Haifa Wehbe Wedding Photos

haifa wehbe and ahmad abu hashimeh

Haifa Wehbe tied the knot on Friday and has entered The Golden Cage with Ahmad Abu Hashimeh.
The wedding was a star-studded one with attendees from around the Arab music & movie world.
Famous people were there to share the happiness with Haifa like Ahlam, Ragheb Alamah, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Shireen Abdel Wahab & Najwa Karam.
Assalah couldn't be there, because she had previous engagements and Amr Diab was MIA for an unknown reason!

It was reported that the wedding ceremony, which was held at the prestigious BIEL Center in Beirut, will be broadcast LIVE, but that turned out to be just one of those rumors!
Unfortunately, there were no press access was given to any media outlet to take photos of the wedding and the bride and groom, but Haifa will be considering selling the photos to one magazine exclusively.
The race for publishing rights is on and the price will surely be high!
Which lucky magazine will win the right of publishing the photos? We still don't know!
So, the only photo of Haifa and her hubby Ahmad is the one above and we'll be on our toes awaiting the actual wedding photos.

Back to the wedding details, Haifa entered and exited the wedding hall through a secret way, in order to dodge the hoards of paparazzi who were drooling over a glimpse of the bride!
Haifa and Ahmad entered the wedding hall accompanied by the famous music of 'Mission Impossible' ! Strange choice!
The it was a traditional 'Zaffeh' accompanied by the song 'Ya Salat Ezzine'.
Haifa strutted her curvy figure in two wedding dresses, one from Dolce & Gabbana and the other from Lebanese designer, Fouad Sarkis.

After the bash, which lasted until the wee hours of the morning, Haifa and her groom jetted off to the Italian island of Capri for their honeymoon.

Congratulation Haifa and Ahmad!

- First Photos of Haifa's Wedding
- Haifa Wehbe Official Wedding Photos

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  1. caitlin

    they dnt suit eachother. he looks fake, lyk he's wearing a mask or something.
    congrats anyway!!!

  1. Didi

    Add to your info waleg that according to mbc tv.report and their resources the wedding cost was nearly 9 million$ and her maher was 20 million and moa7'ar double this amount ....o by the way her first photo is already released also through mbc....

  1. Fatima

    So everyone got punk'd?
    No anastacia, electra, iglesias, or hilton? no festival? no press? no oprah magazine journalist? no fancy show offs?
    mission impossible? somebody thinks he's tom cruise! lol
    why wouldnt amr diab show up? thats a let down for el 3aris el masri :P
    and how much could she possibly sell those pictures for? this aint hollywood, i doubt the price is THAT high.
    and caitlin, u right. i knew something was up. Now i know its the mask

  1. henna

    she will be fourty and acting as if she is 18years getting married for the first time,yaharam she should tetoub for her god and put hijab and live with her husband and not tebouse alwawa every time.walla she should give the 9 million dollar for people who dont have food to put in their mouth,khalas sho badna nehke.

  1. zuzu

    cant wait to see the pictures! I am happy for them! congrats!

  1. mimi

    hhhmm i wonder if they will have children together because she is already old ( if u think about babies ) ....... did she mention anything about that??!!

  1. secraap

    miserable ....poor man........nothing u can do now........my advice for u ....one killo of viagra...can do the job.....bad luck for u.....victim after victim..and we lost counting

  1. farah

    he is sooooooooooooooo uglyyyyy he looks like a robot i think she can do better than that becasue he had her on this show and the guys in the background were hotter than himmm
    to henna:hahahahah what u said is funny and true

  1. Faroo7a

    Maher is 20 million..wallah who knew banat 2aleel 2ail deserve so much :p

  1. Jools

    mabruk let's hope it lasts.

  1. boshra

    u guys r so jealous haifa has done a a nose job thats it or even m0re if i or any other person do more surgery wouldnt look half good as herr im not her biggest fan but she is damn sexyy

  1. BamBina

    the guy "her man" looooks so not haifaish

    he looks plastic ..

    mabrook and as jools said "lets hope it lasts"

  1. lina

    enough about these stupid singers! really! first jad chouieri's embarrassing video and now focusing on mrs. michael jackson lookalike! who cares?

