count the number of the beautiful ones I'll meet in the streets...I hope that the Syrian men won't beat me up before I can count to 300...loooooooooooool....

    Oh Reem, my beautiful syrian fiancée, how are you doing?!!!i miss you....

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    oops sorry waleg!!!!! better twice than never!!!!!

  1. Sara Bambina
    Sara Bambina

    Everything and Everyone is beautiful if you want to see it/them as beautiful ... ♥
    Beauty does not revolve around one race/person/country/whatever ..

    I can't disagree with the study but its meh! is more than that.. What exactly is the point of this study?? Did the results prove something useful?? Its like studying which fruit tastes better, an orange or an apple? Not all the heads will agree with "apples taste better than oranges" even if a study
    "STATES" so...but can they prove it?.. =D

    Mabrook the tittle Syrian beauties ♥

  1. saja

    looool, syrian women are fashionable??? from when?? wtf hahah syrian women are open?? i don't think so, how could syrian women be exellent in education if they get enggaged or married at 14? lool this is the funniest thing i've ever heard, lool man syrians are known with their old way of thinking

  1. ADN
    ADN replied to comment from saja

    Saja: HAHAHAHA ur too funnyy... but can I know from where do u bring ur informationss?!?! cuz I lived before in Syria and I never heard or saw something of what u are saying... so please dont say wrong things and be respectful! :)

  1. lebanese
    lebanese replied to comment from arabee

    just look at syrian actors and see that this not natural beauty , they all did surgeries for their noses and other things in their face. And they are all copy paste. So they are beautiful but uses surgeries too and compared to lebanese beauty, lebanese are first .

  1. moi

    okay u may think that lebanese people are good looking, but the truth of it is that its all fake ALL MADE OUT OF PLASTIC!!!!!!!!! AND U KNOW THATS TRUE :)

  1. Rose
    Rose replied to comment from banana

    it is alie

  1. nadia

    in every country of the world, you will find beautiful people (it doesn't mean that syrian women doesn't deserve the title: congratulations!). plus, i don't really understand why lebanese consider themselves the best of the arab world (and even the world). if we talk about beauty, they are not the most beautiful. i've lived in lebanon, canada and usa and didn't see that they are more physically attractive than other, there are plenty of arabs who have succeeded in the west : algerians, tunisians, egyptians, palestinians but arab media don't talk about them.

  1. nadia
    nadia replied to comment from Alain NRM

    À Alain,
    Comment se fait-il que les Américaines, les Françaises et les Allemandes soient à la fois les plus moches et les plus belles de la planète??? Aucune femme du Sud n'apparaît dans ton sondage. Apparemment, ceux qui l'ont fait, ne fantasment que sur les femmes aigris et pâles comme Carla Sarko! (Les Anglaises sont les plus belles????!!!!)

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from nadia

    Je n'interprète pas cette enquête de la même façon que toi...pourquoi on trouve certains pays dans les deux classements?...cela peut tout simplement être interprété que nous pouvons y trouver de très belles femmes comme de très moches...pour les pays qui n'y sont pas cités :cela peut s'expliquer qu'on peut y trouver des femmes simples ou de beauté ordinaire mais pas de très belles ou de très laides...

    Je ne pense pas non plus qu'il est seulement question de l'européenne "pâle et fade" ...les bréziliennes sont métissées, les italiennes et les espagnoles sont méditerranéennes...quant aux USA on y trouve toutes les races ,il y a de belles métisses, noires, asiatiques et caucasiennes...

    quant à l'anglaise classée 5ème dans les plus belles, c'est du n'importe me rends régulièrement à londres,elles sont de plus en plus dodues et n'ont aucun goût pour s'habiller...c'est simple quand je rentre à Paris je respire de voir toutes ces femmes magnifiques de corps et d'esprit...les anglaises peuvent s' pourtant la française est classée 8 ème...

    Je pense ceux qui ont fait cette enquête étaient complètement shootés...vraiment aucun goû voulais aussi montrer l'inexistence de la syrienne dans le classement...peut être Waleg a le sien...on lui fait confiance...

    mais moi j'aime toutes les femmes...vous n'arrêtez pas de m'étonner...brunes, chatains, blondes, je vous veux toutes que pour vous aime je vous n'ai jamais eu la chance d'avoir une brune à mes côtés mais je ne désespère pas...ça viendra un jour

  1. Zezo

    eww nooooooo syrians arent cute trust mee!! palestinians r cuter!!!!

