Haifa Wehbe’s Family Feud?!

Haifa Wehbe at one of her concerts

You would think that if your mum was the (in) famous and beautiful Haifa Wehbe you would make sure she was at your wedding and you may even have asked her to perform one of her many hit songs. But that wasn’t true for Haifa’s daughter Zainab who recently got married and refused to not only inform her mother but even have her at the wedding. Haifa had to find out about her daughter’s marriage through some family friends –ouch.

The reason behind this anger is obvious, Zainab is –and always has been- unhappy with the revealing photographs and music videos in which her mother stars. In fact I would go to the extent of saying she is just plain ashamed of her mum’s work. In addition to this Zainab claims her mother never attempted to be part of her upbringing. As you can imagine Haifa is not feeling too happy about this but I must say she deserves it. She wouldn’t be the first diva to give up her career to retain the love of her children! You’ve got to make a choice sometimes!

By Karim

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  1. zuzu

    OK well first of all it;s not Haifa's fault, Haifa as we all know is deeply bothered by the fact that she has not spoken or seen her daughter over the years, because her crazy ex-husband wont allow it. So her daughter should not be mad and quite frankly if i had a daughter like Zainab, I wouldnt even show up to her wedding. Honestly who knows what kind of BRAINWASH Zainab has been told by her father ( haifa's ex-husband)

  1. Ashmy

    zuzu : BOTHEREED ? is that how you describe it ?
    and honestly i really mean it when i say that im pretty sure if they asked haifaa if she wants her daughter to be like her when she grows up she'll say no she doesnt .. plain simple
    she deserves it ..
    some of us are ashamed of haifaa even when shes not related to us .. how would anyone feel if she was related to them directly like her daughter
    she is beautiful i dont hate her , but i dont blame her daughter also for doing so.
    and her father deserves the brain wash .. haifa is not worth-respect ....

  1. zuzu

    Yeah ok I do understand full thats what she does is totally against out Religion of course. I feel in her eyes its all about the money and no, I would not want my daughter prancing around half naked either. But as we have all seen over the years, I dont find it right that Haifa's ex keeps her daughter away from her. thats all i was saying. Before Haifa was famous and half naked, this separation happened, so I simply blame is on Haifas ex-husband!

  1. Heba [ EGYPT ]
    Heba [ EGYPT ]

    Well my opinion about this - i think both haifa and her exhusband is to blame !! They should have left the choice to their daughter when she was younger, and when she grew up she would know whats the best for her!

    Preventing a child from their mother is not easy, specially if its a girl .. growing up with a mom is really important. And im pretty sure Zeinab in that age when she was young she didnt care about what her mom was doing , how could she know whats right and whats wrong? She only saw her mother as a lovely mother and nothing else! [ bad done from her daddy ] And haifa, i think she could have sacrificed something, i dont know what because im not into this whole situation

    C'mon, what about all the other lebanese singers who are as haifa?

  1. zuzu

    Bravo Heba, I love your point of view, you are totally right!!!

  1. hana

    this isnt even true ... haifa's daughter doesnt even know that haifa wehbe is her mom... that was the point why her father took her away ... he told haifa to choose but she wouldnt because she told him that was her career before they even got married ... so i highly doubt this article is true if zainab doesnt even know haifa is her mom

  1. Mia

    Zainab does know who her mom is. Haifa though said on a TV program that Zainab is only 11, which I don't believe, but she does know who her Mom is.

    I cant blame her for not wanting her to attended her wedding. She wasnt a mother to her.

  1. Amo

    I hope oneday you have a child that refuses to see you...then you will know that no-one deserves this pain..you are an ignorant narrow-minded fool. The woman is free to wear what she wants. Her child is a separate issue. Would you be hurt if your child turned their back on you???

  1. Farrah

    Yeah Karim..you are a fool for saying that. I agree with the above comments. God bless you Haifa..you are beautiful and make me proud to be a middle eastern woman.

  1. Karim

    Primarily thank you all for your comments! To Amo and Farrah: I am no fool -believe it or not :)- I am merely looking at this objectively. In the religion of Islam we are asked to obey and respect our parents but God also asks the father to chose the mother of his children wisely and Haifa is not a good mother. Like you wish me to put myself in Haifa's place put yourself in her daughter's shoes! Everyone who wishes can see most parts of your mother's body through the click of a mouse -literally. What man would want to marry a girl whose mother is known as a seductress? Yes she is free to wear what she likes but she also has to think about this child she brought into the world and how her decisions are going to affect her. Haifa in no way embodies the Middle Eastern woman in fact she brings shame to the Arab world! If I had a child I would make sure they are proud of me... not ashamed to even have me at their wedding.

