Moroccan singer Asma Al Munawar

These are some photos of Moroccan singer Asma Al Munawar who seems to have a nice and strong voice.
Her latest album is called ‘Mn Houna Le Bokra’ or ‘From here to tomorrow’

Photos of Asma Al Munawar

Did you hear about Asma before?

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  1. The Musician
    The Musician

    Of course Waleg !! She already made a duet with Kadhem Al Saher. WAOOW !! What a great voice... she's very talented and so classy.

    Her repertoire goes from "Al Malouf" (Andalouss classic music of Arabic Maghreb) to the "Tarab" style.

    To all music lovers : Here is Asma Al Munawar... Here is the DIVA !!

  1. noor

    "wagef 3ala babkum " by asma's voice s amazin

  1. Jaafar

    I love her voice and I like her songs and performance. She is very quite and seems an honest person. Love you Asmaa

  1. Gazelle

    First time I heard about her was on 2007 in Carthage Festival. She was in a concert with Hussein Al Jesmi.

    I liked her voice so much. Although she was afraid of the huge public but she did well.

    Also, I have read in Magazines that she is engaged to a Tunisian musician called Essam Shraiti. He is member of Saber Rebai Troup, an organ grinder.

    Wish her the best.

  1. WALEG

    Thank you all for sharing what you know about Asma Al Munawar :)

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