  1. maya

    Congrats Haifa! I am so happy for you and good you are acting like 18, as some say but the fact is that you are still alive (not death-just because of a divorce) and you are a young person at heart, which is something of a lot people lack. and good for you girl!!! 9 millions If God gave you that opportunity to be able to make that kind of money ...why not? All that saying about giving ur money away and blah blah is coming from people who if they were in ur situation wont do it....and i bet probably they have now how to do it,... but they wont...cause it is easier said than done....Oh and please they say you cant be a wife or you have to put some stupid scarf so you can be called a wife ...i know of some who wear it and they are winkling their eye under it....(if you know what i mean) I know you can be a wife if you want to...but i know u have to be smart also..cause if he plays around married...why shouldn't you? isn't that applying "eye for eye"? mabroukkkkkkkkkkk again Happy for you ...and too bad for the people that dont like it...heeheh they still have to digest it...!!!!! good for you!!!!

  1. Brittney

    I heard he was married when he met Haifa & has 2 kids....is this true?? i hope not.

  1. Ali awada
    Ali awada

    Congrat Ahmad for u and ur cars u just found a new parking lot for u and ur cars

  1. zodfa

    some people like Ali awad
    dosn't have any "terbie"
    your parents did not give you any lessions about what to say and what to not say.

    congrats Hafia :)

  1. hm25

    congratulations haifa,,,,,good on u, for all the ones who hate her, u are jealous, she 's stunning and nobody can imitate her, shes kind,lovely pereson, she deserves to be happy....i love her.....

  1. AHMED

    congrats haifa!!!!
    you ca n sing now wawa wawa wawa wawa

  1. not the jealous type
    not the jealous type

    first thing first congrats haife and ahmad hope it last like some of them above me said btw haife said in an interview that she dont read none of these comments on the computer cuz most of the stories told about her are lies and I think finnaly they are going to leave her alone the next thing we want to hear is her and her daughter are back together again hopely and i wish her the best of luck. about her wedding picture go to bisara7a.com her first wedding picture is there.

  1. LebLove

    congrats!! a picture was released not in high quality but its on youtube!! she looked so hottt
    her wedding and honeymoon sound like a fairy tale
    alef mabrook

  1. kat

    i'm sure she reads some of them, that's why she has such low self-esteem and gets so many surgeries.

  1. not the jealous type
    not the jealous type

    no she dont read none of it she said she has sombody in her office that takes care of this stuff they tell her what gos on and that's why she comes on TV to explain herself and she dont have a self-esteem she is a baby woman who like to do baby botox she should have marry babyface cuz they both have marrige problem. like I said before hayoooouf is one of these?????????and makes u go Like one of those hmmmmmmmmm.

  1. Majdalene

    Mabrouk, they look great a Lebanese beauty with an Egyptian hottie. Hope it lasts
    stars have harder lives than us but thats their job and I dont think its any of our business who they choose to be with.

  1. Shame

    What a shame the Arab world is?... How superficial are we?... How shallow the hype is over what basically is a saleswoman? Sold family and dignity a long time ago... Yalla it's not her fault that there seems to be something utterly wrong with our society, anyway mabrouk haifa, may u take whatever left with those who actually think that ur more than what u really r, a joke but the joke is not on u but us, we have no depth anymore, our identity is scattered and boy r we a joke to actually have some of our youth idolize u ya3

  1. C.S

    This is Pethetic....
    Haifa got married to this guy!!! Ya haram...
    He looks like plastic toy, ( the male version of barbie figures ) you get from Toys shop.
    For someone like HAIFA...MONEY TALKS
    I guess she was never bothered about anything, all she cared about is to marry someone with high CASH FLOW...and she did!!
    Do you think this marriage will last??? Ha Ha..

