Kasr El Hob, A New Turkish Drama

kasr el hob on mbc

Turkish drama seems to be all the rage nowadays!
Several TV channels are broadcasting Turkish series and once one has ended, the second usually follows within a couple of days!

In addition to Mirna & Khalil on MBC, there's another series that seems to be getting a lot of viewers; Kasr El Hob.

The series is about two people, Sulaiman the wealthy businessman and Manar, the sensitive artist who comes from a simple family.
The two meet in New York, fall in love and get married.
They move back to Turkey and decide to settle down in the families mansion in Antalya.
And the story goes on from there following their everyday life.

Are you tuning in to MBC4 to watch Kasr El Hob?
If yes, what do you think?

- Kasr El Hob Sad Turn of Events

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  1. fatme

    kasr al hob is good but mirna and khalil is better and im so bored of turkish serie :S

  1. palestinegrl08

    Yea i like it.....its cool =) but i agree with fatme mirna and khalil is way better!!! i'm waiting for today's episode by the minute...... i love turkish =)

  1. palestinegrl08

    a small correction: the two ppl are Hossam and Maram.... =) i love ure site waleg!!

  1. zodfa

    I like it, I'm in love with turkish series haha xD

  1. musiclover

    Hey! yes i started watching it and mirna wa khalul i really like them both they're good u really get hooked on them. and the stories r the kind of the same but at the same time very different. and when u think something is going to happen and what happens is the exact oppoiste of what u thought

  1. farah

    i love this show it is good and so is mirna and khial it is awesome and i love mirna and khail cause of kivanc tatling of couse i love him ,<3

  1. ahmed

    if it real arabic voice with the language of foushaa that will be better than syria voices. I can't stand it it make me horrible guy!!

    I don't know why they don't do the language nomore of a real islamic fousshaa.

    Syria need to cut it and get a life on!!

  1. chadiSa777

    yes i watch Kasr El Hob it's an awesome series, the music, characters, plot everything just rocks!

    i also watch mirna and khalil, it's my favorite nowadays, full of action and suspense and some romance at the same time. wonderful story. im also watching qeset shitaa & it's really cool as well. i dig turkish series!!!

    ahmed im gonna have to disagree with ya on this one dude, i prefer hearing some simple arabic not fousshaa dialect. i think syrians r doing an amazing job translating these series that are appealling to everyone, all ages with their simplicity ;-)

  1. el helm el da2e3
    el helm el da2e3

    how come walef u didnt put anything about el helm el da2e3 it wassssssss soooooooooo gooooodddddd ! i lvoe it to bad it ended i miss omr, manar,asma,ahmed,3alya,nisreen,omar,samir,darine and all of them (and of course jawbat bek lol)

  1. hala

    i think a better show is "al 7ob al mosta7eel" or "Zoraki Koca" in turkish.
    it airs on MBC PLUS DEAMA
    but i watch it on the internet DAILY
    and i think its so realistic!
    WALEG, i think you should really check it out, i'd say its equivalent to nour.

    It combines comedy and drama at the same time!
    its crazy i cry and laugh at the same time!

    and the main actors are better looking than noor and mohanad on my count ! (:

  1. Ozcan

    kasr al-hod not the seam name in tukish
    the orginal name (Asmali akonak)

  1. king

    ahmad not everyone is muslim like u and we dont understand ur fucking langugage so syria language is the best u muslimes go watch tas mathas hahahaha

  1. el hob
    el hob

    i love qasr el hob. because el hob is not moustahil.me i leave qisate hob withe my ...............qasr el hob 's best drama and better than mirna and khalil

  1. lara

    I am not watching "kasr el hob" but i'm watching " ALHOB ALMOUSTA7IL "or "Zoraki Koca" it's just amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing it's hilarious

    PS: for those who think that "Mirna & Khalil" is good let me tell u that it's the WORST drama i have EVER watched - the girl (mirna) gets raped after getting married to khalil & the guy (khalil) gets killeeeeeeed
    mousalsal nakad bi nakad yel3an l nakad wlse3a li 7dorto fiya

  1. gabriella

    i think wa tamdi al ayam is great and cool and weandful storie . this film's better than quasr el hob...but is not boring like mirna wa khalil

  1. LebGirl

    I agree with Lara. I watched 'Mirna & Khalil' and i think it has to be the worst turkish tv show ever. It was pathetic to kill Khalil after all they went through to be together.
    'Sanawat El Diya' so far is the best turkish tv series. 'kasr el hob' is ok so far, i hope it gets better.