  1. respect
    respect replied to comment from lebanese

    you lebanese are such haters, OMG !!!!! Jealousy is a MF, when pple are on top, people wanna bring you down & they don't even know u, since they are stuck in their own country all their lives !
    RESPECT is something many pple dont have, it seems.....

  1. nadia
    nadia replied to comment from Alain NRM

    Et bien ne désespères pas.

  1. Kokiiz

    Silly silly silly!! Ppl are u still arguing & comparing?!
    Congratulations to Syrians.. From Egypt ;)

  1. Reem AUST
    Reem AUST replied to comment from Alain NRM

    Alain im good thanks my chéri...missing you as always!! ily xoxo

    I was born in Australia, and i've been living in Australia most of my life, but my parents are syrian so im kinda considered 3-quarters syrian and 1-quarter aussie (thats why alot of people say i look like nancy ajram, and where i get her looks from) but i love syria alot!! ...there are many beautiful syrians out there but i wouldn't say they're the most beautiful...

  1. أحمد

    الله يحيي البطن يلي حمل السوريات

  1. Kamal
    Kamal replied to comment from Silvana

    thank you Silvana, and this is realy a very good point of view, syrian ladies get their charm from their shyness and "te2el" believe me i have lived in russia and france and visited so many countries but never found personality and charm like what i have seen in syria, that's why i got married to one syrian lady after years of chasing and trying just to get to know her, and i dont regret it, cheers all syrian girls and ladies, we are proud of you

  1. MAN
    MAN replied to comment from ahmed


  1. samoora
    samoora replied to comment from ahmed

    well, first of all jumana is half syrian, second of all she came after sulaf in acting and she is less famous, not pretty not even close to sulaf beauty and she has trashy bitchy way clothes style again not like sulaf.
    i guess your opinion is coming from politic problems REACTION. just whatever u think still no one care the study showed what is true.
    P.S lebaness women are the most shalow , fake and cosmatic surgeries WOMEN

  1. Gaben
    Gaben replied to comment from Daria

    Oh my God!

    Russians and Ukrainian?
    They only thing they know is how to sell themseves in a negative way.They think they have sense for fashion,but all their knowledge is to dress like sluts.Very cheap look,

  1. Natasha
    Natasha replied to comment from Gaben

    wow...very typicaly very smart..niet,niet

  1. Christina Kooky
    Christina Kooky

    Tahia Sourya ... Allah , Sourya , Bachar u bassssss !!
    I Lovee Syriaaa <3

  1. Clara

    i'am a syrian woman and i'm not gona care about a stupid study that was made in what ever.. bassing on what ever.... Coz as you all see it was made just to see what would the other ARAB say... It was made to make us fight .. even In coments they would think that this is an achievement to pls people cut the nonsense...and open your beautiful eyes and look around ya..
    And by the way for all the arabic women: you are all beautiful from the inside before the outside... And every woman that's reading this.. Is smart enough to know that complements come and go all the time, it gives us a smile when ever we hear one but we move on to our next goal... After we say thank you.. And that's it..

  1. abdoo

    Well i believe that Syrian ladies are among the most beautiful arab ladies no doubt, this is through my own experience

  1. Jad
    Jad replied to comment from ahmed

    and i think you "Ahmed" copies the lebaneses ladies as well hahahah

  1. Whatever
    Whatever replied to comment from biased study

    ur comment cracked me up ! =D hehehe

  1. roula

    i was surprised that syrian women are the most beautiful , since im syrian i decided to test this idea and i went to the miror , indead i found a beautiful face , so fresh, so elegant , at the same time i remembered an ugly lebanese friend of mine, therefore it is undoubtidly true that syrians are the most beatiful and that the lebanese need plastic surgery , as for intelligence i also thought of myself and remembered that im always right , wich prooves the survey.

  1. rasha
    rasha replied to comment from roula

    i am syrian and i completely disagree with roula ! That is totally mean and selfish ! All though i DO think that syrians are extermely beautiful and lebanese DO use a lot of surgery , but lets not be negative and maybe lebanese ARE ugly but lets only think about are beauty and not their "beauty" . congrats syrians !!!!!!!!!
    btw i think saudians ladies are most beautiful tooo.

