The Return of Tash 16 on MBC

tash16 on mbc

The satirical comedy Tash ma Tash, returns this Ramadan with it's 16 season on MBC.
This season may have many similarities to the previous years, but it does have many new and varied issues to deal with and many social messages to get across to the Arab world.
Naser Al Gasabi and Abdallah Assadhan return to make us laugh at moments that we might all go through and won't find very funny when in the middle of!

I've watched Tash ma Tash since it began and it was really funny. The past couple of years, the issues have become familiar and the incidents repeated, thus the laughs were a little bit less.
Do you think that this year, it will be different and that Naser and Abdallah will be able to make us laugh every night?
I sure hope so!

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  1. Mariam2

    16 seasons!! not bad...wondering if people still love it as much....i can watch it about once a more some episodes are hilarious, but others may get boring.. well best of luck for them , all the best iA

  1. Honest

    Some episodes were banned on Saudi TV and MBC for their controversial content which angered the Islamic hardliners. Who knows what kind of issues Tash is going to tackle this year?

  1. Zezo

    Tash ma Tash is really nice i always watch it ans i started watching it from season 1... but now its starting to get old and not as funny but i love Naser Al Gasabi and Abdallah Assadhan and i wish this year it well be better.. i like it because it shows real stories that happened in SA that r true...unlike other shows it shows the opposite of them..anyway keep up the good work!!

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