Ahl Al Raya 2 Postponed!

ahl al raya

The much awaited second season of the Syrian drama Ahl Al Raya has been postponed until after Ramadan. I guess this is some bad news for all those who have been waiting!
The director, Samer Barqawi, revealed that the delay isn't because of script problems or because of the busy schedule of the actors, but because of technical difficulties and nothing more.

He also revealed that the shooting of the series will take place in August and September, and that some actors haven't yet signed their contracts!
This means that the rumors about Jamal Sulaiman dropping out of the series, which has been circulating in the past few weeks, is not true.

Are you sad that you won't be watching it this Ramadan?

Do you think that the second season of Ahl Al Raya will be strong?
Do you think it's a worthy competitor to Bab El Hara and Beit Jeddi 2?

Thanks to Mariam2 for the newstip.

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