  1. STOP

    I hate to ruin your whole "party" but I think they put this document
    1- Because Syrian women ARE beautiful, maybe not the most in the world
    2-NOT to make a whole argument!!! This may not even be true so please stop arguing about foolish things.....

  1. suzie

    I agree with the study, indeed the Syrian women are on top of the list of the most beautiful intelligent women. Not only because of their looks but also of the way they were raised. Syrian women are very well raised with al lot of ethics, affection, and tenderness. I think what make them beautiful is that their goodness shine from within. In the Middle East; they are plenty of proverbs that talk about marring Syrian women and about how happy men are when they do. However, I don’t agree with the study that states that Syrian women are equal to Syrian men. I think they are still a lot of cultural injustice.

  1. MONI

    syrien women are natural beauties and femininty i live in france iam happy that arab women in particular syrians were named as the most beautiful and brightes woman and tenderes

  1. kieh

    in case u all need a history lesson, syria and lebanon were one until they got split about 70 years unless lebanon decided to operate on everyone living there (changing their appearance), they're all the same.
    and srslly ppl, your upset over an article?! they're just words on a paper that dont really mean much, how about we all start focusing on things like haiti, life and death situations rather than whos beautiful or not!
    by the way, beauty can be accidental..its either ur lucky or not..has nothing to do with the actual individual!

  1. Waseem

    Syrian women are the most beautiful of all the Arabs, no doubt about it.

  1. lma
    lma replied to comment from habooba

    ur comment show's how wonderful arabic woman you are

  1. Mhd
    Mhd replied to comment from ahmed

    the Lebanese women are fake, remove the make up and you will see their ugliness
    by the way who the hell is jumana

  1. fadi
    fadi replied to comment from lebanese

    Accept the truth All the Syrians are beating The Lebanese in all matters

  1. Syrian
    Syrian replied to comment from lebanese

    the Lebanese are angles and perfect they don't make any kind of plastic surgery they have nature ugliness

  1. MK

    WADDUP PEOPLE!! well i think dis is a pretty entertaining thing 2 look at a girl i met told me bout dis cuz i was dissing syrians, jus a joke btw, n she wantd 2 show me this i honestly can say that i know a handful of syrians n some r pretty, while others are not so its basd on da person eh who cares im jus happy da arabs made the list but i dont think polish girls are prety not the ones in america anyway

  1. Layla

    Syrian woman rock and that all there is too it. Every arab guy is either going to Syria or looking fo the Syrian girl to marry..

  1. nana n
    nana n

    im syrian woman,,,,, thank you ... realy .
    Im flattered.

  1. Noora
    Noora replied to comment from arabee

    i agree, when i go to syria i actually get quite jealous, most of the girls in my hometown don't wear any make up when they go out yet still look really pretty, no surgery, and even covered up the beauty still shows. I knew there'd be a few people on here like lebanese who would have to claim that anything lebanese is better, so to him or her i say get a life, and no we dnt copy the way u dress, how pathetic is that, fashion is pretty much the same worldwide, i should know , i work in the damn business !!

  1. u guyz r complete idiots i am ashamed 2 call u all arabs
    u guyz r complete idiots i am ashamed 2 call u all arabs

    syrian r not beautiful or if they were ud have 2 hav xray vision 2 c thru their hijab becuz of their RESPECT or fear of men try being a syrian walking in the streets with a skirt without 1 taxi looking at u.

    lebanese r so stuk up n they all look lyk nancy ajra juniors. either they really r ugly or their self confidence is low. or they r afraid 2 b seen ugly on their BBM picture while driving their range rovers or mercedes.

    egyptians: come on... i mean seriously if arab women r beautiful dont consider urselves 2 b 1

    khalige: dont let me start with u guyz.

    jordan: weak ppl i tell u no self-confidence at all but nothing regarding ur looks its all average no good no bad

    THERE... u hav all ur arguments thats as uncivilized as ur opinions will go n as u guyz bicker over whos the most beautiful while israel is laughing at us becuz were debating our looks over a internet definitely syrian made article becuz only a syrian would put no links of evidence only stupid vague remarks that would make more idiots comment khallas u r ALL THE SAME n if u wanna argue about it i hav the perfect comebacks rite down there n believe me ur not gonna make any shallower comments than those so agree that every1 is beautiful in arabia n not just syrians or else u have made endless entertainment fr israel and ur stupidty dooms ur country and homeless palestenians
    thank u

  1. Syrian Woman
    Syrian Woman

    I would like to thank the sisters el Masryyat for sincerely congratulating their sisters the Syrian women. Their kind words just show how confidant the Egyptian woman is and how pleasant and sweet she is.

