Live Blogging from StarAc 5 1st Prime

LBC Star academy 5 first prime

We are with you LIVE from the 1st prime of the much awaited program Star Academy in its 5th season.
The atmosphere is overwhelming and the feeling is unlike anything you've felt this year!
It is great to see Hilda Khalifeh again and meet new students from all over the Arab world.
We are proud to tell you that WALEG is the only site that gave you 3 names from this year's students; Fawaz from Kuwait, Amaal from Tunisia and Thiya from Morocco! And their photos too!
As for the rest of the students: Mohammad from Jordan, Zaher from Palestine, Saad from Lebanon, Ahmad from Egypt, Bader from Saudi Arabia, Mustapha from Lebanon, Khaled from Kuwait, Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, Omar from Iraq, Adnan from Syria, Nader from Tunisia, Mirhan from Egypt, Shahinaz from Egypt, Asmaa from Morocco, Jessica from Lebanon and Amal from Algeria.

Stay tuned for LIVE updates ... more after the jump ...

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