Fox Movies Coming to a TV Screen Near You!

Fox Movies TV Channel

All of you who are glued to LBC every night watching the Star Academy dailies will have seen the adverts for a new channel called Fox Movies. Well it’s good news all around for all those Hollywood lovers amongst you as ‘Fox Movies’ is a free channel that will air the latest Western movies on the Nilesat network as of the 1st of May!

When I first heard about this channel I was stunned at the similarity between it and MBC2! This channel is a joint effort between the Fox company and Rotana and they have gone all out to outdo any competition.

The main problem that we all complain from when watching any free channel is adverts. Well with ‘Fox Movies’ you will not suffer from the usual 12 minutes of washing powder, soap and baby milk adverts every hour as they plan to cut this down. These are the benefits of other companies entering a less competitive market, now MBC2 is going to have to up its game to make sure that it keeps its viewers. This means better movies, less ads and more fun for us the viewers! Yay!

By Karim

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  1. Angela

    Great! I can't wait!

  1. Cupcake

    I hope they will be showing really new movies!
    their current ad announcement shows only old movies which already aired on MBC 2, MBC Action and also on Dubai One TV ... may be on OTV too!

    Unless, they start with really good and hot stuff, they won't make it!

  1. Nermeen

    Soooo disappointed
    The channel will show Dubbed movies
    How stupid ..........

  1. Angela

    Gosh! I just checked the schedule on their official website and the movies are all old!
    They've got movies from the 30's lined up and the newest movie i saw scheduled was from 1997!

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