Miss Egypt Slaps Miss Universe!

yara naoum

According to Ines Ligron the Miss Japan National Director, Miss Egypt has displayed less than queenly behaviour during the recent Miss Universe pageant. Ines has written the following in her blog...

"Gossip of the day:
Miss Egypt is a real pain in the neck; she slapped Riyo backstage when by mistake she stepped on her dress. Then she was horrified when she realized she just had slapped Miss Universe! LOL She was saying –“I am sorry I did not know that it was you!!”… Riyo told her: “it is okay, but you should not do that anyway to anyone, this is not really nice”. She was mortified.
Also she shares the room with is Canada and she smokes cigarettes after cigarettes and Miss Canada asked her kindly to pls go outside when she wishes to smoke. She turned around and said: “why? This is MY room?!” Nice girl indeed! Sometimes I wonder why this kind of girl bothers to come here..."

Ms Ligron did not state the kind of slap dealt to the current Miss Universe Riyo Mori by Miss Egypt Yara Naoum, but I gather it was not more than a slap to the shoulder due to frustration and a knee-jerk reaction, otherwise Yara would be sent home. True it was a rude and vulgar action, but given the stress these girls are under and the fact that Miss Egypt is there alone with no one to support her, did she deserve the "Sometimes I wonder why this kind of girl bothers to come here"?; We all know the catty behaviour that occurs backstage during these competitions, do you believe Miss Egypt was unfairly singled out?...

Photos of Miss Egypt Yara Naoum

Photos of Yara Naoum

Bear in mind that the current MU hails from Japan, so her godly behaviour could have been exaggerated. I cannot make up my mind on this one, I kind of feel sorry for Miss Egypt yet at the same time wonder if she should have behaved in a more ladylike manner, especially in regards to the smoking.

By guest writer Sil

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  1. Jools

    She's got a bad attitude, also shows in the second incident when she smoked in the bedroom she was sharing with another contestant. Disgusting habit and not respecting her room mate. was she singled out? Who knows unless we read the full article but she sounds low class.

  1. zuzu

    I love it Don't ever screw with an Egyptian person :) xoxoxo

    Masr #1

  1. sara

    ok if this is true, then i really think that next time egypt pick a beauty queen they make sure they look closely at personality and a5laa2!! I don't like the fact that shes portraying egypt in a bad way!Also next time any beauty queen is picked they have to make sure that she doesnt smoke coz its soooo not nice!

  1. michelle

    its true i beleive.
    that girl is so trashy.

    ms,japan is known to have one of the best personalities there.
    besides there is no reason for Ines to lie, its not like Egypt is a front runner this year or anywhere close that she has to trash her in order for Japan and Korea to get ahead.

    Yeah, Ines is also responsible for miss korea this year.

    egypt should choose a girl that represents the country well, like Myriam George back then. she was a good one.

  1. dandoushaa

    wasnt miss egypt e7san?? how could yara be miss Egypt and E7san was announced as Miss Efypt 2008!!!

  1. Naema

    Exactly i watched Miss egypt and she was e7san the girl who couldn't speak arabic ...
    and anyway i dont believe this .

  1. riri

    e7san is miss egypt, but yara was chosen as miss egypt universe, meaning that she will be representing egypt at the competition...i dont blame egypt 4 ending up with a trashy person like this (if really the rumor is true) bcuz u cant 100% judge a personality by a sentence or two.....i've seen pics of previous malikat gamal n not just of egypt but other countries n sry 2 say but they look really low, but of course this doesnt apply to all malikat gamal cuz som of them will never be forgettable 4 charity work n so forth...

  1. Silvana

    That was Yara's response when the Miss Egypt National Director contacted her- As written on the Miss Egypt Forum - “There was no problem with Miss Canada about smoking; she is also a smoker despite not mentioning that in her application! I always smoke in the bathroom only and I’m not a heavy smoker as well, but Miss Canada was not in the mood one day and she told the supervisor who later found cigarettes with Miss Canada herself and the whole thing came to an end, you can ask her yourself, we are good friends after all. It is normal to have such feelings out of stress and I understand what happened, believe me, there are lots of things that happen in the backstage!” said Ms. Naoum."

