Diana Haddad and Suhail Al Abdoul Split Up!

diana and suhail separate

After years of marriage and two kids, Lebanese singer Diana Haddad and her husband Suhail Al Abdoul have decided to go their separate ways and get a divorce!
It's a shock to everyone, that one of the most successful marriages in the Arab show business has fallen apart!

The relationship has been tense for some time now and there have been numerous divorce rumors reported, but the couple got used to shooting them down.
This time it's the real deal and it seems it's an amicable divorce that will keep both Diana and Suhail friends and in total support of their two daughters.

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  1. ahmed

    i feel bad for diana since shes my favorite singer but now she ruined her marriage and her family...!

    hmm i guess the women is their fault for breaking up marriage. They never deal with us nomore and they think their right all of time, for real!

  1. Sandra

    diana gave up her country and religion(well kinda also for her shia mother) for this man
    and after nearly 15 years they split?

    3aib seems like such what a waste, if this is true.
    were is the source for this?

    i wonder if she will leave dubai and come back to lebanon if this is true?
    then what will happen to her emirati children?
    Shes young so will she remarry again? maybe to a leb this time we hope.

  1. Sandra

    ahmed you are sexist only blaming women for divorce men play a part in it aswell!
    what makes you think SHE ruined her family? so her husband has played no role in your opinion?
    he is the one who took her from lebanon he is the one who pressured her always to sing khaliji or the way he wants and chane her cultural views to suit him.
    So how is it ONLY her fault? it takes too tango and there is TWO in the marriage not one.

  1. ahmed

    Diana is idoit she believe in him!
    she fallen in love with him and went with his country. he gave her everything, they got children, they got money and a good life but she never satisfied about it... after that she broke the marriage so its her fault and i wont change my opinion.

    most women are abusive than men and am one of the guy a victim i been abusive and hurt!

  1. George

    It's about time, out of religion marriages don't work in the Arab world. Money can't buy happiness she should have stuck to her Christian community.

  1. ahmed

    you know this is not about religion ya mr. george of the jungle!
    thats her life and not our problem and you cant force her what religion she'll be.

    i dont know she was a Christian but is not my business.

  1. Sandra min Jbeil
    Sandra min Jbeil

    ahmed do you know how old diana was when she met this man?
    15 or 16 still a child herself, in a way he used his power of position (working on her music career) to make advances at her.
    I am shocked Diana family even sanctioned this man to marry her when she still a teenager the fact he is rich shud have nothing to do with it. i respect suhail as a director but everyone knows how pushy this man was with her career! why do you think she no longer uses him as a director?

    George I agree, Im religious orthodox christian and yes im against interfaith marriage in most cases but its ppl's business who they marry, and im against christian leaving to join another religion but its their choice.
    lebanese marrying lebanese or even syrian (since my mother is from syria) i dont care. Diana herself comes an interfaith background (maroni father, shia mother) her parents marriage obviously worked out before her mother died then i think diana became a shiite cos if it, but her being married to muslim i think also played a role.
    I know in lebanon people from mixed religious backgrounds and their families are happy.so its not always the case that it ends in disaster although families can be difficult to accept from both sides.

    in my opinion the problem here wernt "religion" but the fact the guy is from the U.A.E, a khaleeji and lebanese or syrian or other liberal middle east culture dont mix
    well with a highly conservative one even if the person converts or they share the same religion its a conflict of cultures different ppl in mentality,culturaly and religiously even the khalijis feel the same way. Yeah they have money but what is money when Only few years ago women couldnt vote in Kuwait and even now in Saudi arabia they cant drive or vote and are restricted in many jobs.I knew a lebanese girl who was married to a saudi for 6 years (lets just say shes lucky they had no kids) and they are divorced.
    i do feel for Diana she really tried to be one of them singing in Khaliji always participating in their events and even sell herself as the "conservative arab" but in the end even for the most modest lebanese singers thats not who we are "conservative" but most her family are here in Lebanon so ppl knew it wernt gonna work out she shud of never married him only worked with him! busniess and pleasure dont mix!
    she didnt convert religion for him but Country
    she gave up lebanese citzenship for the emirati one

  1. ahmed

    i respect you're religion!
    but if diana go back to lebonan so what if she a muslim, but if she change her religion then she have somethin in her head a loco nut head...

    i dont know why his grandparents of that jungle dude George let him to comment such a thing?!
    he said "out of religion marriages" it is about her strong eman to be a muslim and not for him!

    am done with you both!!
    am going to fix my facial expression and not listen to you both.

  1. elena NRM
    elena NRM

    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple !"

    maybe this way is better for both Diana and Suhail

  1. George

    Hi Sandra,

    Yes I agree with what you said, khaligi culture and Eastern Mediterranean culture (Syria & Lebanon) are completely at odds with each other. I know that there are some interfaith marriages that work but those are the minority, I know that a lot of couples from different religious backgrounds move to Cyprus, because in our region religion permeates life.

  1. Sandra min Jbeil
    Sandra min Jbeil

    Diana i think was just a naive kid when she
    married suhail her parents shud of put more pressure on her not to go ahead. while most 20 year olds in Lebanon are having fun or studying she was already was married and had a baby and touring the arab world.
    she started singing when she was 15 got married when she was 18-19. growing up too fast can be hard especially if its for someone else and changing your religion and adapting your lifestyle in the process in diana's case.
    marrying young is always a bad idea even nawal marriage to her lebanese manager didnt work after nearly 20 years together and 3 kids.
    thanks george but not just lebanon or Syria even morocco,Egypt,Tunisia and t places were either secular laws or less conservative arabized ppl live, if the person is religious maybe it might not be problem but if you are used to liberities that other culture doesnt give...
    Im only speculating, There could of been another reason for the split like him controlling her career since she was a kid and no longer wanting be part of a
    al-abdool-haddad duo who knows?
    maybe money also? or he was fed up?

