Somaya El Khashab a Little Too Superstitious!

Somaya El Khashab new tv series

Rumor has it that during the shooting of Somaya’s latest series ‘Hadf il Bahr’ in one of the scene Somaya wore a very revealing night gown showing a little too much thus making the director and producer report her to the police ! Ridiculous isn’t it, who will believe such a rumor.

Anyway Somaya said that she was utterly shocked when she heard that rumor, she said her relationship with her whole cast is perfect and she is not that naïve and desperate to wear a revealing night gown just to look sexy. Somaya also said that all clothes she wears are set and given to her by the costume department.

Photos from Somaya new TV series Hadf il Bahr

Photos Somaya new TV series

But that’s not all apparently Somaya bought a goat and slaughtered it in the set to get rid of all envious eyes on her! Wow I guess fame is really bothering her.

‘hadf il bahr’ talks about two twin sisters both played by Somaya el Khashab , one of the twin sisters lives in Alexandria and is trying to succeed as a singer whilst the other is a doctor that is trying to fight corruption and both sisters don’t know each other.

By Mariam

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  1. cedar10452

    3an hisna w jamala....... lol move over anjelina jolie

  1. cedar10452

    mutton dresses as lamb baa baa i think ahmed is missing one of his sheepies hehe

  1. ahmed

    goodness mrs. Sumaya is a doctor!!
    And i never seen her wearing a gown since she was acting in Raya wa sakena drama!!

    no wonder my kharouf is missing i thought the fox ate it....and it was you kidnap it!!

    i need hard fence to lock all my sheep from foxy Cedar!!

  1. fatme

    omg i hate her so mucccch she has no voiceeeee seriously specailly in taratata omg with samer al masri and ragheb alama i just laughed when she sang omg and her clothes really i hate her now and have no respect for her uhhhh she think she is sexxyy but she is just fat

  1. What

    How is she fat fatme ?

    And she can actually act..forget about her voice..her acting is great!

  1. ahmed

    Fatime we already know you hate her!!
    i think you see her as a ghost when Sumaya show up and then you start to hate her. I wonder why?>
    is it she reminder you of someone like an enemy....I just knew it.
    Me i don't hate someone except my cow he knock my head so hard with a tree stick cause i accidently sit on his foot finger!!

  1. habooba

    to Fatme:::
    Ur soo effin dumb...on the other page u were telling me why do i hate someone soo much and blah blah u are hating on someone u dont know!! what are jealous of her bc she is pretty?!?!?! hmm wonder where i got that from!?!?!?!?!? hmmmm well anywho listen here punk if f u dont like someone do us a favor and shut up about it..okay dont be just ends up killing you!!! who do u like?!?!?! u seem to hate everyone!!! sorry that u cant find urself!!!

    Yeah she doesnt have a good voice(she sounds like lara and maybe better) but she can act and she is a good dont hate.Soummayya u are a great what!! she was forced to dress the way she dresses its a freakin movie/ u see haifa, nancy, marwa, etc how they dress how come no one says anything!!!!

    dude man are u like crazyy?? whats up with ur stupid humar stories..grow up im starting to think that ur married to one!!

  1. ahmed

    Sumaya is much better with her looks than to be a doctor!

    i think Habooba is not the bad person and i think Fatime really have a big mouth than my heemar!!

  1. Waleg

    Please keep your comments civilized! using 'low' 4 letter words... will only results in banning YOU!

  1. fatme

    sorry waleg but i dont know why they are angry at me because i hate her thats my opionen !!

  1. iluvgals

    responding to the first comment,
    angelina jolie is not the best looking hollywoodian actress while somaya is the best looking egyptian/arab actress so the
    comparison is not fair, try comparing her to:
    1-zoey deschanel
    2-liv tyler
    3-jurdana brewstar
    4-gina philips
    5-mary elizabeth wistead
    6-racheal bella
    7-amber tamblyn
    I know these actresses are not famous because hollywood care more about people with jewish ancestries as actresses than actual beautiful women, but you can google their images

  1. layalee

    i actually really like her acting, she never failed to impress me ...
    and yea outfits for roles are asigned by the people making the series or movies or whatevs..

  1. sameperson

    I forgot to ad kristen stewart and jennifer tilly
    also michele phiefer as the most beautiful hollywoodian actresses

  1. Jason

    I think she is a pretty actress she should play in a movie as queen cleopatra lol

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