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  1. farah

    OMG NOOOO lolislike haifa bas her sister looks nothing like her.
    bala ima5zeh bas shikla ishwayeh mota5alafeh...something looks wrong with her face bas i cant put my finger on it.

  1. LOL

    ew she is ugly! and her name is Rola Yamout not Rola Wehbe

  1. leb lover
    leb lover

    hahaha eww gross her nose and lips are messed lol and can someone say PLASTIC :D lol

    i love you haifa

  1. Mokhtara

    She looks like Haifa, just more ugly than Haifa, no offence Haifa-fans

  1. sam

    eeew UGLY!! she looks soooooo cheap!!

  1. dandoushaa

    in the 3rd pic , is that Samer from starac 2????

  1. FA

    thats what it looks like to me that is Samer from starac

  1. Sarah.H

    she looks a bit more natural compared to haifa but the botox lips are identicle lol

  1. hiba

    what i cant believe that she,s haifa sister its like comparing between the high sky (haifa) and the trash on the ground(rola) by the way she is a psycho coz her atitude toward her sister is impossible 7aram its so obvious that she is a very low self steam who lacks attention so she is trying to attack her famous and gorgeous sister with the help of the biggest low class psycho nidal ahmadeyeh with her loosers on trash tv. opps jaras tv.,jd rola go get a life and stop being so jealous of haifa the queen of all hearts

  1. Bambusha

    is she that pure girl talking about ethics in the press!!!!!that haifa is sick and made from Art a dirty thing and that she will make people forget the dirtiness of haifa!!!!!!!

    i read some articles of her talking about her sister; i thought she a decent girl !!!!!

    haifa is way classy and ar7am men ekhta b 100 mara
    el3ama mo na2esna blow job girl as this rola

  1. hanz

    both haifa and rola, r plastic and cheapp....

  1. sousou

    Is there something wrong with her teeth because she didn't smile in any of the pics.
    I agree that she looks ugly, fake, and cheap.....

  1. Silvana

    What a classy family!!!

    Taking out of-course their dead brother who actually sacrificed his life for a cause he believed in, whether people agree with it or not.

  1. Silvana

    And I meant classy in a sarcastic way ;)... I feel the need to explain because some people seem to misunderstand sarcasm :P

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