  1. Ashmy

    Karim : I do not see a reason why your wasting your time replying to someone who is proud of being a middle eastern women because of Haifaa Wahbe.

  1. Ashmy

    Im sorry , id like to add one more thing .. Farrah Honey , ur barely a woman , i can easily say your still a young girl ... Im sure when you grow up and become a woman ull realize what i am saying.

  1. chiraze


  1. lebanese

    Haifas ex man was silly he use to hit her and hurt her + that shi married at a earl age... don't blame her, haifa is the right thing and her dother must be silly:S hizbullahshit:S

  1. mimmi

    What a hard time haifa must go throw , that is really sad nobody should go throw that.
    But again you make your own way in life ,
    I dont want to judge her life becuase all i know is what is write in the magazines!

  1. Lebee

    I am Lebanese and I don't see Haifa is faulty in any way. We Lebanese have a totaly different mind set of all arabs and they find us Weird and Far in all. Arabs are doing now what we have done like 10 years ago. So what is acceptable now in their eyes was not tne years ago. We Lebanese don't care about any other opinions in our lives exept for ours, we are confident and proud to be unique and advanced. People need time to understand Lebanese mentality and multi-cultural mind set.

    Haifa is successful with lots of money to live happy and healthy ever after with her family, that what life is supposed to be.
    Zainab lived happy with her father and his family, got educated and now she is married and have her own life which it will be happy.

    I don't see any problem in the issue exept for arab jalousy.

  1. leb lover
    leb lover

    to lebee

    you are soo rightt:D:D

    i love lebanon

  1. zuzu

    soooo true btw Lebee

  1. joe

    "As you can imagine Haifa is not feeling too happy about this but I must say she deserves it. She wouldn’t be the first diva to give up her career to retain the love of her children! You’ve got to make a choice sometimes!" (Karim)

    How does she deserve it? You don't even know the whole story, she is not a bad woman, she has influenced and helped out sooo many people! I'm sure she wishes to see her daughter but I think it was an arranged marriage and she was so young and she wanted to live her life and her ex-husband took her daughter away and she can't ever see her again. Haifa is a nice woman and she deserves her fame and money, and no she is NOT all about the money.

  1. nawal

    This article makes no sense ! How can her daughter get married if she is only eleven years old ?!!! Karim, from where do you get your infos?!! your article lacks of accuracy.

  1. Ashmy

    Lebbe : I am lebanese and trust me it has NOTHING to do with that ... Haifa wahbe does not represent Lebanon in anyway nor does she represent our culture.
    You might now see Haifaa Wahbe " faulty" in any way and i might agree with you. Because each person is entitled to how they choose to live their life. She choosee it that way and no one can blame her.
    And please , the way you speak does not give the best image about lebanese people.
    We are unique , we are advanced , we do have some different prespectives about a couple of things but at the end of the day we are all arabs. There is no room for jealousy and no one has said anything that would make you say that.
    And honestly what does money have to do here ? I can go tomorrow work as a prostitute and ill definitely make a fortune !!!
    You need to understand that there are some things that are just not acceptable. Whether in Lebanon , Khaleej , Or even the West some things just stay wrong.
    So please next time you speak, dont speak for a whole country , speak for yourself.

  1. Lebee


    keep telling yourself that if it feels a relief to you

  1. Ashmy

    Lebee : If you want to look smart and witty.. you'll have to make sense ..
    Have a good day

  1. nouraa

    to lebee
    " We are unique , we are advanced !!!!!!!!!" in what? i saw a tv program about arab countries and i'am impressed by the level of education in Tunisia (the first : not only in Arabic’s nations but classified with Europe!!!) for Lebanon may be u mean political democracy! (the only positive one) or oriental music or fashion or by peoples like haifa wahbe!!!! u re proud of that kind of things?????????????

  1. Lebee


    Take it easy on urself, health comes first ma byesswa tenfe3leh hal2ad.
    Do as I do, be confident and t2ileh in ur replies, it's better for preserving beauty.

  1. rewa

    God bless us Lebanese!!!

  1. Oops

    Lebee, I like your way of thinking. Brava signorina.

  1. To Nooraa
    To Nooraa

    Since you mentioned education level in Lebanon I suggest you turn off the TV and do a WEB extensive research on the subject starting with UN statistics. But before that you need to learn how to write English language without orthographic mistakes.