  1. gabriella

    i love mirna and halil is a beautiful series;););)

  1. lila

    i luv those turki6 serie!bt qasr el hob still the best!!!

  1. mehr

    what s the story about miran & khalil

  1. lara

    the best series are
    watamdy al2ayam - sanawat l daya3 -
    al7ob almousta7il (it's soooooooo goood people u should watch it)

  1. Fatooom

    I Love Qasr El Hoob, Buut I Love Mirna & Khalil Moreee...<3

  1. lara

    i love mirna and khalil it is a very good show and i cant wait all day anymore i wish it comes on in the morning before i go to school

  1. marwa

    i love kasr el hob very much it is veeeeeeeery good show and i hate mirna w khalil coz i hate kivinÁ he is like a women. and all peoples know the end.of show
    i love housem

  1. marwa

    i love kasr el hob very much it is veeeeeeeery good show and i hate mirna w khalil coz i hate kivinÁ he is like a women. and all peoples know the end.of show
    i love housem

  1. marwa

    i love kasr el hob very much it is veeeeeeeery good show and i hate mirna w khalil coz i hate kivinÁ he is like a women. and all peoples know the end.of show
    i love housem

  1. Sonia

    what i like the most about this serie is Houssem's personality and how he controls his family matters with no regret and that is what makes me stay up at night and watch the serie.he is the exemple of a traditional great man and when he disagrees with his family members he appeals more and more to his personality.

  1. palistine<3

    i liked evry single turkish show so far but i hvnt watched al hob al mostaheel my cuzin told me about qasr al hoob and it sounds interesting but i hate watching shows from the middle and i was wondering if it was posted anywere online? btw king dnt say that about muslims that was very sad and not funny at all and dntjudge all muslims cuz of what ahmed said and im a muslim and i cnt speak fissha arabia but i understand it. o and i loved al holm al dayee and watamdi al ayam i also like how kiset shitaa is going its a great show!!!

  1. balshureen

    I wish I hadn't read the comments on this site, because I found out what heppened on Mirna wa khalil before watching the finale. I felt that series was realistic to a certain extent in that it dealt with issues of abuse and overprotection in families that have emigrated to other countries. I felt the ending was dissapointing, almost as though the series got cancelled and they couldn't tie up all the loose ends. However, I suppose not every soap opera should or can have a happy ending. Kivanc is becoming a better actor, and has grown by leaps and bounds since his Nour days where he was very wooden. Does anyone know if ask-i-memnu will be dubbed in arabic?

  1. fatima

    i think that fatme don't know what she said because kasr el hobe is a very wonderful turqish serie i think that the story is very exciting and who i love the most is the actors especially mrame and hossam. think you
    and i think that kasr el hobe is better than mirena w khalil

  1. Nanno

    I used to like both Series "Mirna & Khalil", and "Kasr Elhob" till I knew their Final from Youtube yesterday and I decided that I want watch one more single episode of any of them!!
    if you don't want to know the endings don't read more!!

    Here's the end, if anyone is interested:

    Mirna and Khalil: Khalil will die :S:S:S:S, Mostafa actually will kill him!

    Kasr ELhob: Maram will have some severe illness but she won't know while all the others will know, it will be left open ended, without knowing will she die or get cured!

    I believe both ended badly, or may be we Egyptians just like happy endings :S

  1. yassou

    i think it's a great series and i love it more than mirna and khalil because it shows things that married couple suffer from it's not an imaginary like mirna and khalil, i think that it's an interesting story

  1. sahera

    kaser alhob is a very naic movi i laik maram and hosam very mach

  1. sahera

    i like all turqish moves thir moves is veeeeeeeery nice and i like kivinÁ veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery mach

  1. nayera

    hw come i can see das romantic wiyh all das love it is da most mosalal shoftoo w 3gabniiii mooooooooo w 7sam da 2na bamooooooooooooooooot fiii 2na msh fahma 2zay 7d y7b mosalsl kdaaaaaaa

  1. maryam

    hi , I like this movie very much . in Iran this movie have alot of fan . but unfortuneatliy there is not dic kind of movie like kasr el hob . mirna & khalil . I want tu know with acter & acteres of kasr el hob & mirna & khalil . how can I know with them ??????? I dont know what shoud I do ? ??????????? plz help me . thanks

  1. emine86

    I watchet it on the turkish channel and it has sad end ! I always liked najla although she was behaving bad ,at end she becomes very good with Maram! i think even when maram is diagnosed with something bad and it's about to die ,she takes care of her baby!