    Love from Syria to Egypt.

  1. Adam
    Adam replied to comment from ahmed

    Both of them from Syrian

  1. Syrian Woman
    Syrian Woman replied to comment from Syrian Woman

    Isn't it time for Arabs to create an Arab Union like the Europeans have. 50,000,000 Europeans were killed during WWII and they speak different languages. Despite that a European Union was created. Arabs speak the same language, dance to the same music, love the same poetry, etc ...

  1. Mousa

    This is a crock of crap. I'm 3rd generation Syrian..believe me...they treat their women like dogs. I love the U.S.A..I've been to Syrian picknik's etc and am well aware of the culture.....the women can be beautiful..but many have large hooked noses which is not attractive. American girls are very beautiful....we have the best from all countries...

  1. SyrianBeauty

    To whoever said Syrians copy Lebanese and want to be them and " palestinians are cuter" quit making biased, jealousy-driven comments.

    Ladies, if you know you are beautiful then why do you feel the need to talk shit?

  1. Jamil

    All I know, that a big majority of Arab women, including syrians are very materialistic.......which does not make them pretty.
    that is my honest opinion !!!!!!
    They mostly try to imitate the looks of others...brainwise many of them are a disaster....It is time to wake up and have a different language !!!!

  1. Nayla

    Sounds like Jamil got rejected by a Syrian girl.

  1. kara

    This has to be the most ridiculous, thing I have ever read in my life. Mygirlfriend happens to be syrian. And although she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and also one of the most brighter individuals I have ever met I couldnt imagine that people of her culture would even have a discussion like this. I cant believe how small minded and ignorant you all are. She also thinks I am the most beautiful, intelligent person she has ever met...AND IM AMERICAN..... GET REAL PEOPLE

  1. aziz

    I think jewish girls are the cutest!
    I know all of you secretly agree with me!

  1. Lulu

    Jumana is syrian.
    And they both have their different looks and beauty.

  1. sara

    syrian women are the most clever and beautiful

  1. Syrian

    to the Lebanese, I see Lebanese, imitate us dear, i wonder why this language, I met several Lebanese and I feel we have been given same complexion most the time due to geographical and close food habits, but i feel sad when I hear Lebanese with greatness disease, this only for this Lebanese coz I have Lebanese friends but they are never like dear, try to talk as civilian and sophisticated way

  1. salam

    i dont think that syrian women are different than any other arab women . i find the majority of syrian women are very narrow thinkers, are not exposed to the outer world and limited .as to there beauty ,they do take care of their appearance and clothings .

  1. syria girl %
    syria girl %

    we are not alone but we are the best !

  1. JOHN
    JOHN replied to comment from lebanese

    lebanese have always been known for their excessive make up,pathetic accents and show of flesh..Theyve never held true beauty and asc for manners or personaltiies have none,They are exaggerated and overrated like their country which is backwards,full of back stabbing and cursing,racism,citizens killing each other and disgusting cities full of trash like tripoli

  1. bob
    bob replied to comment from lebanese

    So not trueee:)

  1. Hala


  1. Samo

    Indeed syrian women are the best of best. I am absolutely sure of this from the way my wife share me my life. I don't need no study to confirm this.

  1. Gabbi
    Gabbi replied to comment from ahmed

    they say not only beauty but her capability to follow fashion and her endless love for her family or husband. I don't think Lebanese devote themselves to her family and husband...

  1. syrian guy
    syrian guy

    i am very proud as a Syrian guy of the findings of this research. i do agree that Syrian women are very beautiful and intelligent, but the most important thing about them is that the way they act forces guys to respect them, as i do. at the end we Syrians are Arabs so this is a proud moment for all the Arabs i believe.