  1. C.S

    This is Pethetic....
    Haifa got married to this guy!!! Ya haram...
    He looks like plastic toy, ( the male version of barbie figures ) you get from Toys shop.
    For someone like HAIFA...MONEY TALKS
    I guess she was never bothered about anything, all she cared about is to marry someone with high CASH FLOW...and she did!!
    Do you think this marriage will last??? Ha Ha..

  1. Dior

    let's pray he doesn't go through the same fate like the first fiance who died of a drug overdose

  1. T

    he has the weirdest face, but then again so does haifa. they look perfect together lol

    like anyone with a brain believed that hollywood stars would go to HER wedding lol ya right. they dont even know she exists. she hasn't even performed in america.

    and OPRAH lmao haifa hasnt got ANY international press in 3 years since she killed her face.

    i'm sure at some point. he will cheat on her like he did his first wife, and they will be divorced.

  1. why all the hate
    why all the hate

    honestly both look plastic, both are of similar age, and both are opportunists! after all there's a lid for every pot.....what worries me is the insidious venom that stings on this blog every comment critiquing ahmad is by someone with a lebanese handle/name-----hmmmmmmm....y'all need to stop hating on egyptians!

  1. why all the hate
    why all the hate

    oh yeah btw when nancy married the 'average' looking dentists none of you simon cowells said anything!!!! but give a man an egyptian passport and he's the hunch back of notre dame......easy on the hate my cedar loving friends!

  1. sara

    im happy that they r married on public now cuz i knew that she was married to him from 2 years ago im from egypte and my maid was knowing the driver of ahmed abu hashimah and from sonce 2 years ago she was tellling me that she is her wife and the driver everyday with her took her to her concerts here in egypte i dont know why she and he didnt published it but anyway happy cuz its better for her and better for him too they r win from each other she win the love and money and he win the love and to be famous :) congratulations :)

  1. wj

    I dont love or hate haifa,and we r not against that she married again,but u c maya,iam with henna ,cause haifa is mature lady she should act like 1,not make a wedding as if she is cenderilla from a fantasy world,and allah yaeteha kaman wekaman money ,we r not jeolous from her,dont worry lot of money can make people crazy.And one more thing we know that not necessery to put hijab to be perfect wife we agree,inshaallah allah yehdeha why not we will be happy for her,and please dont say about hijab stupid cause its not ,if u r muslim u should know better.thanks.

  1. faroo7a

    to "why all the hate"
    i dont think its because he is egyption,i think its just because he married haifa if he was lebenese or 5aleejy i think it would be the same. 1) he had a wife and kids and left them for a girl like haifa. 2) nancy married an average low key guy. she didnt go around looking for attention and invite people she doesnt even know from hollywood lol. 3) nancy is pretty humble...people like her because they like her personality and can relate to her.

  1. lilo

    TO MAYA ... Who the hell are you to say stupid scarfe? For one its called a vail and two its not stupid its something holy but you wouldnt know about something like that la2enek bala din w bala terba!!

