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  1. rita

    amazingg!! he is one of the best successful winners. i loved when he performed bi mout o his own. his voice is amazing!

  1. cool girl
    cool girl

    AMAZING!!! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I love joseph, he is by far one of the most whorthy winners, he hands down deserved that title. I love him and support him all the way :)

  1. 10,452

    Zouzou bi 3a2ed! In 2006 rafa3 ras libnen w ba3dna la hala2 miftikhreen fi :D:D

    He really showed that he deserved to win last week, especially when he sang "Libnen ra7 yirja3".. at the beginning of the song I thought he was singing playback, but then he took the mic off his mouth and let the audience join in... it shows the power of his voice, and after Shatha's obvious lip-syncing performance, he showed that he is one of the few that truly deserved the title :)

    Allah ywaf2ou bi kil 2a3melou ya rab w natreen minou CD gher shikel :)

  1. rannouch


  1. Sandra

    ya3ne 3anjad mafi metlooooooo!!!!!!!

    when he sings, he sings with his whole heart and when he sang lebnen ra7 yerja3 ya3ne 3anjad lebnen rah yerja3

    yeslamli joseph ana sho b7ebbo..

  1. jenn

    hes great, amazing and wonderful i should also add handsome :) ZOUZOU bi 3a2ed!!! he was great i love watching him :)

  1. Yezen

    He is a strong singer and certainly deserved that title. I like his style, though I was not crazy about "La Trou7i" or "Na7hle," but I loved "7abayb 3yonak" and "il H7ah ma Bimoot," both very good songs I thought. He made Michel Azzi sound like a dwarf.

    Also 10452, the playback is something I too dislike, but even Wael Kfoury did it today, and he's possibley the strongest lebanese singer around. It's something that needs to stop all over the arab world.

    But in all fairness, Shatha Hassoun has been out for a year less then Joseph and is quite a bit more successful, winning more awards, selling more, having more video clips, and starring in a show(Jeeran doesn't really count since lol). Also, her voice is just as strong if not stronger then Joseph's voice, if you remember some of the Fairouz songs she sang in season 4, she is no small voice. Not that Joseph isn't awesome.

    Also, would anyone elselike to see Zeezee Adel as a guest?! She is such a good singer, and quite successful these days.

  1. Mega

    It's a pleasure to see him succeed cause he deserves it.

  1. sophia

    JOSEPH WAS GREAT!!! When he sang Libnan rah yirga3 i was about to get up and dance! Wala3e lel academy. Everyone was up dancing. He was really singing from his heart. You could tell he made the lebanese students proud when Micho A. and Nazem were doing the debke and could not stop smiling.

    Way to go zouzou!!!

    P.S. if you have anything you would personally like to say to Joseph, please let me know and i can give them to him.

  1. Salam

    to "sophia" please tell our hero Joseph God bless him for everything he does and someone in Canada loves him very much and he has an amazing voice, his voice reminds me of Fares Karam's...
    Good luck abou el-zouz where ever you are and what ever you're doing...luvu...

  1. secraap

    yestahal zouzo i like him

  1. sophia


    I am trying to get a scrapbook together of positive comments about joseph and his singing for his birthday, so if you have anything please post it

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