  1. stop hating
    stop hating

    u guys are so funny, just stop hating please

    soria w bas wly mo 3ajbo yero7 yehno2 7alo haha

  1. syrian women
    syrian women

    hi im a syrian women first we dont get married at 14,the rate of marriage in syria between 24and.
    we re open minded in thinking but not in bad way!!!!!!
    open minded mean person how developed him self in reading studying and aaccepting other cultures.
    u can see how clever and beautiful r we by visiting oue city :)

  1. ramez

    palestinians cuter than syrian girls hahaha .. thats hilirious .. i:P palestinian girls are as mascular as their men are .. they copied everything from their men .. even the mustache :) ..
    syrian women still the most natural women in the arab world and about the lebanese women... u r ruder , uglier and sillier .. atleast u wont see a syrian woman talking in a nasty way as here in lebanon

  1. Moe Syrian in Q8
    Moe Syrian in Q8 replied to comment from ahmed


    It's a long list if I count why Syrian women are the best and on top of that they are well raised and have the morals that most of the Lebanese ladies lost ..

  1. Silvana
    Silvana replied to comment from Gabbi

    Gabbi doesn't think "Lebanese devote themselves to her family and husband..."

    Well then that must be true lol .... There are some silly bunch of kids on this website!!...


    Ugh. They are all so jealous of us. I cant blame them. I would be too. Look at us, we're so HOT! Izza ma ajabkon Di2oo raskon bil 7ait!!!

  1. fefe

    i think syrian women are absolutely gorgeous! no one can deny it.. they have the most successful drama movies that star the most beautiful actresses with no doubt, i dont think u will ever watch a any of thier movies without seeing any striking beauty. true some have gotten surgery done , its become a natural thing .. they all wanna look perfect!
    but on the other hand we can not bash lebanese women by calling them fake and plastic, they are stunning women who like to embrace and ''enhance'' their beauty, so i say y not ? true some have gotten too far with it n look totally plastic but u cant create beautiness it has to start somewhere! n they own it with out a doubt! viva lebanon
    and proud of the syrians because they are natural women !

  1. Not impressed
    Not impressed

    I disagree I don't believe you can do research and come up with the brightest women and the most beautiful women that's absolutely ridiculous. Are they saying every single syrian woman is intelligent? And every single Polish or Hungarian woman is beautiful? Please,like I said absolutely ridiculous the list is very biased probably done just to make arabs happy.They think arabs are unhappy and arabs think everyone hates them because of islam and the war and everything,so they make this list to show arabs that we don't hate you they're being friendly.This is what these ppl do you can't take lists like this seriously at all. In 2005 or something they named Aishwarya Rai from India the most beautiful woman on earth. Then they go on to give other women that title you can never take them seriously.

  1. Not impressed
    Not impressed replied to comment from Mousa

    Dude Syrian women are not the only arabs with large hooked noses. Large,hooked noses are a semitic feature arabs=semitic so obviously arabs like egyptians,lebanese,syrian,jordanian,saudi arabian have large,hooked noses.

  1. Not impressed
    Not impressed replied to comment from lebanese

    What is up with you lebanese people thinking you are the best in the world? YOU ARE THE UGLIEST on the outside and the inside.Post a pic of a NATURAL beautiful lebanese women only then I'll believe you right now I'm having a hard time believing you cause you people are so damn plastic and fake. Haifa Wehbe apparently the sexiest woman in the middle east sadly for you is the fakest woman and looks like Micheal Jackson.Haifa had so many nosejobs(1 in 2010 she made her nose longer & more arab looking),lifted her eyelids,eyebrows,eyelift,wears contacts,bleached her face & body,breast implants,cheek injections,botox,you name it she's had it. All lebanese women are european wannabe you'll see all lebanese women like nancy,haifa,elissa trying to look european by whitening their skin & wearing contacts & getting nosejobs to get a small western nose,dying your hair blonde.Don't even deny it.Lebanon is not in europe yet the lebanese woman is obsessed with looking european. Even Iranian women have a problem with their noses,their noses are HUGE!
    You want to see naturally beautiful women many european countries have great looking women.And in the east go to India.Kashmir,India or Shimla have fine women.Light skinned with blue or green eyes,long silky hair,fair skinned too. It snows there I think that has a lot to do with the way the women look.

  1. Tamara

    I do agree.. of course being from Syria, cute and with a PHD :) yes there are pretty women in Lebanon. But the natural beauty in Syria is "real".. Nothing artificial.

  1. Syrians

    Okay can i just say that all women are beautiful..whether Eastern or Western women....but i just want to say to all the Lebonese women here that you need to remember who came first...lebonese people were the creation of the western world when they devided Stop acting like you are sooo superior to us....okay bitches..if you guys are going to argue which type of woman is need to remember that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...and all these stupid beauty contests are a waste of money and time because you cannot prove that a certain type of woman is beautiful..because in every place there is ugly and beautiful people...and it's all on a matter of perspective....

