Saad Ramadan's House Full of Guests

Lebanese Starac 5 finalist Saad Ramadan was busy during the last few days with guests coming to his house :)! In the following photos, which were shared with us by our friend Soo Strange, you can see Amal Bouchoucha, Nader Quirat and Mirhan with Saad at his house in Lebanon having dinner and enjoying some time together.
You can also see Nader and Mirhan together at the airport upon their arrival in Beirut.

Photos from Saad's House and from the airport

Photos of Mirhan and nader in Saad home

And finally these are some new photos shared with us by Rachel for all Saad's fans around the world:

Photos of Saad in Black suit

saad in back suit

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  1. rima

    yobosh looks tired and sad love u qwaider

  1. rima

    qwaider why arent you with them, r u buisy or they didnt invite u as usual in staracademy

  1. Nana

    I love Saad!
    And i love waleg for always puttin him up
    Keep it up :]

    He looks soo cute!
    And Mirhan looks SO pretty!!
    By the way i keep havin dreams that i AM Mirhan lol but i look like myself if anyone knows what that means it would be a big help!

  1. Betty


  1. Betty

    does anyone know how long is mima going to stay in leb. ? thanks

  1. Hanna

    Nadoouurraaaaaaa!!!! Ahhhhhh so gorgeous you are!!!! Omg i wish i cld find a guy that looks like him, but the problem is that he really is Nader to find! LUV U NADOURTIII ALWAYS & 4EVER!

  1. AmelFan

    Amel Bouchoucha Rocks!! woooow Amoula is such a true beauty and soooo sweet
    I Love You and Wish You All The Best Amel

  1. Sarah Iraq
    Sarah Iraq

    amal i can't take my eyes off her pix, my god she is very charming and her smile is super wonderful

  1. Samantha

    naaadddeeeerr !!! u are the best (k)(k)(k)
    u rock !!! i was one of ur fans i am one of ur fans and i will always be one of them
    u desire everything
    waleg & soo strange 1000 thx for ur work keep it up :) i wish i could find a guy like him too ;) but i think he is the only one on earth :p

    Betty i am asking myself the same question
    does anyone knows when mima and nader will leave lebanon???

    mima and amal bouchoucha are looking gr8 and nader too of course:)

    nader nader nader his smile his beautiful face his wonderfull voice...u are the best and deserve everything best
    unforgettable a legend : that's what u are nadouraa

  1. yosra

    nader deserve to be star
    good luck

  1. Brown Jewel
    Brown Jewel

    You are right Sarah Iraq, I like her too, Boushousha has great bones structure face, body and teeth she is superbe God bless her. Speaking beauty, touch wood, she is tall 170, long legs straight shoulders brown skin straight nose big smile...on top of that I like her mature strong and honest character God bless her again. She deserves her title The Brunette Jewel "Al Jawhara Al Samra' "

  1. richard

    nnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadouuuuuurrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we love you ya star 2008 enta malek al masrah

  1. shobakk

    nader you are great congratulations for your success in all of your concerts specially cartage you was great

  1. nevine

    nader and mima u two r so cute take care of each other and hope to c u married love comes once in life love u and stick togather

  1. Louka

    Dear Betty, Nader and Mima were supposed to return to Cairo next monday but i read today that they postponed their arrival to Egypt and didn't fix a date yet. Nader's fans are organizing a party for him tomorrow

  1. Betty

    thanks very much louka dear, it is really nice to hear form you. thanks really.

    but dear louka i know i am nagging you but i know mima has been on jaras tv, and she has been meeting with her friends and every thing onthe cereer front what what has been doing? or more like has she done anything? thanks again.

  1. Louka

    Hi Betty still have no idea about her career since carthage concert, sorry :(

  1. sava

    nader you are amazing i love you i adore you keep going nader you are the best star

  1. salam

    nader you are the only star i wish you all the best god bless you

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