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A few weeks ago, we added a poll asking you what you prefer watching, Turkish TV series or Egyptian TV series?

64% of you prefer to watch Turkish TV series. The results weren't very surprising taking into consideration all the success that Turkish series achieved since last year with an exceptional successful start with 'Noor' and 'Sanawat Al Dayaa' on MBC network followed by other new series that are also getting the attention of Arab audience from all ages with the mostly watched lately 'Wa Tamdi Al Ayam'

Do you think Egyptian series will be able to get back to the top again like it used to be during its glory days with popular series like 'Layli Al Helmiya', 'Rafat Alhagan', ... and many others?

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  1. moo

    i would prefer both tamde and sanwat Al Dayaa. They both are good except noor cause the gey mohanad don't know who he loves.

    btw, hoo i dont think egypt will never be high or beat turkish...in their dream, sukss.

  1. Ghizlane

    I dont think so.

  1. el helm el da2e3
    el helm el da2e3

    El helm el da2e3 is the best in my opinion unfortunately i heard that its almost finished:(

  1. moo

    مسلسل الحلم الضائع
    if you want to see alhom is on youtube!!

  1. Hanin

    a7la musalsal shefto b7ayati hue sanawat el daya3 w a7la yehiaaaaa 2abaday

  1. Hanin

    a7la musalsal shefto b7ayati hue sanawat el daya3 w a7la yehiaaaaa 2abaday

  1. sade

    i didnt watch wa tamdi al ayam its not famous in Turkiye. number one turkish tv series is wolves of valley millions people are watching it.its about mafia,spy,politics action. the last episodes some famous american movie stars played in that tv series 'wolves of the valley ' also israel didnt want that tv series in the middle east to arabic people watching it. that tv series let the innocent people know, whats happening, playing some games on innocent people.

  1. me

    i would chose sanawat al dayaa and nour cause i mean i really liked them alot sanawat al dayaa had a very nice and happy story and i also liked nour some how it was fun to watch some episodes were sooo nice i wouldnt chose watamdi al ayam or holm el day3 cause there trying to hard to make there movie be better than sanawat al dayaa and nour but its not working lol hahahahahahahaaaaa and thats what i say.

  1. leyla Melisa
    leyla Melisa

    salam alikum,
    valley of the wolves is totally crap dont bother to watch it:)

  1. chadisa777

    no, i dont think egypt series will getback on top, cause there r syrian ones better, and there r turkish ones much better. my fv. r noor, lahzet wadaa, and al holm al dayaa. sooooooo amazing stories.

  1. Ghizlane

    I agree with you Hanin Sanawat daya3 is the best & in the second place wa tamdi layam then noor

  1. Zodfa

    Sanawat el daya3
    el helm al daye3
    I also liked aci hayat or domo3 el ward, It's was a nice one. But it was a tooo sad story,they exaggerate even the end was sad.

    Now I really like el helm al daye3 :)

  1. jenn

    heyyy waleg what about "damou al ward" omar and nermien ?

  1. Waleg


    Can you write an article about this series and its characters?

  1. nour

    the best turkish series ever nour

  1. chadisa777


  1. Zezo

    !!الحلم الضائع
    Is the best!!! You have to watch it!! Its better than noor, sanawat eldaya3, and wtamda al ayam!!

  1. farah

    yea jen is right u should write about duma al ward it was the best turkish series ever and i loved it wish they put it again and the show they put after was dumb

  1. lara

    watamdi l ayam ( kaybollan yillar)
    is the BESSSSSSSST.ASMAR is the best

    i don't know how people can't see the difference, Noor (gumus) suxxxxx, sanawat l daya3 (ihlamurlar altinda) was Nice, l 7lm el daye3 is a craaaap & valley of the wolves is very loooooooooong it's still airing in turkey since 5 years.......

  1. Palestina girl
    Palestina girl

    sanawat al dayaa and wa tamdy al ayam Noor are very very bad

  1. lena

    watumd al ayam it is awsome and i love shows that have romace and action and asmar is so awsome
    i think noor suckssssssssss!

  1. roro

    al hulm al da2e3 is the worst but wa tamdi el ayam is the best not to mension noor is the worst than the worst

  1. ritchi

    yabanci damat is the best
    nadiya and nicolas (nazli and niko)

  1. Manal

    Noor got me interested in Turkish series, i just fell in luv with all the cast of Gumus. m hooked on watching Gumus & wudn't mind doing that over again. El helm El daee, it's not bad, same as watamdy el ayam. Another series i liked very much was "Lahzit Wadae". Yet 4 me still Gumus is the best & i don't jsut mean Mehmet, it's the WHOLE cast, the ideas, the scenery, etc.