  1. :)

    to ashmy: u said "have a good day"? speaking of making sence, u should have said "have a good night" ur post was in the middle of the night...HAHA

    Lebaneeeesssseeeeee luv luv luv

  1. joe

    this article is false by the way..

  1. sana

    she deserves itt and a half
    what kind of mother does porn???
    of cource i would be soo ashamed and embarassed to have a mother like that showing up to my wedding with almost 3/4 of her body showing!!

  1. George

    alright kids....take it easy.....

    Karim you have to disappointed me with your article..man...From what I get from your other articles..you are usully smarter this man...

    Karim you don't know the complete story..so you can't go around judging Haifa..More than 5 bloggers have arleady questioned your article's credibility....so you can't judge with non-credible information...

    And karim ..when you present your opinion in the the blog..that is not objective.....when you insert an opinion ..it's automatically subjective...

    and your opinions susrcibe to conservative Islam....are you from Saudia Arabia Karim?

    so please respect other people's opinions......

    There are thousands of American children who are the proud children of Porn actor fathers and mothers...and I've seen them on TV..and I 've read some of their memoirs

    ok..so please don't go around trying to force you conservative muslim opinion on everyone else....

    btw I'm not speaking exclusively to Karim..in the last comment....

    I'm talking to all those who talked smack about the lebanese bloggers

  1. S.M.S.

    "Haifa in no way embodies the Middle Eastern woman in fact she brings shame to the Arab world!"

    Walaw ya Karim, I'd say the Arab world has a lot to worry about than Haifa, and we will not go there now...

    "In fact I would go to the extent of saying she is just plain ashamed of her mum’s work."

    In regards to Haifa's relationship with her daughter, no one can claim to know anything. What do we know about her life with her former husband, and why her child was taken away from her? ZILCH... No one is privy to that information except her and her family... You just acted like cheap gossip magazine

    You may judge her on her talent or lack of it, her conduct on TV or stage, but not on that...

    And why is her daughter getting married anyway, the child is not even 16 yet???!!!!

  1. S.M.S.

    BTW Haifa's former husband was happy for her to flaunt herself on stage when she appeared in the Miss Lebanon Pageant and disqualified after they discovered she was was married. He was photographed standing proudly besides her, and she had on a revealing outfit and hideous hair and makeup.

    Shou 3ada ma bada ya3ni, hala2 sar "God also asks the father to chose the mother of his children wisely and Haifa is not a good mother"... This tells exactly that we know nothing as to the reasons behind their separation.

  1. Lebee


    Don't fall for their comments, Lebanese will always zig while others will always zag. What did you expect?
    What do they know about Lebanon in all anyway? about Lebanese? our past and our present? about every morning sunrise in the mountains with Fairuz and birds chanting together serenity over Lebanon? our peaceful chills watching the bluewish snow at midnight moonlight? All what they care about is Haifa's open dresses so they can blog about families feuds, but beyond that...NADA!

    Haifa is a person who took decisions for her own life and has willed to set millions of acres between her and suffer the way she sees is better for her, period! Hundreds of alike women lived through world history and hundreds will live in the future.

    Trispass the comments, let your heart grow bigger feeling you are Lebanese, expressed the gratitude for the Bless of being Lebanese...then enjoy the sparkle in the chest!

  1. Christina


    THANK YOU :)


  1. S.M.S.

    And why did that article turn into a Lebanese pride thing?

    Hell I love being Lebanese... However I find it understandable when other Arabs take offense when they see a comment such as Lebee's where it can misconstrued that we consider ourselves better than others.

  1. Layal

    Is there a problem with being proud of who we are?
    AND lebee can say whatever she wants to say..we are free to say wutever we want..and george is tryin to explain what our culture is all about so get a life ppl..
    maybe christina felt like saying it,..since as u said, the article turned into something else.
    karim get ur facts str8 dude..why are u hating on the woman. leave her alone.
    and s.m.s. go to bed kiddo.


  1. S.M.S.


    Tell your mother to stop spanking you kiddo, it's affecting your brain cells honey and you are a very rude illiterate little kid who does not comprehend what you they are reading. Reread my comment ya jahli (as my dad says ma3 i7tirami elza2ed fhami 2abel ma te7ki ya jahli)...

    And I can say whatever I want to... This is not being proud, actually it is more of an esteem issue, it has nothing to do with pride...

    Yalla 2el3abi gheir hon ya baba ya Layal... I've said it before I only interact with people the way they understand best and in your case, you seem like a ill -mannered abnoxious very closed minded little kid.

  1. S.M.S.

    Well my dad says "Ma3 i7tirami 2elza2ed" not the rest...

