Former Miss Argentina Dies for Her Butt!

solange magnano

I know the title sounds strange, but sometimes real life is even stranger!
Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, gave the ultimate sacrifice - her life - for a nice butt!
Solange died after undergoing cosmetic surgery to tighten her buttocks!

The surgery, which is all about inserting liquid implants that firm up the buttocks' outline, when critically wrong when the implants leaked and infected her lungs and brain.

According to many of her friends, Solange, who won Miss Argentina 1994, was beautiful and fit and didn't even need the procedure. Yet, she had falled victim to a society that worships physical beauty and decided to go for it.

What a stupid way to go!
Rest in peace, Solange.

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  1. MYOB

    What kind of inappropriate title is that? Couldn't you think of a better one? Waleg, you folks just keep proving you're so unprofessional and not objective

  1. H.A.R.

    MYOB, you may not like the title, but we think it's appropriate! Simply because that's the truth of the matter!

  1. Waleg
    Waleg replied to comment from MYOB

    The title perfectly suits the article. Have a better title, you are welcome to suggest it here as a comment!!!

  1. Moe

    This is just a prove that people are so asleep and are nothing but a perfect product for the world agenda, and am talking about the comment complaining about the title! The post wants to deliver you a message but I guess it requires more mental efforts to swallow.

  1. MYOB

    @ H.A.R.
    It's inappropriate because it gives the impression that you're being sarcastic..even though it is ironic and even though you might think so, your job is to be objective in delivering news :)

    Why not say "Former Miss Argentina dies after complications from plastic surgery on her BUTTOCKS"! (not BUTT)

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM

    She didn't die for her buttocks but rather for her's double or quits...this magnificent body will end up like the others : eaten by worms...there will be later in the grave only the skeleton and breast implants...That in itself is a small victory...
    so sad...

  1. Noor

    MYOB u are annoying

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from MYOB

    I found this title appropriate , stop nitpicking dear Myob...her death is so stupid and laughable that we can not help but to be sarcastic...indeed, every human being death is regretable but this one is particularly ridiculous...

    she is lost by the diktat of beauty imposed by this ruthless society where the average person isn't allowed to have any place ...but she wasn't an average woman , she was miss argentina in 1994... why this obsession to stay beautiful, young and attractive?...

    by this obsession, she has contributed to the establishment of this diktat...she had her picture on magazines and influenced millions of women...Finally, herself is a victim of her folly...

  1. *Mademoiselle*

    What a realistic storyy
    i'm not sure if media nowadays focuses on such stories
    but i find this a severe problem facing our society nowadays people just need to have high confidence and if they don't! they should see a doctor not implant and botox and all that crap.
    Anywho at the end she's a human being and she is dead now no need to spread bad comments about her.
    R.I.P one more time

  1. Mayaar ! x
    Mayaar ! x

    MYOB You Are An Idiot ! :P

  1. MYOB

    @NOOR and @MAYAAR ! X

    You both are disrespectful excuses for humans and I will not even dignify your comments with a response

  1. Nounours

    Why did you have to get all angry and attack someone who just thought a title is inappropriate? It was between her and Waleg and I think Waleg handled it quite well, the name calling and the sarcasm is unnecessary, let's keep a pleasant website to come to not a confrontational, name calling one.
    Also, Alain, I don't think anybody's death is laughable, especially that she wasn't a dictator, a sadist, a serial killer or anything to laugh at her death. that was really inappropriate.

  1. sam

    It's not laughable...

    But it's not the way anyone would choose to die given a choice. And what she was doing is a global phenomena that people are undergoing without consideration of the very real possibility of fatal consequences. She should have known that it is a possible outcome, quite simply because she is not the first, not the last & she didn't choose a straightforward procedure. Most people are just lucky.