  1. Manal

    I luv watching Gumus, 4 me it got me interested in turkish series & even looking 4ward to visiting Turkey. Another one is "Lahzit wadae". As 4 El-Helm El Daee & Wa Tamdy Al Ayam"aren't bad either. but 4 me, Gumus is teh best, not only Mehmet & Noor but the WHOLE cast, the ideas, the scenery, the principals they are conveying.

  1. wissal

    Actually i like all turkish series..there is no exception but as a caracter i admire manar(penar) she's so cool, nice and pretty girl n i really want 2 know her more not as an actres but as a person.........love u manar u're the best

  1. shireen murrar
    shireen murrar

    i think el holm el dayaa is a bad story.i didnt like it that much because it is not interesting.the best series is NOUR turkish it is all about love and nour got me interested in turkish series. i love nour sooooooooo much she is the best i wish i could see her.watamdi el ayyam is all about action and love .i didnt like the story but i like watching it.sanawat el dayaa is nice story to watch. it is not always about love but sometimes it is about action.

  1. samar

    yehya in sanawat al dayaa with lamees they suffer too much and the ending was perfect,as well mohanad and noor finely mohanad realise what noor done for him,watamdi alayam asmar is loving giving man and zezo deserve to be with some one like him not with ali,malak and ali should be together because they are selfish,mirna and ghalil i wish after all wat happened with them want end like this and let that stupid moustafa win oh well i cried after all they should live happy ever after.al holm al daye manal should be stronger with samir and alia and stick with the kind and gentlman amr .

  1. Friend

    Wa tamdi al Ayam ( Kaybolan yillar ) is the best , number 1 , this story is amazing , the story of 3 friends , it's not like the other series . Asmar , Ali and Ezel are the best .

  1. Friend

    Kaybolan yillar , wa tamdi al ayam, best story , best songs, and especially best team , Asmar and Ezel are very talented , they are the best . and about the egyptian series , I think nobody cares , coz all are the same !!!!

  1. friend

    I will choose watamdi al ayyam because its nice and the story is nice and there is action story and asmar is always strong and not scared from anything and always have his pistols with him and i will choose sanawat al deya3 because it is almost the same story and ya7ya is very strong and always ready to fight and keeps with him pistols the same asmar

  1. Asmer

    Kaybollan yillar (wa tamdi al ayam

  1. amina

    noor is the best .the worst of the worst is sanawat el dayaa.i like mohannad and noor

  1. mai

    noor ;best story ,best team and best songs.mohaned and noor best actors .i want see this serie all the time.

  1. Rula

    Kurtular vadisi series is the best by all means, it's more than amazing and intresting one. i like GENCO also cuz of the lead actress Selen Seyven she's soooo sweet girl and the story was'nt bad.
    i consider Gumus and Kaybolan yillar the worst ever.

  1. dido


  1. chaima

    I think noor is the best serie in the world drama and I wish people underestand this and all turkish series are good spesialy mirna lahzit wada kasr hobe

  1. bekka

    first i watched sanawat eldaya3 later but i love it this series soooooooo much ,but wz my sorrow wn i watched watamdy elayam wowwwwwwwwww,wt a fantastic series really i like soooooooo much.specially asmar & nadeen wt a fantastic couple,asmar amazing man really i love him sooooo much.any way its z first time to intersted in any thing a bout any actors really im serious i don care about any actor or actress coz they r think that none on z earth like them:)but in z end i love asmar sooooo much & nadeen.

  1. couci

    I Used To Watch Nour And I Like It But When I Watched "Al Gharib" (Yabançi Damat) I Forgot About All The Series I Watched In My Whole Life.. This Series Is Really AWESOME
    I Recommend it ;)

  1. houhou

    ki3jboni tourkine

  1. Ruba

    My Best Show is Al Gharib cz its the best tv show on earth, the characters are so cute and funny and its an awsome show

  1. lolo

    i loved w tamdy al ayam (kaybolan yillar) i used to watch noor and i loved it but when la7zit wada3 (elveda derken) came i thought it was the best caz it was a very sad and cool series i watched part of al ajni7a al monkasira (kirik kanatlar) on the internet but when i saw that the heroes of the story died i stoped watching it.i love kaybolan yillar and elveda derken<3 :)

  1. lolo

    i love la7zet wada3 and w tamdy al ayam and i love kasr el hob (asmali konak) it is a very good series if u think it was bad that is because u watched it on mbc4 and they didnt put the whole series i watched it on youtube.com maram DOES NOT DIE...LOL...go to youtube and watch it to see what happens if you dont want to here is what happens...
    maram and hosam go to america then she finds out that she has cancer then she sleeps for about 1 year every one thinks that she is dead so hosam shoots himself in the street someone sees him he has blood all over him but he does not die... then maram wakes up and sees hosam and they hug and kiss and they start crying caz they didnt see each other in a long time... maram has no hair caz of the cancer she wears a wig ...LOL... they go back to their home... AND LOVE SURVIES... LOL... I LOVE THIS SERIES... THANK U WALEG FOR LETTING ME WRITE A COMMENT... THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME... LOL...<3 plz post my comment i want ppl to know what happened caz they think that maram died and now ppl dont like the series... THANK U AGAIN...