  1. maya

    WJ If you dont love or hate Haifa you shouldn't be here posting anything at all (no opinion) and I dont give a damn if you are with henna or not that doesnt make you any better or any less. Mature doesnt have to be boring and depressed ...She is got the body ..and why not? what do you want her to dress like ? like an OLD FAT WOMAN? so she can be mature? Maybe you consider a Cinderella urself just because you are old... I think we women should always consider ourselves Princesses and she is one of them... and Haifa I forgot to tell you that marrying in WHITE after a first marriage doesnt mean exactly you have to be virgin...It means NEW Beggining (erasing everything and starting again) and I am really happy for you girl...ONLY YOU know what really went on in ur first marriage ...all we know is the gossipping thru magazines and how people made of your first husband "OHHH poor good man" who knows? ONLY YOU and dont worry about ur daugther ..Time will tell and if you decide to have children you still can...hey there are 65 giving birth to NOT ONLY ONE but TWINS. All people wanted (the ONES who hate you) is for you to be depressed all ur life (after the mistake or not mistake you made) and fall down to the first insult and to the first sharmota or whore they called you and cry and cry and beg for forgivness, while they are there standing saying NO NO NO (like GOD) whore whore whore ...and you just crying off to death...that is how they wanted to c ya...But hey you are no different from a Jennifer Lopez.. (It is so sad they admire WHORES on the other side of the LAKE and they just put their FINGER ON YOU....and any other from Hollywood or Bollywood.)... I know one day you will say ur truth... I hope you are smart to leave IT written...and guess what if this one CHEATS ON YOU move on...I AM SO EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR YOU....WHO SAID A WOMAN IS A ROTTEN HUMAN BEING AFTER A DIVORCE? ...all with that thinking can go to HELL...You know why I admired you? cause being from those countries and coming from that background you were STRONG ENOUGH to do what you wanted to do and how you wanted to do it...LIve it off Haifa... show it off... And go Crazy cause you got the money ...why not? some are wishing but they cant ...and will never do and Damn Girl shake that hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....LOVE YOU>... MAYITA....you can call me Mayita....KISS.

  1.  ahmed

    finally she married with that Ahbal. She will regret it, and he might stay a month then he looking for other woman maybe blonde!!
    I been warned Haifa but she don't listen.//
    I don't know why women falling so easily with those creeps.

    wow he works for parking cars. he married to her for her money!!
    hmmm that's why he left his first wife that she's not rich!!
    He could even married a Cow if she have money...what a loser.

    faroo7a, for a girl like haifa???
    what you mean by that?
    please Nancy trying to come here so to get a green card USA. she doesn't care of her child...../

  1. Yoko

    blaaaa haifa
    so what if she got married? who cares?
    i can tell how superfecial this woman is, she puts on the mother taresa act just so we can accept her no matter what she does.

    what is going on what has happened to the middle east? since when has it become alright to behave and act like haifa? its all because of the media they have brain washed milions of girls and made them think that if u talk. dress, behave and act like haifa than ur beautiful and adored.

    I just wanna know since when has it become ok for a woman in the middle east to behave like this and am not talking about haifa getting married am talking about haifa in general.

    some arabs are confused they actually think that by imitating the westerns negative behaviour the arab world will become more accepted by other countires. hahahaha what a loss..i feel sorry so sorry for us arabs now we clap for a sl**t like her and many girls worship her.

  1. Aya

    I'm so ashamed why should be happy for her? i dont even care!

    I just want the world to be fair for once and treat her the way she deservs to be treated. I don't like her..why? i dont like the look in her eyes she's always got that dirty look in her eyes and i cannt believe that she actually sang a song for children there was so much sexuality going on she used the poor kids what a biatch.

    i hope she never appears on tv again.

    i just wonder..does she know that God is watching her? i guess not she prabably doesn't care either..I bet she's thinking "ahhh well i'll have fun now and when am old i'll think of God"

    shame on u if u encourage her stop encouraging her...lets be honest would u like to see your sister, mother, daughter be like haifa?

    of course not.

  1. imane

    I don't know why arab people don't like to see others happy. If making a big celebration for her marriage and wearing an expensive dress will make her happy why no?!.......I mean people are free to do whatever make them happy. If it was sharon stone or Pamela Anderson nobody will care, but we arabs are human beings and we have the right to do what we want as long as it is not hrting others. The only thing I can blame Haifa for is stealing the man from his wife and children this is very bad...

    If Haifa is rich it is because of the silly people attending her concerts and buying her albums so she is just taking advantage of this.

  1. ahmed

    if you are in cocoa island and you ask westerns for help and know you are arab they will not care. they think you're a terrorist. Western all they care about is "Geico Insurance" and the little green wizard cause he talks.

    of course were arab we care about all Arab!!

    Arabion anaa!!

  1. sony

    to maya,kel meen ala shaklo shaksheklo.your article too long,you defending her as if she is your sister,and she ma beteswa ferank.but u know i think you look like her ya haram.