    Kifak WALEG? I'm back ;)

  1. Lebee


    We think we are the best because, Muslims or Christians may we be, history shall be always written to witness tht we have proven to be the best, and we are proud because we have "earned" it. If others feel uncomfortable reading it then let them brag about how excuisite they are instead of failingly trying to break our noses.

    Why would they care that much about Hifa's moral or immoral acts in her personal life, when it can't be more obvious that she is just another human being among 6 billions on planet earth?
    isn't that a hateful attemp of humiliation in the core of Lebanese honorship?


  1. Lebee

    Correction: exquisite not excuisite

  1. Ashmy

    Lebee : I have already told you that i am Lebanese. I just have one question for you . Please just answer by a YES or NO.
    Does Haifaa Wahbe represnt Lebanon ? Is Haifaa wahbe and her like all what Lebanon is about ?

  1. Ashmy

    Lebee : I have one more question for you. I do not mean to offend you , but honeslty i have re-read the article, the posts in case someone has slightly implied anything about Lebanon and i did not find anything. Why are you being so aggressive ?

  1. S.M.S.

    Look Lebee, I am proud of being Lebanese and in a way I agree with your comment " If others feel uncomfortable reading it then let them brag about how exquisite they are instead of failingly trying to break our noses." I could not fault for that, you put it in a very logical and articulate way.

    I am Lebanese and I'd rather not be anything else because I love our culture, our differences, our ability to rise from chaos and rebuild. I also understand why others would think their country and people are the best. Haifa is Haifa, a very popular woman and Arabs are the ones that made her famous. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in our region ya Lebee.

  1. S.M.S.

    * I meant fault you

    I cannot be bothered correcting other mistakes :)

  1. Karim

    'More than 5 bloggers have arleady questioned your article's credibility....so you can't judge with non-credible information...'

    Which 5 bloggers? May I remind you that a blogger is an author of a blog as in someone who writes for WALEG as opposed to someone who comments on articles.

    Also I hate to talk semantics but what I mean by objective is that I am not Lebanese and I have no like or dislike for Haifa so really I have no reason to either slag her off or praise her beauty!

    I find it very disprespective of you to think that anyone who follows the words of Islam has to be 'conservative' or an extremist from Saudi Arabia. But to answer your question NO Im Egyptian but that doesnt alter my thinking! Im not trying to force my 'conservative Muslim opinion' on anyone, I am merely stating the facts that I have been given and giving you my take on them. I also fail to see how saying that God asked fathers to pick a good mother for his children is 'conservative'! Having read the bible and studied Christianity I can tell you that Christianity calls for the same concept!

    I must say everyone has deviated from the real point here. Haifa has made her daughter ashamed of her because of the way she acts and dresses. Some of the things people are saying about Lebanon is furthering the stereotype of Lebanese women that I find disgusting. Any Arab woman is respectful, beautiful and a great mother. The fact that Haifa is Lebanese is completely irrelevant, she is an Arab woman with a daughter who has obviously been traumatized by her mothers career! Some of the Lebanese women I know are the most respectful women I have come across and Haifa is simply brining shame to such people.

    As Ashmy pointed out the article had nothing to do with Lebanon. I would never EVER disrespect any Arab nation!

  1. Moe

    Hey for all those who said crazy about her husband, every1's free in his religion beliefs right? He's free to tell his wife not to do! Right Waleg? We shouldn't like say bad things about other religions lik crazy ex or somethin' like that! Right WALEG???

  1. .....

    Haifa's daughter is 13 years old so how can she get married ??

  1. sarah.BamBina

    i think if people leave the other people's business alone and stop talking about other people then this world will be a better place

    why talk about others people lifes ??? Dont u have one of ur own???? Why say this person is like that or like this, why would u care where does it itch u if a person chose to live his life in the way he did???? no one enforces himself to others its others who butt in ... if haifa chose her life this way, then shes living its goods and bads not anyone else... haifa came out to the world with this image as an entertainer and never enforced her personall matters to the world... wanna judge her judge her as an entertainer not anything else =D, im not a haifa fan btw.. just saying what i think is right =)

  1. JJ

    did not know haifa has a kid, i am so behind in this kind of things, how old is haifa anyways people

  1. Lola

    I am from the same village haifas ex husband is from ( jwaya) and I lived a cuoples of houses away and personally know that the child did not even know that haifa was her mother untill she was in middle school .She actually grew up thinking that khaleta was her mother because her father worked in africa most of the time . The father is a deeply religous man and banned anyone in the family from telling zainab about her mother or even allowing her to make contact with her .