    The moral of this story; & so many others, is not to become a slave to the medas image of beauty. And most importantly that plastic surgery is just an illusion that is turning people into products to see how far the professionals can go; scientists and doctors should stop playing God. And the idea of absolute physical beauty doesn't exist, there will always be someone more physically beautiful just around the corner, and just a beginner to the world of plastic surgery.

    I really don't think that just because someone who isn't a criminal died that I should offer my sympathies. If she didn't accept what God gave her to begin with when it worked perfectly well, then I don't feel obliged to cry for someone who wanted tighter buttocks. She's just another lesson for those who are following suit.

    All the girls at these miss world contests are as fake as a barbie get together. It's time they were cancelled.

  1. Mariam

    wake up call!! hope people learn from this, although this isn't a first ..!!

  1. Nounours

    Sam, well said. I agree, there is a lot to be learned from this without laughing at a human being dying.

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from Nounours

    it isn't her death that is laughable, but the causes ...of course her death as well as the loss of any human being is intolerable ... she has a family, maybe children who must be orphans now and it really saddens me ...

    did she leave her children orphans and her family grieving, following an incurable disease as cancer, hiv , heart attack ?.. noooo!! she died for a matter of tightening of her bum!!...
    jesus christ!!!...

    She was beautiful, she had everything to be happy... damn, why this obsession with wanting more and more and more?!...why ?...why this excess?...why this selfishness?...

    it may be taboo to talk about how negative the actions of someone who died, no matter, this doesn't prevent me to denounce the excesses of our society .. who is now enjoying these beautiful big tits, those beautiful tight buttocks ?... her hubby? her boyfriend? nooooo!! solely the worms...really sad and laughable is this fatal end...

    please don't get me wrong it's laughable not because i'm happy, i rather force myself to laugh at everything for fear of being forced to cry over it...

  1. Nounours

    hahaha, "I rather force myself to laugh at everything for fear of being forced to cry over it.." you made me laugh!!! I see what you want to say, yeah tres tres triste, seriously, it's really socking.

  1. bachir

    haifa next please?

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from bachir

    or jennifer lopez!!!!ha ha ...we all know her wonderful buttocks's secret...omg...Cemeteries will be full of bimbos with tight buttocks !!!!loooooool....

  1. Mariam

    Alain...i never thought death could be so amusing :S...i know its really stupid...but not to that extent joking around like that...

    oh wells...

  1. Alain NRM
    Alain NRM replied to comment from Mariam

    I totally agree with you, death isn't that funny but the causes, especially when they are stupid, can be hilarious...everyone around me have laughed about the cause of this woman's death...

    in this forum, I bump into very interesting misunderstandings that ,imho, might arise our differences in mentality, gender , religious or philosophical...

    I remember when at the age of 18 I passed my A-levels exam, in Philosophy's test, the question was: can we laugh at everything? was a headache for me, I did not know what to write, or rather I tried to make my own self-censoring for fear of displeasing my corrector who maybe could be opposed to my philosophy of life and my mindset...

    8 years later, I'm finally at the end of my university studies, phew!, and the philosophical question whether one can laugh at anything, still continue to traumatise me...but I remain faithful to the 18-year-old teenager I was, in his A-levels philosophy's essay...

    During my adolescence my reaction was a provocation, now at 26, I think anyway that I gained some maturity, and strangely, I still have the same answer to this philosophical traumatic question ...

    YES WE CAN!!!! ...

    we can laugh at anything even at death, btw, death is part of life?isn't it?...death ?life?, life? death?...aren't they a single thing? ...Isn't death intrinsic to life since our death was born with our life?...

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg...hilarious!!!!

  1. sam

    Alain forget Jennifer...Have you seen famous 4 doing nothing compulsive liar Kim Kardashian? front, back & face...etc.
    Honestly you should see what her step-dad looks like...a plastic zombie. At least we know where she gets it from.

  1. Mariam
    Mariam replied to comment from Alain NRM

    okay .... sure.. that's your opinion, im not going to argue

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