  1. Maya

    @Sony...what ...my article too long?....but still read it....ha? yeahhhhh and u are a wanna be....

  1. asmar

    Yalla we got money we should forget our morals ma hek maya khanom.ma we know haifa from long time before she is in the spot lights and every1 agree she is bala marba and it seems you too.

  1. lina


    you are completely insane. i love it.

  1. maya

    @Majdalene and Imane... You are the only ones neutral...I agree with you 100%

  1. me

    WALEG!!!!!!! i found pics!!!

  1. ahmed

    maalessh ya Maya just ignore those haters. They don't know how to take burgers in their nose like Yoko chan. these haters they won't stay long!!

    am trying to spread viruses on their computers!!

    La Bao Couc that's my friend he know about computers...he's very smart!!

  1. Waleg

    @ me

    We got this picture, and we are planning to add it when we got our hands on more and better pictures quality.

  1. Mega

    Congratulations to the new couple. Wishing them the best.

  1. plastic wedding
    plastic wedding

    Hey, what a silly topic!!!!

    Guess what $20 millions could do for the homeless people, for the people who lost their homes in war. You know what people I am talking about.

    Hayfa, it is not your problem that u became a person that everybody talks about. It is our shame.

  1. احمد

    الى رحمة الله يا شعب يا عربي
    من الطبيعي ان يفشل شبابك لان هذه هي اهتماماتهم و هذا ما يدافعون عنه

  1. sarah

    well said plastic wedding:)

  1. cedar10452

    MAYA habibti to clear up two quick points for you, Haifa IS a fat old woman just take a look at her back flab (before anyone jumps the gun that's my opinion if you don't like it find the nearest wall) secondly honey don't get yourself worked up your bank account hasn't increased by a single cent. The thing that really frustrates me about a lot of people is not that they love a celebrity whether it be for their artistic talent or good looks, hot booty or otherwise, it is simply the extremist adulation and idolisation of another person. Wake up people! their end will be exactly the same as yours nothing more than food for the waiting worms, by all means appreciate a singer or actor but at the end of the day realise that they eat, sleep, fart, pick their noses, get sick just like everyone else and they are definitely not a ticket to your happiness in this life or the next. Next time anyone feels a compulsive urge to defend some of these famous faces ask yourself two questions: Am I being paid? and secondly what's in it 4 me? If the answers are nothing and nothing respectively move on its not worth it. Lastly Maya to diss a whole religion because of one cheap woman is disgusting, learn to hold your tongue because i guarantee that you would not have the guts to say what you said from the safety of your keyboard in front of any woman with a shred of dignity whatever the religion. Lastly lets not forget that your Haifa is the one who is a believer of that very same religion and who on record has gone on to say that she would do anything her master Nasrallah instructs her to do. Yes i don't like Haifa very much and no its not because of the "your jealous" reason, its because on a human level i see her for what she really is: an opportunistic woman who cannot get her own age right, who literally gave up on her daughter when the almighty dollar came knocking while mothers all over the world turn the heavens and the earth for the children in really desperate situations, and Haifa who has absolutely 0% talent receiving a lot more than those who work their whole lives for a true passion. I don't like her and I'm sure there are many others who fit into her category today, if you don't like my opinion you can try and sue me or learn to live with it and move on.

  1. Jessy


    u go girl! u read my mind...i agree with every word 100% and i hope the "others" would respect the ones who don't agree with them or think the same way as they do.

    We're not haters, we're simply REAL

  1. maya


  1. Faroo7a

    @cedar couldnt have said it any better :)

  1. Jessy


    u crack me up u so funny girl God bless u...
    but lemme tell u something i respect ur opinion but u gottta respect mine and other's too who aint agreeing with u.

    There is nothing wrong with being beautiful and famous but whats wrong is it aint all real girl that hayfa u so crazy about aint all that real, we've all seen her real nose, we've all seen the hindi actress hayfa imitated.