    In regards to MU, that is what she said “While all the girls were standing in lines outside their rooms getting ready to go down to the gala dinner, Miss Russia stepped on my dress by mistake and I couldn’t turn around, I just kept saying: My dress, my dress! And I leaned on someone behind me trying not to fall on the ground and to my shock that someone turned out to be Riyo Mori! We laughed it out and I apologized to her, of course I didn’t slap her or anyone else, this is not my attitude, absolutely ridiculous!
    I met Riyo again during the preliminaries and apologized once again, even though knowing I did nothing wrong, but out of courtesy to a Miss Universe titleholder and she was very nice to me and told me to take care because a lot of this will happen in the backstage”

  1. Silvana

    I am Sorry WALEG, for copying and pasting but it is not the whole article.....

  1. Aiden*

    This info is FALSE! The Miss Egypt Organization issued a statement in which they calrified what had happened. Someone stepped on Yara's dress from behind just as Yara was about to descend a stairwell. Feeling that she was going to trip, Yara held on to the woman in front of her, who was Riyo Mori. They bothed laughed it off and Yara apologies out of good gesture but Riyo had no problem with it.

    Ines Ligron is a baffoon. She has concocted so many lies on her blog. She said there would be a Top 10 this year even though there is a Top 15. She also lied about an un-named contestant who was treating others bad during a mini-competition.



  1. Honestly

    To be honest, I know Yara personally from her days in Miss Egypt and although she may not have ment it, she tends to have a crude and trashy manner about her. I don't care whether it's true or not, but she should be much more careful and conciderate should she ever want to place in anything.

    By the way, Miss Egypt 2007 was Ehsan Hatem and she attended Miss Universe 2007, in which Riyo Mori won. Yara was simply sent as a representitive this year.
    Ehsan still reigns supreme...whatever that's worth.

  1. soma

    i wud say that this miss egypt is pretty..1st time..no offence.. i think cuz they know it wuz cheating that yara had 2 win but they put that ugly e7san that is not even half egyption!! she is pretty,,,and honestly im not shocked that miss egypt has this attittude...cuz im alrdy used 2 mirhanz attittude wich is trashy like yara naoom..but ofcourse 2 my respect 2 masrr!! ii loveee masrrrrrrrrr!!! :D but i kinda hate SOME girlz attittudes there!! i said SOME not all!!

  1. David

    That is not true...
    Miss Egypt Yara Naoum didn't slaps any one and that is not her behaviour.
    and plzzzzz make sure about the news befor release it.

  1. Silvana

    Well the news is still printed on Ines Ligron's blog. She refused to even acknowledge the Egyptian's explanation AT ALL... She even added in another article about Miss Thailand"(she should have gone to bed then, because if I were her Director I would have slapped her,,,,, like Miss Egypt did to Riyo,,,, oh no, did I just write that?!)..... So for whover says it is not true because Yara said so, prove it and do not be patronising... However I tend to think that Ines should not have mentioned this about Yara, it was unnecessary for someone in her position. Now it is more of SHE SAYS, SHE SAYS between Yara and Ines.

    I have just noticed that in the photo with Miss Canada, Yara has her shorts unzipped! I know she is not wearing much anyway, but the way she has her shorts on is not sexy at all even if she has her swimmers on, more on the vulgar side. Unless she needs to gets them in a bigger size.

    I have given this issue way more importance than it ever needed, ya3333333. I need a break

  1. Me

    Her downer part from waiste to anckles is bigger by 2 sizes than her upper part, cellulite everywhere, waiste, basin, thights, knees, anckles. That's beside her face...

    is this the most beautiful available?

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