What is the Problem in Showing a Naked Lady?

Art and Arab celebrities

Why we always have to be stuck with our old traditions, if we can be clean and pure in what we are showing. What is the problem in showing a naked lady, from an artistic point of view... for many years, women were the key center for artistic inspiration, and their naked bodies are now master pieces in all museums all over the world.

Look what is happening in our pubs, and "ordinary" night clubs, and see what the girls are wearing, and how they are acting.. and don't talk so much about the video...

Comment originally posted on 'Joe Ashkar is Rolling in the Hay' by Philippe.

Photo Caption: from left to right, Egyptian belly dancer Dina, Syrian singer Nana, Lebanese singer Maria.

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  1. joyce

    yeah thats cool i like this little lecture , great job darling !

  1. sam

    The problem is that it's MEN who have always painted or photographed naked ladies or slapped them on magazine covers. And it's the very business minded men who influence this kind of media today; Rupert Murdoch for instance.

    If it's clean & pure to show a naked lady, why on earth isn't it clean & pure to show a naked man? Or a naked child for that matter? Are mens bodies more sacred? It's because women are still seen as objects of desire, it's just cheap exploitation as far as I'm concerned & will always be so! Most if not all rich men would much rather spend a lot of money on a picture of a nude woman rather than a naked man.

    It's called business, not art. It will only ever be a man who comes out with a comment such as the one by phillipe.

    Lastly, there is nothing wrong with old traditions!

  1. l.c

    There is a fine line between the female body as an art of inspiration, and the objectification of her body in a way she is not viewed as a human anymore, but a THING(!) and often for only one purpose.
    I dont think that an almost naked lady in a nightclub environment will be viewed artistically (at least by males), apart from how she would be viewed if she was to be painted naked by an artist (that is if she ONLY would be viewed artistically even then). Don't u think?

  1. nana

    There is a bigggggggggggg problem with showing nake pictures!!!!!! It is very wrong !!!!

    Even if artists were drawing naked woman that does make it a right thing... and who are artist ?? prophets NO.

    The other thing i want to say is if anyone does not mind seeing naked woman. I have a question for him/her would u like to see your mother, sister naked? would you mind?
    so why do u not mind to see other woman nakedddddddddd!!!


  1. palestinegrl08

    i agree with u nana........ i would not like it if i saw a picture of a naked women... i would probably think how cheap she is or how much she got paid to show her naked body to an artist that later the whole world would see. but at the end they do whatever they want..... we cant do anything about except comment... :P

  1. 2$%C4uRC@sH

    very eloquently put in the above comments, its all about the CASH, I find it very amusing that these days a woman who is fully covered is viewed as weired, yet it is more acceptable to prance around almost naked.

  1. kono

    it is the problem itself actually lol. there is a big difference. when the painters try to paint a naked woman, it is called an art ( there is a meaning behind it), it is part of their job, thats why they r called painers plus they won't look at her as a woman, they will look at her as a model ( there is a diff. here) but when singers and actresses show their bodies, there is no meaning here, except for getting attention to their bodies not their voice. we r SUPPOSED to get inspired by their VOICE, not their body, i just see it as a coverage to cover their unavailable talent!!!! dont forget we r arabs...it is an opnion at the end.

  1. dima

    i guess many of u misunderstand the artistic way to show you body!

    on all cases for me it is utterly wrong

    however it is much much worse in the case of talentless singers who use their boddy in a cheap way!

    well if this is the way to be an artist then it cannot get any easier!!

    and btw! ask all these guys who are praising the half naked women if they would ever mary one of them!

    the answer is no! and the reason is so simple! showing ur body half naked is sooo cheap and no one wana stay with a cheap woman!! ( non to mention the ahhs and cheap voice tone)

    dont get me wrong! i am not expecting a singer to appear on tv wearing a veil! but at the end there is a limit

    take of instance nawal l zoghbe! i am not her fan! but she shows her body in the most respectable way possible! take cerine abd l nour! there many

    dana on the other hand can be disgusting
    no offence her songs are cute( not all of course) but she can sing with out the sexual messages she always intends to delivers , same applies to ruby and many others

  1. Yoyz

    ofcourse there's a big problem! a woman's body is not a toy and surely god didn't create it so we can go out and expose it to other people because if w show our body's which are our most private possesion then we lost a big part of who we are! and i dont remeber that in the bible or the quraan or any other relegious books that anyone metioned that it was okay !!
    anywayz i know for sure i would never EVER pose naked for anyone specially if it was a stranger who clames to be an artist!

  1. zozo

    You have a point but we all know that there are large differences between artistic nudity and vulgar nudity.
    The women body is very beautiful, but it's how you deal with the body not what you wear.

  1. lebaneze

    i dont see any problem with that...

  1. dao

    Well,if pervs see it then that's a problem.......I guess.....

  1. Comarasta

    Well, I ve read from top to this point and i guess all this are perceptions: the way we see things from our own points of views influenced by religion, society culture, and even education: ie the environment.

    Men were born naked. Naked we came and naked we go. but funny enough we are covered with all sort of mufty before burial. During the early age, men were walking naked. But men came up with alot of innovations as a result of weather influences to prevent sickness.

    So God didnt creat men naked by mistake compare to those with fur and furthers.

    But because man is insatiable, they would have wished esp some christains that men were born with furthers.

    But all this are our own perception.

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