People Were Asking God If They Could Die!

"... There is talk [the Israeli air strikes] were targeting the police and security forces but in Shifa hospital, I saw many, many civilians, some dead, some injured, some were children, some were women, some were elderly people", "There are people without their legs in very severe pain... Some were asking God if they could die..."

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"... Killing lots of people on the other side is not only ineffective, it is counterproductive. It hurts your cause. It gets more of your own people killed in the long run...", "Yes the Hamas leaders are crappy and pathetic. Yes they risk their own civilians. That is not at issue. But these Israeli leaders are pathetic, too, so desperate to look tough...", by Lorelei Kelly.

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  1. Shokri

    Thats so sad and very true :(

  1. MASRI

    This is all happening while CNN is talking about what Obama had for lunch during his Hawaii holiday. And how many times he went to the gym.

    La Ellah ella Allah...

  1. jerusalem

    ya7aram, wallah i feel sorry 4 them! may allah help all of us, inshallah!

  1. Lucy

    this is just soooooo sad :( it is really sensitive and i do not what to say because i do not have words that can describe my feelings right now

  1. rima

    i am not only sad, but angry, i feel so helpless, we couldn't yet find a solution to stop this massacre

  1. rima

    يد الله مع الجماعة

  1. rima

    ان العصا من العصية

  1. palestinegrl08

    i wish there was something we can do other than pray for them so they can win this war and be free!!!!! a day will come when all the palestinians are free and happy..... rabna ma3hom!


    بالروح و الدم نفديكي يا غزه

  1. lola

    we can pray for them ...... we can donate......plz u can help them alot by donating... they DO need money!!! even if u r not 100% sure that this money will go for ghaza but at least you have done something to help the case!! and Insha'llah your money will go there!!!
    Allah ma3hom!! yarab insorhom!!

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