    I dont know if hayfa is a good person or not i cannt judge someone i dont know but what i know is that i believe in what i see with my own eyes and u cannt say FAKE is whats REAL and REAL to whats SOOO FAKE u cannt argue with what EVERYBODY knows.

    am sure ur her #1 fan thats ur business but dont lie cuz it aint pretty to lair, is it? ....

    no offence am just expressing my point of view whether u love it or hate it.

  1. sam

    damn I swear ahmed & maya sound like siblings. You bro & sis u 2? Come on out with the goodies. I'm gonna tell haifa 2 adopt u both.

  1. ahmed

    First, miss. Cedar have somene tell you that you are number one jealous in Arab??
    me yes I think that and is cute!!
    You know I got coffee "mc latte Mocha" is new from Mcdonald it makes me sing ya miss. Cedar the song for you "" "easay atafey nari habiby ya nasey" Psych this song is for my Haifa..
    Second, ya miss Cedar I read you say is to fart no... I mean "" Fart Alittle and then Deny" no that's possible..

    Which one you talking about is it me "the cute" or the other ahmad's??
    if is me that will be a dream....I will fly so high./

  1. Waleg

    *** [Please keep your comment relative to the article subject otherwise your comment will be deleted!]

  1. wj

    Who is haifa?yaharam bokra her light will go off and other1 will come,so i advice maya and ahmed to take it easy or they will blow.to cedar you are 100% right bless u.

  1. maya

    Mabroukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Haifa

  1. maya


  1. ahmed

    WJ and Cedar, I want to kidnap you and put you in haifa's cage wedding for until the wedding finish it will be nice you two with Haifa. you can learn from her alot and she's also nice. since you're parents looking for you Don't worry i'll let the pink panther to find you, and I'll give him the wrong direction so he cannot come and look for you two!!

    Maya I think ms. Cedar is tired maybe she took a long to write an essay for twenty four.
    So don't worry she's not coming here!!!

  1. diana

    grow up people!!!

  1. Denise

    for years, haifa has been supported by the arab media... why would she go and biasly give access to tarek hijazi (oprah) only?
    i dont remember oprah having her back when she was no one. but all of a sudden, she only deals with OPRAH? And haifa's wedding was not even the fairytale it was said to be. there were no international singers except anastacia who died away years ago.

  1. wj

    liesh she will do third wedding,aha when she take all husband money,and ahmed sho mefaker halak james bond.what u want from us to learn from her prostitution?

  1. maya

    @ahmed....YOU crack me up

  1. Rosaly

    Hey did u note that jessy comment comes always after cedar like 10 minute different common guys grow up at least have the guts to say your opinion and not get another nickname to back u up...thats so childish:)

  1. maya

    Has anyone knows where to find the wedding pictures? I just saw one where she looks stunning!! please provide the link... thanks

  1. Mariam

    Most comments written here are absolutely hilarious..all this just for Haifa's wedding ?!!!

    I think waleg should posts more topics on haifa as it very amusing. :D

  1. Poalo

    My personal opinion after reading all those comment that the real problem about haifa is that she is nearly 40years old ,she has no talent ,she dont have exactly the most honorable history and inspite of all that someway somehow she had her way to the top everybody z goin crazy over her she got one of the most expensive weddings ever and she end up having everything power,beauty,money,success and fame everything that anybody can dream of...and for all of that girls like iman and faroha etc... are really mad coz they want to have what she have and they know they will never do maybe they are right haifa doesnt deserve all of this but after all when life was fair anyway ...right!!?

  1. wj

    sho haifa said that her age is 32,hahahahaha wlo at least she should be true about 1thing,it means she had her daughter at what age?when she was wa wa.

  1. IMANE

    Very funny that she said she has 32!! she thinks people are stupid or what?!!
    She waited all this time to come and say on TV well I have no problem telling my age like other singers, it is 32! and she says this only after her marriage beacuse people noticed the age difference with her husband

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