Ahl Al Raya 2 Postponed!

ahl al raya

The much awaited second season of the Syrian drama Ahl Al Raya has been postponed until after Ramadan. I guess this is some bad news for all those who have been waiting!
The director, Samer Barqawi, revealed that the delay isn't because of script problems or because of the busy schedule of the actors, but because of technical difficulties and nothing more.

He also revealed that the shooting of the series will take place in August and September, and that some actors haven't yet signed their contracts!
This means that the rumors about Jamal Sulaiman dropping out of the series, which has been circulating in the past few weeks, is not true.

Are you sad that you won't be watching it this Ramadan?

Do you think that the second season of Ahl Al Raya will be strong?
Do you think it's a worthy competitor to Bab El Hara and Beit Jeddi 2?

Thanks to Mariam2 for the newstip.

- Ahl Al Raya, A Point in History
- Taj Haydar, Alive and Kicking in Ahl Al Raya!

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  1. samira

    welllll i dont really kow if teh second season is goign to be strong all i know that teh first season was absolutely enjoyable i loved every second of it; even though the story was heart breaking but it really interpreted the way in which people feels and treat other when they wer miss-treated in the past(well very few) and their was a say in the film which i will neevr forgot was (tabki koul 3youn el alam ou mabtabki rayoun) i think that was very powerfull. i didn'tknow their was a second part to the film i was hopign for one ,, well great news cant wait to see it. thanks waleg :):):)

  1. ahmed

    umm i didnt no they were goin to make a part 2 of ahla raya so its a bonus for me no let down thanks waleg hope wen it comes out use post them on the site

  1. albir nasiri
    albir nasiri

    can you please give me thf names of actors , thanks

  1. Yassin

    I realy enjoyed the ahl raya 1st season and i hope the second will be more powerful then the first i must say that i have cried like baby's when watching it thanks jamal sleiman and all the crew they were absolutly professional.

  1. sara

    ahl el raya 2 is the best and it came on the first day of ramadan 2010 on the channel SYRIA DRAMA. THE BEST!!!!! MUCH BETTER THAN BAB AL HARA.

  1. Varoujan Keossayan
    Varoujan Keossayan

    Such a shame when money is used to distort history. Shame on the director of Ahl-al-Raye for selling off one of the most productive members of the Syrian and Lebanese societies; the Armenians.
    How much did you get from Turks to write the shamefully wrong script and Turkish propaganda in your show. Showing the Ottoman Turks as being merciful and caring people, their soldieres and Judges as loving and fair, and yes...thanks for sparing our Hero, Reda al Hurr, from execution.
    What a shame, what a shame. You need to be called a trader and not a director. I hold Syrian TV productions to the highest standards. In my and in the world's opinion Syria has become the new standard in TV productions and has well deserved that honor.
    Please do not sell your soul like most countries of the world including the USA, the country I've been calling home for the last 30 years.
    Americans will sell their soul for money to the highest bidder, as they proved year after year by bowing down to Turkey and other countries I don't want to name.
    Syrians and Lebanese know first hand the cruel Ottoman Turks with what they've done to the Armenian in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. A country who killed 1.5 Million Armenians and if not for the sympathy of the Lebanese and the Syrians, Turkey's wish of exterminating the Armenians would have come true.
    Don't destroy all the good your ancestors have done in saving the Armenians... all for a few dollars.
    We support Syrian and all Arabic broadcasters by subscribing at least $100 per month to the satellite broadcasters, part of which is going to the production companies.
    If you look into hitory you will find that the Ottoman Empire was one of the cruelst and least organized occupations of all time and you tried to show the Ottomans as a top 21st century democratic nation!!!
    Thank You
    Varoujan Keossayan

  1. basbis

    c'est le mellieur musasal que jai vu dans toute ma vie...ya ah eriwayi alla ijirna meli jayi...

  1. basbis

    c'est le mellieur musasal que jai vu dans toute ma vie...ya ah eriwayi alla ijirna meli jayi...

  1. zeinab

    I loved ahl raya, and couldn't wait 2 watch it, the news that said it was going to be after ramadan is such a bummer let down, oh well i'll just wait and hope it will we better, even though it was already good:)

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