  1. Lebee

    ANY article concerning the honor of a Lebanese personality is a concern in the country Lebanon.

    For being myself Lebanese and for Haifa being also Lebanese it makes her a "moral sister" of mine, and any Lebanese does not solely represent Lebanon whom ever he is starting with me, as Cleopatra does not solely represent Egypt.
    Valuable history sites civilizations movements for humanity to learn and evolve, and not who did precisely what and why.
    Lebanon is an "Ideology" who's value is in the persistence of its existence itself. Lebanese represent liberty of thoughts and expressions whether radical or liberal. Lebanon has and always will lovingly embrace "all" its children. We love we understand we forgive we are sympathetic we are beautiful we are helpful we are good we are higly educated we are beaters we have sharp brains we are successful...we are Lebanese we are proud! Lebanese are a message for world peace. Based upon that and much more that western people of valuable words and positions define the country Lebanon by "The Lebanon".

    Only whom who finds relief in going into narrow districts of hateful accusations of shame solely represent the rewind movement of evolvement...in his brain.
    On World Wide Web and for millions of readers you are deliberately spreading an accusation of a woman being a woman of shame who's daughter "is obviously" (as you wrote) shameful of?
    I'm glad you feel more honorable...

  1. Lebee

    Fast keyboard mistyping: Highly and not higly

  1. To Egyptian Karim
    To Egyptian Karim

    U R SAYING :----Haifa has made her daughter ashamed of her because of the way she acts and dresses. Some of the things people are saying about Lebanon is furthering the stereotype of Lebanese women that I find disgusting.----- ?????????????????????????????

    ??????????????? ooooooh leave the people of lebanon worry about that and go worry about what some people all the time say about FIFI ABDO and DINA furthering the steeeeerrrreoootyyype or whatever of your women that i find GROSSSS?

    wallah inta mo3ak fikriyan

  1. zazo

    noo idont think soo cause im from jwaya and her daughter is still too young to get married so haifa dont worry about it but u have to see her and care about her cause ur ex husband's family r talkin soo bad about u infront of ur daughter... sooo hope things work out.

  1. priscilla

    i agree with every comment lebee said goo us lebs and i highly doubt ashmy is lebanese and mahadan elu 5osa wat haifa does and how she lives her life .. its her choice and im soo proud of any lebanese who is ad rebe3 haifa...

  1. chris

    i just cant beleive you guys !!! who cares what haifa do or did ?!!!

    we all know ennu mish bs haifa every singer nowadays did plastic surgeries , w ba3deen al wa7ad wara khyel esba3o ma byetkhabba , and we all know except dumbs ya3ni ennu en ken haifa or every singer metla gave up something at the begining of their career expecially that they have no talent whatsoever .. bs at the end she is just an entertainer ennu soo what ? in my opinion she has a beauty and soo other girls in lebanon , i think fi kteer natural beauty much cuter and beautifull too ... ennu come on guys grow up ..and whaeever she chose to do is her business and her life ennu what's the big deal ?? she is a men's entertainer that's it ennu bil 3alam al 3arabi we lack these things , that's why she is a big deal there

  1. ishtar

    for all of you ignorant people who left their comments without reading the facts .if you google hayfa you will find the accurate info about her in wikibidia .it says she was born on 1976 it means she is 32 years old .and she gave birth when she was 17 thats makes her daughter under the age of 14.how can she can get married at this early age.please know all the facts before attaking anybody jeolous people.

  1. Mia

    haifa wuz born n 1970 she is 38. wikipidia is run by anyone who wants to write anythinq they want there, doesnt make any of that factual. she doesnt even look 32 with all her plastic surgery! && NOBODY ever said what aqe haifa wuz when she qave birth.

  1. To the one who answered lebanonlove
    To the one who answered lebanonlove

    1-how do you know about her intimate relationships? speack of something you have witnessed and don't make up things online no one believe craps like your's anymore no matter what you say.

    2-how come you are dam sure that the scandal back then Haifa was in it? police even said she was not and all Lebanon know that, it's only for media purpose. Or maybe you were partying with the real scandal people?
    it's obvious ino hadan be3tak ta tehkeh w tshaweh soureta la ino ma hadan byehkeh hek online ila illi fi ghayeh bi rasso w mahada walad hon so bala hablak/habalik 3al soboh w hterem halak shi nakzeh. Haifa mara metel imak so behave ur toungue w inta ma khassak ila bi halak w khafif ghireh ka2ano inta aw inteh never got laid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fatesh bahbesh tle2ik / tle2ikeh kil yom bi takhet shekel...

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