  1. Sandra min Jbeil
    Sandra min Jbeil

    I hope this is a rumour since divorce is always a sad thing and it can get messy especially when kids are involved.

    sadly your right about the religion having a poweful role in society.
    on the topic of interfaith marriage nayla tueni (the orthodox represent for Achrafieh) daughter of Gebran Tueni, has married LBC presenter Malek Maktabi a shiite muslim in a civil ceremony in cyprus i wish for them luck they will need it. Many of those who voted for her are now angry and even threatening to boycott and kick her out next election that is how many ppl still take see inter-faith marriage even in Lebanon,believing purpsoely she waited after the elections to get married and the fact it was a civil ceremony has upseted many of the achrafieh orthodox. but other ppl who grow up in secular in Beirut enviorments dont really make that big of deal of it i suppose. it depends

  1. moni

    I don't believe this is true i think it's a rumor since they look happy together and if it was for real it would be all over the news anyways if it is true that would be bad becasue they were a cute couple

  1. George

    wow Sandra, that's a shocker, I never thought that Neyla Tueni would marry a shiite, that's crazy especially since they're against her political association. But to be honest with you Sandra I understand why the people of Achriafieh got angry and that this is due to the sectarian nature of Lebanon and the most important fact that the whole "raison d'etre" for Lebanon was to create an Arab Christian state. And now the main reason why Pres Sleiuman has passed the voting bill which allows all overseas Lebanese to vote is to give more legitimacy to the Christian hold onto Lebanese presidency, because the majority of the Lebanese expatriates are Christian and so the muslims can't say they are the majority anymore with regards to the voting!

    But this is a very sensitive topic and for many Arab Christians there is a sense that the Christian community is under threat, because check this out Syria (which included Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan) in 1900 was 25% Christian and now all 4 states together only have 10% Christian population. When muslims marry outside their community it's not a big issue because they are the majority but when people like Nayla do it , it becomes an issue due to the minority statues of the christian community. For me if the Christians were the majority it would not be an issue, but you have to understand that our community has a certain liveliness, openness and sophisticated culture and when the christian community shrinks so does that culture too!

  1. Sandra min Jbeil
    Sandra min Jbeil

    regards to nayla the opposition did spread this rumour that she had converted to islam to marry a muslim. many(including myself) called it a cheap trick, but it turned out to be half true she denied the converting or that she will leave the orthodox religion.
    im not that shocked because her
    grand-mother Nadia Tueni was a druze muslim and i think Gebran Tueni 2nd marriage was to a non christian(siham's bg im not sure)
    Tueni is known secular clan even though orthodox, inter-faith marriage is not uncomon practice for them. I actually have to admire how Nayla has decided on this because shes risking alot according to many however many ppl have wished her well and so do I too, may it not end like this one did.
    the problem is she represents an area that is known as staunch christian heartland she chose to openly ally herself to the conservative christians & their parties of this area that did get her alot votes and they expect someone who is not only going to speak for lebanon but the "christian voice" aswell, so some now some feel backstabed. personally i think people shud be bothered more about her political points than this,but i do feel she should of been more honest with the voters, why hide it until soon after election that she was even engaged let alone get married?

    I understand your point, pularism is a beautiful thing.but there are many liberal muslims here in Lebanon. If people are so worried about demographics than the christian expats should start returning (hopefully soon they will) instead of contributing to dubai,kuwait,america,canada other economies when they shud be doing it here but stability can be shaky,sectaranism plays a part in this
    What effects majorly the demographics is the palestinian refugees but thats another topic and so far nearly nobody in goverment is making it as important as it should be

  1. vivo

    who said Diana was Christian?
    I don't think she was.
    Diana Haddad rulz!

  1. Sandra min Jbeil
    Sandra min Jbeil

    vivo diana WAS a christian now shes shia,
    she was christian until the late 1990s her father Joseph Haddad is a maronite wereas her mother was muslim. so until she converted years ago since under islamic guidelines its the father that makes the child muslim not mother but her religious i think is her choice.

  1. vivelafrance

    sorry... i took the wrong way...doctor who doctor who...i need your help...people here are talking about shia, christians, muslims instead of divorce, marriage...
    ..i`ve not got a clue what these words could mean...
    doctor ..., we aren`t on planet earth...or maybe we touched down ages before of the begening of the era...


  1. m7ammad

    hey guys, n especially who says that diana is the one who caused this devorce, I want 2 say that diana is not guilty but sohail since diana stop working with him either as a producer or a directer, he doesn't like that and I think this is one of the main reasons behind this divorce
    n I think that religion is not the cause because diana haddad live in th arab world and understand very well their culture before her marriage...

  1. nancy

    diana haddad is the best singer and i love her so much then who says that diana caused the divorce ,suhail asked for the divorce since diana stopped working with him either a producer or a director.

  1. samar

    Diana hadad has an awesome voice ever , i like her too much.
    i think it is her business and her personal life too.
    we shouldnt make a comment on diana and her husband

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