  1. Robin Hobbs
    Robin Hobbs

    hello, i like your program very much and i would like to know the composer of the music. its marvelous.
    thank you

  1. cool-gies@hotmail.co.uk

    i really love kasr al hob and i cant wait to see the ending and i really hope that the ending is a happy ending.

    I am not that interested in mrna and khalil because the ending is bate that khalil is going to die.........................

  1. mahamad

    i love kasr el hob. its a nice movie but merna wa khalil is better

  1. aiyah

    I love kaser el hob . but i think i like qeset shitaa better and mirna wa khalil.

  1. ruba

    I love Kaser el hob. The other show which was great was Qeset Shitaa. But Im surprised I cant find them on the web. It was that show with Abdul Jabar and Sahar Khano.

  1. nouhaila

    i love qasr el hob sooooooooooo much i dont like mirna and khalil and i was liking sanawat a daya3 but noww i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maram she is sooooooooooooo cute and houssam tooooooo

  1. radewa

    marame is very nice

  1. radewa

    marame is very nice ain ben khelil

  1. wawa

    waw ajmel kissat hob makhalaw fina walo

  1. @ lara
    @ lara

    how do you know that khalil died..the show isnt over yet

  1. Sandra

    hi can someone please give me a web site where i can watch all the episodes of Kasr el hob online please?

  1. svasdva

    hey i heard that maram will have cancer in the end and die

  1. jasy

    ilove maram so matsh,zenb,caleh,yysmeen,zena

  1. sofiane


  1. Ward

    qasr al hob is more exciting than mirna and khalil .. 4 god sake mirna and khalil r sooooooooo BORING come on...!!!!!! SNAWAT ALDAYA3 is the best show EVER....

  1. Paligirl92

    I love Qasr el Hob. It is a great series. I just hope it ends happily unlike Mirna and Khalil which I'm going to say is the worst turkish series ever because after all the things that happen it ends really sadly with Khalil getting killed. It was so sad. I'm just hoping that Qasr el Hob will have a good ending because it is a really good love story. If anyone has noticed a lot of Turkish series end sadly. That really sucks!

  1. batoul

    qasr el hob is a very nice movie i like it . i like hosam and also maram they both are beautiful and amazing .qars el hob is nice and osam.

  1. batoul

    qars el hob is a very nice turkish drama . i love hosam and also maram they both are amazing . qasr el hob is osom!

  1. 2tow

    i lovett i did watch the final episode & crid

  1. kawthar abbas
    kawthar abbas

    i love film kaser al 7ob becouse it is a nice film and i love maram ewry much and 7ossam et is a butiful man and maram it is a very butiful woman mwahhhhhhhhhhhh film kaser al 7ob

  1. PaliGirl92

    Aww I watched the final episode and it was so sad it gets you crying. I loved the series I think it was great even if it ends without really knowing what happens but there is a movie that continues the series and its called Asmali Konak Hayat. I hope it can get translated into arabic. I saw some of it on youtube and Maram does survive the cancer.

  1. fatima

    mirna and khalil was too long and boring . I like Kasr al Houb , it is very good . im not crazy about the acting of manar she acts in a very immature way , Houssam is alright , sometimes annoying but in general a good series .

  1. ghada

    well i loved watching this serie however i really didn't like the end because i didn't undrstand it is maram seriously going to die and leave houssem alone?

  1. Lara_Baybessh XD
    Lara_Baybessh XD

    OMG ! I Laaaaaaaaaaav Kasr El Hob and i Lav mirna wa khalil they're both so AMAZING like , if you warent to like it . theres only one word for you guys CRAZZZZAY ! :P
    well nearlyy all the Arabs here in Ireland all watch the turkish Dramas theyre like soo amazing . wel im off LAV IT !

