A New Surprise from Amr Diab?!

amr diab

In the coming couple of days, all you Amr Diab fans should be all eyes and ears as you wait for a new surprise from the superstar himself!
According to Amr Diab's World Forum, this will be the biggest surprise ever! I wonder, what will it be? What could possibly be the biggest surprise from Diab?
Thanks to our friend MASRI for pointing out this news.
We'll all be waiting for the hot news!

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  1. MASRI

    Thanks for posting this Waleg. :)

    You'll be one of the first websites to get the news after it is announced; unless I'm able to get it to you guys a little faster from inside his administration.

    Enjoy the surprise. ;)

  1. Tami

    cool. i wonder wat it is? keep us posted MASRI! :)(:

  1. lulu

    i think the suprise is that he is going to announce the end of his music career! i hope i am wrong as i luuuuv his music but i have a strong feeling he is going to stop singing soon.

  1. MASRI

    No...thats not the surprise lulu. :)

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