Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab on MBC

sabah al khair ya arab

The people over at MBC are busy bees!
Their latest project is 'Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab' -Good Morning Arabs-, a daily morning show with which you can start your day!
The show consists of various segments that will interest all family members and all age groups!
What's really cool about this new morning show, is that it broadcasts from 4 spots at the same time; Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Egypt!

Have you tuned in to the show? What did you think? Hot or Not?

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  1. Mermaid

    I think it is gonna be HOT, especially if it tries to unite us arabs again, I mean we start fighting over the silliest things like starac contestants... Seriously sabah el 5eir ya arab!!!!!

  1. Basala

    I really liked the show!
    It's full of varied topics and even cooking :)
    Great job MBC!

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