A Turkish Winter Story on MBC 1

kissat shitaa

If you're still hooked to Turkish TV series, then you'll be happy to know that a new one is about to begin on MBC1!
On Saturday, March 7th, the series called 'Kissat Shitaa' - A Winter Story - starts.

The story is that of the always present conflict between love and traditions.
We meet Ali, a dedicated teacher who decides to found a school in one of the far away villages and falls in love with the Agha's daughter, Nizar.

You can guess that this relationship won't be an easy one, because Nizar's father wants to marry her off to the son of another rich Agha! He won't have her go off and marry a poor teacher, could he!?

Both Ali and Nizar fight to keep their love going and the hearts of the villagers will keep them warm in the cold and harsh winter!

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  1. roxii

    same story as all trukish series....
    its getting boring.............

  1. Cupcake

    I agree with you roxii, its either all time Egyptian, Syrian or Turkish!!!

  1. ahmed

    it is not boring!!

    every nation has love story movies and dramas... turkey s best dramas

    It seem good drama.
    She look younger then him...No good.

  1. roxii

    turkey has in my ay kindof the best/worst drama it has the best because it feels its real but in the same time its worst because its a guy who like a gurl and theres another guy who likes the gurl, no difference at all

  1. lara

    they are already showing this series on mbc+
    the girl's name is Sa7ar & the guy's Ali
    PS: it's her mother who wants her to marry an agha not her father, her father wants her to marry Ali
    yeah and it's so boring and stupid and as usual the guy diesss

  1. lara

    yeah and waleg the girl in the pic is Sa7ar but the guy is Not Ali, this pic is from another series
    thought u might wanna know

  1. sade

    there are many good tv series in turkey u just watching to boring ones, a good turkish tv series 'kurtlar vadisi' it calls 'wolves of valley' i think abudabhi tv, showing that series millions people watching it in turkey

  1. Ren

    they are both pretty hot so " I LIKE "LOL

  1. Jana J
    Jana J

    Isnt Ali and saharthe ones who are in love not nizer thats a bad guys who then turns good? And its the khano (lady) of the house who wants to marry her off to another rich guy?

  1. Tara

    i quite like it
    but i dnt undastand mah mum tells me wots goin on but i dnt no the full story ?

  1. Wandi

    I have just seen a few episodes of it, and although I can't understand what they are saying (Arabic dubbed over makes it look even worse), the story seems easy to follow. With the help of my fellow Arab friends, I am able to grasp some things.
    I agree, that is not Ali in the picture, and yes, it is her mother that tore them apart.
    From a totally different culture and lifestyle, it makes for interesting viewing, and quite educational in a "Days Of Our Lives" way.
    And "Ali" isn't hard to look at either!!!!

  1. wadia

    this would have to be the most heart breaking and romantic love story i have ever watched, and my favourite past time is watching romance..

    Does anyone know how i can get a copy of the full series (or a website)I'm willing to pay for it, but it has to have the arabic dubbing. i'm getting impatient waiting to watch a new episode each day.

  1. ramia

    Does anyone know if Ali dies when he gets shot in the chest by the baldy Agha?

  1. luna

    i like some turkey series. but some turkry actor is from kurdistan! means they are kurdish like (emra) in (winter story)

  1. Yousef

    i"m looking to buy this video A Turkish Winter Story
    please if you know webside where can buy it would be very helpfil

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