Al Gathafi and Haleema Boland

gathafi and haleema boland

This is a photo of Muammar Al Gathafi with Haleema Boland.
Haleema was in Libya a while back for an official visit and met with Al Gathafi.

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  1. Cupcake

    The beast and the beast!

  1. basala

    OH My God!!! Cover your eyes people! Or you'll turn into stone! Run and don't look back!

  1. Echo

    One is a Plastic surgery addict with puffed up lips, cheek implant & a bad face lift... And the other is an annoying TV host!

  1. bebe

    y does she put soooooooo much makeup on!!! ewwww

  1. Lebanese

    omg shes so ugly... really really... every girl who need attention turn her head color to black and puts 10000 kgs of make up on. From the start it was classy when only haifa looked like this. But now all the ugly girls "cover" their face behinde the black hair.

    Guys, the black hair covers everything ugly in the face i swear, there is girls that looks great in black and they got a real beauty cuz they can look so great in other haircolors too... but take mirhan for example and imagine her without her hair? OH MY GOD she would look like a monster and its the only´reason why the black hair become a hit. But for example cyrine 3abd el nor, she can be adorable with or without the black hair and even if she doesnt got hair at all... so wake up people!

    I hate the fact however a girl want to becme hot, she turn her head color to black and put red lipstick and hey shes hot, ALL the girl doesnt look the same!

  1. leb

    LEBANESE , arabs beauty starts with the black hair and black eyes , al jamel al 3arabi .... and for ur info , her hair is not black its brownish w kamen al makeup li 7atteto hayda al makeup al khaliji mostly eza betshouf musalsalet khalijeieh the amount of makup is rediculous, as for me i see her ugly with or without black hair bs every taste differ, even people that look they dont have makeup trust me they have tons to hide any discoloration , so face it .. and for me light hair is sooo cold looking so kamen every taste differ .... the hair has nothing to do with it , its the personality first that comes with the whole package..... ba3den mirhan if u look at every feature alone she is ok bs the whole package she looks nice and pretty kamen noone will look good bold hehe even cirine abdel nour herself heheh

  1. Myriam

    Lebanese you are right as a matter in fact black hair is a trend these days I for example have black hair (natural) and black eyes. when girls see me they think that i colored my hair but that's my natural hair color and its so ridiculous how some girls change their hair color a girl who is brunette turns to a blond and vice versa its stupid just be natural stick to who you are

  1. sousou

    they look like they just got ready for a halloween party... loool

  1. imane

    She is really ugly and very artficial I don't know why some people like her, she's not even a good presenter she is "maysaa" as the egyptians say

  1. Flor do Deserto
    Flor do Deserto

    I liked the photo. VERY BEAUTIFUL!
    They are very interesting.
    She is pretty end he is a handsome man. Both are exotic couple.

  1. sam

    This article is about a popular (albeit repulsive) presenter meeting with an idiotic dictator...not hair colours :o/ Some Lebanese people; with emphasis on the word 'some', are too obsessed with looks even in the harshest of times...whats the point? It's a boring & predictable habit now.

    As for the article, corrupt politicians & tv personalities or singers go hand in hand. She is neither the first nor the last to mingle with a corrupt leader. Lucky for me I've always disliked her so this revelation won't make me like her any less.

  1. Layalee

    Wow its kind of sad seeing all you people sitting there bashing her!
    I understand your dislike with her make up and all of that, but that gives you no reason to bash her like that!
    @Lebanese what does black hair has to do with anything??? you know arab women are knowing for their dark hair!

    and its disturbing that you all would rather bash her than the murderer sitting next to her!

  1. sousou
    sousou replied to comment from sousou

    sousou why are you using my avatar hahah

  1. s9dwo

    on the left miss drag queen, on the right the beast! They need to make fairytale about the 1001 night beast and the drag queen

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