Diana Haddad: Most Stylish Star of 2007

Every year a panel of judges and the general public help decide on who take on the title of ‘Most Stylish Star’ of that year. After receiving 26.6% of the public’s votes and a mark of 74/100 from the judges Diana Haddad was crowned ‘Most Stylish Star of 2007’. The dress that won her the title was one she wore to an awards ceremony held by ‘Huryaty’ magazine which was designed by Akl Fakeeh.

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In second place was last year’s ‘Most Stylish Star’ Nawal El Zoghbi who received 76/100 from the judges, which was the highest score, but only 13% of the viewer’s votes. In third place was none other than Najwa Karam with her Jerash Festival dress followed by Elissa in fourth place.

It is good that we are recognizing beautiful women in beautiful dresses, but what about the men? If we had a ‘Most Stylish Man of 2007’ who do you think it would be and why?

By Karim

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  1. S.M.S.

    I like Nawal's style of dressing, very classy and she has the body to carry it off.

    This dress that Diana Haddad is wearing to me is horrid, but to each his own!!!!

    Who's the least stylish?? It has to be Dina Hayak. Beautiful woman with a beautiful body but her style is horrendous.

  1. Ghaliah

    I don't agree with the results. I think Nancy, Nawal El Zoughbi, Najwa Karam, and Elissa have the best style. Diana Haddad is style is old fashioned and ugly. Maya Nasri is pretty but her style is very tacky and ugly too.

  1. eva84

    Diana haddad is not ugly,she's not a true beauty but she's very charming and pretty in her own way(and one of the most natural singer)
    Elissa don't have her own personality in clothes and really have an ugly face so Nawal(who have a great body in shape),Nancy or Najwa would have been a better choice

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