2008 Miss Universe Bikini Photo Shoot

Some of Miss Universe 2008 contestants

In just a few weeks we are going to witness the crowning of the 57th Miss Universe, the new queen of beauty and brain. This most awaited competition will take place in Nha Trang Vietnam, at the Crown Convention. The contestants have flown in already to get ready for the big day. Photo shoots are always part of the preliminaries. And last week the girls posed for the camera wearing their colorful bikinis. Based from the pictures, I think all the girls look amazing. It will be hard for the judges to choose who will be the 2008 Miss Universe.

Pictures of Miss Universe 2008 Bikini Photo Shoot

In the bikini photos, I liked Miss Philippines Jennifer Barrientos who looked sexy in her mint green bikini. Next is Miss India Simran Kaur Mundi looking sultry in her orange bikini. In my opinion Miss Canada Samantha Tajik also has a big chance of getting the crown. That also goes for Miss Australia Laura Dundovic and Miss Costa Rica Maria Teresa Rodriguez.

Well, they are my bets. How about yours?

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  1. michelle

    Venezuela is going to win no doubt. Everyone knows shes the best one there.
    India or Puerto Rico could upset it.

    Goodluck to my girls Albania and Kosova.

  1. sara

    isa miss egypt will win!!!! waleg if u hav any photos of miss egypt 2008 please put them up, thnks

  1. Miss Lebanon Miss Universe 1971
    Miss Lebanon Miss Universe 1971

    Only Arab Miss Universe in History was Lebanese Georgina Rizk (Miss Universe 1971). She was also recently crowned "Most Beautiful Miss Universe ever" (Wikipedia citation & WEB references)

    Thank you WALEG, this article is really nice. Miss Lebanon for this year has a GREAT body but normal face so no chance for us this year, too bad :)

    I think Miss Venezuela has a chance.

  1. London Greg
    London Greg

    To me most beautiful Misses are always Venezuela, India, Lebanon, Puerto Rico. My all time favorites are Venezuelians and Lebanese. I hope Miss Venezuela wins this year, she is breathtaking.

  1. sara??

    Miss who? are you on something girl? go to bed.

  1. Venus

    Some of Misses Lebanon rankings in Beauty pageants:

    *Georgina Rizk 1971 Miss Universe WINNER
    *Christina Sawaya 2001 Miss International WINNER
    *Nancy Afiouni 2007 Miss Intercontinental WINNER
    *Dominique Hourani 2002 Miss Intercontinental WINNER
    * Nouhad Cabbabe 1962 Miss Universe Top 15
    *Marcelle Herro 1973 Miss Universe Top10
    * Ramona Karam 1975 Miss World Top15
    *(during war years in the 80's Lebanon was busy in other things)
    *Joélle Georges 1997 Behlock Miss World Top 10
    *Marie José Hnein 2003 Miss World Top 15
    *Gabrielle BouRached 2005 Miss Asia 3rd Runner-Up
    *Annabella Hilal 2006 Miss World 7th / Top15
    *Amale Khoder 2007 Miss Earth 9th / Top15

    And of course, Miss Georgina Rizk ranked again: Most Beautiful Miss Universe in Hisrtory.
    Thanks WALEG your article is great!

  1. Cjed

    Please could you tell where exactly has it been officially announced or declared that Miss Georgina Rizk is the most Beautiful Miss Universe. I cannot find any official announcement to that effect anywhere on the web.

  1. Cjed

    Please could you tell where exactly has it been officially announced or declared that Miss Georgina Rizk is the most Beautiful Miss Universe. I cannot find any official announcement to that effect anywhere on the web.

  1. sara

    Miss lebanon isnt in it this year the only arab country participating is egypt and ok miss lebanon won miss universe one time but egypt also won miss world back in the day!

