Blockbuster Movies in Arabic on MBC

braveheart on MBC MAX

You must have gotten word that MBC is going to start broadcasting blockbuster movies dubbed into Arabic on both MBC1 and MBC MAX.
Movies like Braveheart, Lord of The Rings and Troy will be available for the Arab audience in their own language, Arabic and only Arabic.
What do you think of this move by MBC? Is it positive or negative?

Personally, I have never found a problem in watching a movie in English and reading the translation in Arabic at the bottom of the screen! In fact, this way helps many people better their English language, because they hear the English word and can see its meaning in Arabic simultaneously and that makes it stick!

I also think that the original language of a movie is what makes it special. Translation or dubbing makes it loose some of its charm. I'm not sure whether you agree with me, but that's how I feel about it.

If you want to argue that 'Omar Al Mukhtar' was dubbed into Arabic and was a huge success, I would say it's a story about an Arab and it would be very appropriate to see the characters speak their mother language.
I'll give you another example, 'Jodhaa Akbar', the Indian movie telling an epic love story from the heart of Indian history, the movie is originally in Indian, we wouldn't benefit anything from watching it in Indian! We wouldn't get the real feel of the words.
But when watching it in Arabic, we understand it and we don't feel that the movie has lost some of its charm.

It seems MBC wants to broaden the scope of its audience; as people who have never been interesting in watching Hollywood movies, would find it interesting to watch them in Arabic now.
What do you think? Are you excited about this move from MBC?

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  1. Mariam2

    generally is a good idea and a good way to get more viewers, but i agree with har, the original language of the film sounds better than being impersonate by another language....

    reading the translations from the bottom is great and i dont think anything would be more suitable than that...

    mbc is putting ahl al raya! wooohoooo !! :D

  1. Hamada


  1. rose

    it should be english as it is....translation should be in arabic above some one mentioned it lost its charmness i strongly agree with that ..beside who doesnt knoww arabic they will come acrioos arabic ..and who doesnt english they will come across 2 english why being alone only arab lets benfit both side

  1. Yousef

    Arabic Hollywood movies in fosha are fantastic. I have just watched the Troy movie and can say the dubbing is of an excellent quality. In the past such dubbing has been done with little thought I feel - old Chinese films dubbed in English come to mind.

    These new MBC dubbed films are a brilliant quality however. Great choice of actors for the dubbing as it has kept with the original characters of the film. I know this as I watched the film in English before the Arabic.

    MBC please keep up the good work and maybe we can be entertained and learn something about our great language aswell!

  1. Tim

    Great work by mbc .. e7ya2 lal lo'3a el 3rabeyeh ..eshee mo2sef eno ykon fe nas ded hada el eshee we el moshkleh fe mnhom aslan ma b3rafo yktobo english !

  1. ayesha

    bollywood movies should not be shown dubbed in arabic cus the other people who would not understand arabic will be in a fix ....& not watch ur channel & in dis way the arabs are benifited. as in the start of d movie which may be in arabic how to change the language is shown u should show that after every break cus sometimes people r out and if dey r stuck in traffic dey may reach after d movie started which is d time u show ho to change d language. so pls show the way to change after every break.

  1. Chris

    I think the point is to finally do some dubbing. I've seen hundreds of Hollywood movies with Arabic subtitles, but with with the exception of some Pixar, I haven't seen any good Hollywood movies dubbed anywhere. I'm a linguist, and one of the best ways for me to learn a new language is to watch movies I already know in the new language, and this has not been very easy for Arabic. I think MBC is doing a service by dubbing these movies, and hopefully it will start a much needed trend, and help introduce millions of new people to this beautiful language.

  1. mohanad

    how can i see troy fil transalting into arabic ?

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