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yagmur zamani

If you're a TV addict, and you like Turkish TV series, then you've surely heard of the Turkish drama Yagmur Zamani or Mawsem Al Matar or Rain Season!
The series airs every day on AlRai TV.

The story is about Furat, a wealthy business man with a short temper! His wife died leaving him four kids to raise.
And on the other hand, we have Aylul, a polite young lady who grew up in a orphanage and to the contrary of Furat, she has lots of patience and has a very calm temper.
Furat hires Aylul as a nanny and the story goes on from there.

Photos from Yagmur Zamani Turkish TV Series

Photos Yagmur Zamani

Have you watched this series?
What do you think of it?
Is it as good as Noor? Or is it boring?

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  1. lara

    this is Azra Akin Kivanc Tatlitug's (mouhannad) fiancé

  1. resu

    I watched this serie its good more than noor noor is boring lara she was his fiance before not anymore

  1. turkishdelight

    hey guys kıvanç and azra broke up. now kıvanç is dating a turkish actress Meltem Cumbul who is quite older than him.

  1. rain

    this show is fantastike but i think that {forat is very notty guy}but i like him anyway

  1. souad

    Sincerely i love this serie story its the best one , and also i like azra akin and furat
    All the staff they were fantastic

  1. nefertiti62

    Hello I want to watch the episod 63 till the end of yagmur zamani what can i do please

  1. unknown

    Does anyone know where I can find this show ??
    i mean in turkish

  1. sylvia

    Why don't you present us some hints of the last episodes? and how many till the end? Also it is worth mentioning that it is a very interesting and beautiful story to watch.

    Thank you.

  1. azar

    مطر 3jibni barcha mossalssil mawsim

  1. zanzouna

    hi please i want pictures for furat at mawssim almattar what's the name of furat in turkey or please send his photos on my email adress thanks a lot

  1. joujou

    i like this story its the best one,i like forat.

  1. henda

    please can i have the name of furat pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  1. mounira

    de ma vie je n ai jamais vu des acteurs aussi competents et un senario aussi bien ecrit !

  1. Katkout

    Hi I just wanted to know how many episodes mawsam al matar is please

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