  1. lolo

    the series i loved...
    -AL HELM AL DA23

    i didnt like...
    -mirna w khalil

    i didnt watch yet...
    -domo3 al ward
    -7ad al siki
    -al gharib
    -al hob al mosta7il

    can someone tell me which ones is nice from the ones i didnt watch yet... thank u so much...

  1. hala

    ahla muslasal be7ayati hue lahzit wadda w alya and al helm al dae and watamdy ala ayam

  1. nada

    my best series are wa tamdy al ayam and lahzet wada and domo3 al ward and asi and alya ilove ghazal and asmar and laila and eyad and zainab and raja very very much

  1. hala

    i love:
    watamdy ala ayam
    lahzet wada
    domo3 el werd
    they are my favorite ma3ada la makan la watan
    ya3 ya3 ya3

  1. arrdiana

    ju duaa shum arrdiana merrnee qitt add bb.tt@live.com

  1. ghaida
    ghaida replied to comment from moo

    kifeh nal9a tsawer abtal mousalsejl el holm el dhaaa3

  1. marie

    i love you watamdy ayame

  1. tuleen

    whos speaking about watamdi alayam - noor -al7elm alda2e3 and other crap they're all boring specially noor ist sooooooooo ridiculous people love it for the gye mohannad although thy dont even know any thing about him funny!
    you could say its story in one moment
    i really loved sanawat aldayaa its emotional and touching and forgetable......

  1. nada

    i loved egyptian series more they are talking about real stories not like gumus how mehmet the rich one will be married in a poor one and ugly one these stories happen in disneyland i likes egyptian series more i loved sara and hamada ezo and fe eid amena and kalb mayet and etc.........................................

  1. nada

    egyptian series is the winner even in movies and egyptian series are much more by billions times than turkey series and we have many beautiful actors even they are more beautiful than kivanc tatlitug like ahmed ezz and khalid abo naga and amr diab and many other

  1. nada

    even turkey series are replying the same if you saw mirna wa khalel and noor u will see that they are the same

  1. nada

    hany salama my love or tamer hosny or ahmed ezz amazing khalid abo naga is beautiful all of this are egyptian actors they are amazing egyptian series is much better than turkish series cuz turkish series is only talking about romance stories but egyptian series is talking about comdey and romance and sad and scary really i got bored from the turkish series all about romance egyptian series even is much more than turkish series by billion times and much better too.

  1. donnaa.a

    seriali me i mire i turqis ehste kaybolan yillar ve aci hayat ve kurtlar vadisi seni seviyorum

  1. jad

    this is astuipid one with stuipid charackters


    i am marocan i love very all mossalssalat turkich sanawat al daya3 AND DA9AT 9ALB....................... ALL

  1. djibrine
    djibrine replied to comment from moo


  1. Hassan

    Im Self Turkish and my top 5 of turkish series are ;

    #1 ; Muhteşem Yüzyıl (its about the ottoman empire )
    #2 ; Ask-i Memnu (its about a rich family with kivanc )
    #3 ; Öyle Bir Geçer Zamanki (about a family in Turkey in the year 1960 and the parents are divorced cause the dad married a European girl.
    #4 ; Hanımın Çiftliği ( about a poor girl who wants to marry a men but her dad doesnt allow that cause he wants her to marry some rich guy.
    #5 ; Ask Ve Ceza ( a girl is in love with a rich men )

  1. toprak

    i strongly advice you to watch acı hayat turkish tv series ..its really a good tv series about love and honor

  1. merna

    Asi is the best series Everrr ...
    there is nothing better than Demir and Assi
    the chemistry between them is amazingggg
    plus it's a really nice story

  1. hafsa

    hey guys,,baeat al wared is olso a nice story.dont u think.it recently showing

  1. kazar

    Asi is the best one, Asi is one of the best dtroies I`ve ever seen and heard about, demir and asi plays their rooles very very good( tuba and murat)i like so much their story and if you do a clasification you will choose Asi like number one
    In my opinion:
    4.ask ve ceza
    5.al gharib
    6.mirn wa khalil

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