Beit Jeddi 2 is Al Sham Al Adyia

Samer Al Masri and Bassam Kousa

The second season of Syrian TV series Beit Jeddi is also known as Al Sham Al Adyia. Yes, it is the same series with two different names, we got confused at the beginning when Rotana aired the first teasers, calling the series sometimes Beit Jeddi 2 and some other times Al Sham Al Adyia!

I liked the first season of Beit Jeddi and though I feel sad that Abu Antar (Naji Jaber) won't be part of the second season because he passed away 5 months ago... the series seems very promising, especially with the new character of Abu Hijaz that the writer Marwan Al Kaouq has brought into the series.

If you didn't hear about Al Sham Al Adyia or watched any of the teasers, here are some photos and videos of it:

Photos from Beit Jeddi 2 or Al Sham Al Adyia

Photos Beit Jeddi 2 TV Series

- Teaser of Beit Jeddi 2 or Al Sham Al Adyia
- Interview with Samer Al Masri About Beit Jeddi 2
- Intro Song of Beit Jeddi 2 [By Assi Al Helani]

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  1. fm

    I'll watch this..seems better than Bab El Hara and I liked the first season alot, eventhough most of them died :(
    glad that Abu Shehab will be acting in these kind of series (:

  1. hamood

    hmm am not sure what is this drama about actually?
    maybe another history about the poeple how they live in the past.....the series am not in the mood abut it though, i'll be going to watch kan ya makan fe gadeem zaman.

    about my my favorite actor is gawaal dude hes awsome and i believe hes surian too.

  1. rima

    bassam koussa and samer al masry in the same soap. that sounds good.

  1. Mariam2

    wwhoooaah!, i watched the teaser and looks awesome!!, but its strange how the characters come back to bassem koussas character...didnt he get stabbed at the end last year?...anyways its good that he is still there!!

  1. crsie1998

    i love this mosalsal its so freakin awesome and i guarantee everyone that reading my comment to watch it youll love it but its sad coz the took abou raashid from number 1 out and changed so much characterss but who caares i still luv every single actor in it

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