  1. Syrians

    I would like to say that...i am not trying to be mean to all the lebonese women here, in fact i love alot of lebonese people and artists...especially nancy Ajram she's one of my favorite artists. I just got angry because there was a couple people here who were lebonese who were saying that Syrian women were copying lebonese women.... and i don't beleive that's the i would just like to opolagize for my insult to the lebonese women guys are great...just don't let jealousy get to yall....All women are beautiful...though i would like to say that arab women are one of the most beautiful types of women be proud arab women of your culture and beauty as a whole

  1. lora
    lora replied to comment from xXx

    hahhaa u made me laugh i think u are getting far so jelous that u can be the same as the smart people ur talkin about

  1. Can You Handle the Truth
    Can You Handle the Truth

    Ok, I am Syrian by Origin, but let me tell you this: So what? What have they done with their intelligence anyways? As for the Lebanese arguing they are better, now that is the joke of the century. For starters, when in history did the country of Lebanon ever exist before WWI? It was carved out by the French from Syrian Territory, just like Kuwait being carved out of Iraq. Lebanon never existed as a country in the Roman or ancient times, it was a region and part of Bilad el Sham. Now can you handle the truth?

    And for everybody else, I am sick and tired of all the patting on the back for being biggest failures on earth. We do not even make a pin, it has to be imported from China. Even India has more technological advancements than any country in the Middle East. Yet we are proud of this and proud of that. What have we contributed to ourselves or the world in the last 50 years? Nothing, zilch, nada.

    Yes there are beautiful people in every country, and intelligence is nourished during childhood. I have seen smart and idiots from all over the world, since I lived in 7 countries. Remember we use less than 10% of our brain capabilities. Now imagine that. I am not the smartest person, and if I claim that, surely enough it just shows that I am the most self conceited idiot who thinks I know everything.

    Unemployment runs as high as 50% in most if not all middle eastern countries and we are so happy and proud of Syrians winning the beauty and intelligence pageants? Man do we have a major freaking problem here. Please wake up and smell the coffee. As for you Lebanese, no matter what, you were always part of Syria, and will always be. Now can you handle the truth? And mind you, I love all people, we are all one people and related. Proof is that some of my relatives became Lebanese after creating the country Lebanon by the French, since my grandfather's brother had moved to Tarablus before independence because it used to be one country Bilad al Sham or today Syria.

    I know most will be angry at me, but remember a true friend is one who makes you cry and not the one who makes you laugh.

    Peace for all people, we are all HUMAN BEINGS, children of Adam and Eve.

  1. lara

    You know that there is no Michigan University right?... There is University of Michigan and Michigan State University!!! So I'm not so sure that this article is that credible would you?? :)

  1. Hadi

    This is called stereotyping. No one country is the best and no one group is the fairest. Being pretty is subjective and hence can't be quantified or compared within groups. People who carry out these studies are time wasters in my opinion!!
    I like olives and homous but can't really say I am anywhere near pretty...
    What is not surprising is that arabs only hear and agree with the positive aspects of western studies, and nothing but turn a blind eye on their negatives... whoever wrote the above report is a suckerr..

  1. nice smile
    nice smile

    Syrian girls are not only the most beautiful girls in the world,i find them the best mothers also full of love and ability to find the best solutions for any problem they face,,they are so beautiful bcz they love to live happily,,they love kids,nature and every thing colorful,,,everything in syria is the best

  1. jiana

    hey guys i'm a Syrian women and i think that we are the most beautiful women in ME , and all the Lebanese girls are fake and made by plastic ,we are beautiful and smart girls
    keep in touch ;)

  1. jiana

    hey guys i'm a Syrian women and i think that we are the most beautiful women in ME , and all the Lebanese girls are fake and made by plastic ,we are beautiful and smart girls
    keep in touch ;)

  1. samar

    did anyone of you guys notice the walig is a dating site? and not a respectable site!!! and here you are all fighting about who is better looking and who is SMART!!!

  1. S T
    S T

    yes syrian women are sooo beautiful, and there is one important point... most of them is hiding there face and hair according to Islam instructions.
    they are beautiful, clever, and hard workers.
    Syrians are great.

  1. diana

    am syrian and to be objective that is not the truth about syrian women and really you made me lough

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