  1. Lara_Baybessh XD
    Lara_Baybessh XD

    Oh yeh and btw Maram dosent die from cancer b'cos i got to watch the first episodee of the 4th series :)

  1. ghada bel...
    ghada bel...

    its very good and mirna et kalil too but mawsim al matar and sanawet adaya3 its very good too i liket so mush

  1. insaf

    I love so much kaser el hob but the final!!!!!what???.

    mirna w khalil....all the films turkey very good Ihope to give our kaser el hob 2.thank you

  1. lali

    shu bi sir bi al hob al mostaheel?????they say its greaaat!!!

  1. gamela

    i love both and they are so cute but i hate when it finishes

  1. gamela

    i like both but i hate when it ends

  1. wawa

    l histoire dial maram w housem kima ta3i ana w farid

  1. nawella
    nawella replied to comment from radewa

    i am 14 i born in 1-1-1994

  1. nicol kazi
    nicol kazi

    3id milad sadi9ati yawm 19 may

  1. someone that know one know me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    someone that know one know me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur fiem was ugly even ever body when the fiem start they say bo bo bo kaser al houb and cange the channen shame l

    wach u going to do when it comes for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. fairouz

    nhab onmout 3la el aflam atourkiya

  1. rana

    hey verry nic pic <3 <3 <3

  1. lolo

    OMG kasr el hob is awesome u should watch it and if you watched it and u were wondering if maram died, well... she didn't i watched it on youtube in turkish that series rocks. at the beginning kasr el hob seemed lame but i started watching it. it was awesome. and who ever thinks that it lame well u r wrong. i'm sorry but, who ever likes mirna and khalil is WEIRD that show sucks i dont get why ppl think its nice the hero of the show died that sucks and kivinÁ is like a girl in noor and mirna w khalil. that is the worst turkish drama ever :'( KASR EL HOB ROCKS...LOL <3 :) i also loved w tamdi al ayam (kaybolan yillar) and la7zet wada3 (elveda derken) those were awesome series. noor was not bad but the other ones are way better. sanawat al daya3 was also cool... i love turkish series...LOL... <3
    Plus asmar (suruhan hunel) and hosam (ozcan deniz) are HOT....

  1. lolo
    lolo replied to comment from svasdva

    hi svasdva im lolo i wanted to tell u that it is correct that maram has cancer but she will not die she will go to new york and she knew that she had cancer and she and she also stayed sleeping for a year and every one thought she was dead but she wakes up and she is not dead she goes to see hosam and they cant believe that hey are seeing each other then they go back to turkey...
    you could watch it on youtube but it it not translated... thank you...

  1. LOLO

    she goes to new york and then she finds out that she has cancer and then she sleeps for one year and everyone thinks she is dead and hosam shoots himself and tries to die caz he thinks that maram is dead and he is found in the middle of the street with blood on him but he doesn't die after one year maram wakes up and her and hosam cant believe that they are looking at each other they hug and kiss they are so beautiful and maram has no hair caz of the cancer she had she wears a blond wig. maram and hosam go back to their home in turkey AND THEIR LOVE SURVIVES... LOL... IT IS A VERY SAD STORY BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THIS SERIES... AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER <3... :) this is the kind of series i love to watch...

  1. fofa

    kasr el hob is best tyrkey series.i like hosam and maram very much. i loooooooooove this turkey series veeeeeeeeeery mush.kasr el hob better to mush than mirna &khalil. i love ozcan deniz veeeeeeeeeeery much i wish kasr el hob to be rarely in MBC4

  1. lolo

    hi guys i watched kasr el hob (asmali KOnak) online maram does not die she and hosam go to new york she does have cancer but thank god she doesn't you can watch it on youtube its like awesome... if you want me tell you what happens just add a comment and ill tell you what happens thank u waleg this is the best website on earth...

  1. loona

    eloooooo love yu are the best i love yuuuuuu

  1. suucdi
    suucdi replied to comment from fatme

    waaaaaaw hadaa ahla filim shufta qaliikom catiini forsa anaa bahebak hossam

  1. marwa


  1. oumaima

    ohibo film 9asro lhob wa ohibo maram wa hossam wa lkhalato soaad wa atamana min koli 9albi an yaouna aljozoatani li 9asro lhob

  1. lion

    marame et trop belle et meme houssam mais l'amour n'existe pas en algerie

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