Fawaz is the New Starac 5 Student From Kuwait


As promised, here is another photo of an almost accepted student in LBC Star Academy 5. This is Fawaz from Kuwait.

Again, we promise more photos to come.

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  1. Basala

    Hey WALEG! We want more photos!

  1. ewww


  1. meme_london

    lol he looks 2 old 4 star academy lol! but anywayz good luckkkk 2 him.... iz does any1 have a clue if this year will be any iraqi candidate in star academy??? i seriosuly cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. afrah

    alliee meme..das wat we're waitin 4:P imagine e rd bein packed again:P..dis time better be fully iraqi ba3d:P...

  1. crazychic

    u guys..
    cmon... these ppl wont b in starac.. everytime pics come up and its never them! lbc keeps the contestants hidden until the first prime, i think we've seen in this for 4 years now.. dont waste energy trying to figure out who are the contestants, we'll see them jan 18!

  1. was in beirut
    was in beirut

    Hi, i was one of the lucky people to go to Beirut for the final casting a few weeks ago and i can assure you that this guy has a big chance of being in Starac 5 ... we were all there in Jouniah!

  1. staracfan

    Hi to "was in beirut"

    Do you think that those 3 other girls have a big chance of winning?
    Can you describe us how it was the casting procedure?
    What did all of the candidates do?etc.

    Thanks in advance!

  1. Noura

    They are never true pictures ! Where's the surprise then . Am telling u they're not right , we will all see them on Jan. 18 and i know 1 contestant thats gonna b there for sure ; )

  1. afrah

    hey noura..whos that person that u think cud be 1 of the contestants?

  1. dark__angel

    i wish all the kuwaiti can win ":)

    i will sport them to the end !!

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