  1. to sara
    to sara

    Miss Egypt who won Miss World back in 1954 was half-Greek and her name was ANTIGONE COSTANDA, she almost spoke arabic. Miss Egypt should represent Egyptian people and I see that Antigone Costanda has nothing in common, neither her nor Miss Egypt 1953 who is also Half-Greek , MARINA PAPAELIA.
    No wonder why Egyptians don't talk about them as references beauties like Lebanese do with Miss Georgina Rizk, coz Egyptians know very well that they were not Egyptians.
    For references, google their names and you will find info about the two misses.
    PS: Christina Gigliotti who is Dalida was Miss Egypt and as you know she is Italian and barely spoke Arabic.

  1. to Cjed
    to Cjed

    You can start with Wikepedia.com (I know it's not official but it's mentioned there) and you can take your search from there if you like and if are good in searching the WEB coz I do not recall the sites but in Lebanon we all know that she was elected Most Beautiful Miss Universe.

  1. to Cjed
    to Cjed

    Sorry dear, I just visited Wikipedia and the info has been altered. Let me get you another site. I need to make a search.

  1. to very stupid SARA
    to very stupid SARA

    EXCUSE ME????
    don't you have eyes and can read in miss world official site Miss Lebanon's name kbir ad rassik?

    of course Miss Lebanon is participating in Miss World this year. I can't believe how stupid you are, visit the official site and click on the Lebanese flag in Asia Pacific category.....
    you dumb!!

    BTW, speack of Egyptian Misses who won beauty peagants (none)...not Greek Misses!

  1. Miss Lebanon IS participating in Miss World this year
    Miss Lebanon IS participating in Miss World this year

    got to official web site, click on Asia Pacific icon (don't look for Middle East icon there is non), click on Lebanese Flag and see picture of Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim, her mesurments and her qualifications (on left of the screen)

  1. haha

    Yeah...probably sara looked for Middle East participants so she found non in the site so she thought there is no participants from Arab world other than Miss Egypt. hehehe
    She is under Asia Pacific category on the official Miss Worrld site

  1. to dear Sara
    to dear Sara

    LEBANON is in Asia ya Sara....hello ! ! !

  1. Ziad

    Miss Universe is more valuable and more watched than Miss World. Miss World was only internationally spotted under light after the beautiful Aishwarya Rai won the tile in 1994.
    Mis World is an alternative for Miss Universe pagenat the most waited watched in the world. Countries who didn't rank in Miss Universe they get another chance to rank in Miss World, forsa tanya ashan ma yez3aloush ya3ni :)

  1. Silvana

    Miss Lebanon has not been chosen yet, They will hold the pageant soon, and maybe she can make it to Miss Universe but it will be a bit late.

    Nadine Njeim was Miss World's last year's contestant. They have not updated their page yet till the pageant is held at the end of the year.

    Leave Sara alone, and do not be rude kids for the sake of it.
    She did not say anything.

    Miss Australia is gorgeous :)

    However I have to reiterate how demeaning these contests to women :P... Great to watch for the dresses though.

  1. pj_lee

    i wish that miss jennifer barientos winner of binibining pilipinas 2008 crowned as candidate of miss universe 08,join the top 15,because pilipina beauty is so photogenic people...gudluck jennifer.......

  1. Joker Love
    Joker Love

    Miss Mexico, keep a close eye on this girl is HOT, she's going to win!

  1. to the person that called me stupid,
    to the person that called me stupid,

    i said lebanon isnt in miss universe not miss world!!!!!
    and ok ye i kno she wasnt originally egyptian but yea she spoke arabic well, and to every1 else nooo i neva looked at the african bit i was talking about miss universe if u go on the website i cant find a miss lebanon and i hav nothing against lebanese people for gods sake i love them! i was jus saying! grrr
    p.s thnks silvana!

  1. me

    COSTANDA ...PAPAELIA.... GIGLIOTTI are Egyptians? can't you ...READ ?????????????

  1. jonn


  1. Carol

    For sure a "latina" will win this time they are really hard to beat

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