Syrian Actors, Egyptian Dramas!

This Ramadan we saw something that hardly occurred in the world of TV: Syrian actors and actresses were taking part in Egyptian Ramadan dramas! I guess we could trace this pandemic to last year when Jamal Sulaiman starred in ‘Hadaek El Shaytan’ which was a huge success, and then this year he was part of ‘Awlad EL Layl’. After it was obvious that Syrian actors helped and did not hinder an Egyptian series many Syrian actors were cast. Tayem Hassan, I must say, was the biggest surprise amongst the Syrian actors this Ramadan.

He took on the role of King Farouk and made it so believable, so human and that takes a real professional to do! He even mastered the Egyptian dialect! Ayman Zidan was another Syrian actor penetrating the Egyptian series this year with his series ‘Oyoun Wa Ramad’. Ayman said that the world of Egyptian dramas is extremely different but that he is thrilled with this experience.

The question is did you, the viewers, enjoy seeing Syrian actors in Egyptian dramas?

By Karim

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  1. Shaza(im bk)
    Shaza(im bk)

    actually the one good was tayem no one else
    i didnt enjoy gamal soliman in hada2ek el shaytan dunno y i didnt like him and neither this year . Ayman zidan still needs work i dunno i cant put him in the place he took this year .. his egyptian dialect is 5/10 and i cant see him in anythin else except comedy .
    The best so ffar was tayem . He will a great actor i am sure of this

  1. MASRI

    Jammal Seliman has not mastered the dialect, so they should stop casting him...
    As for Taym, he's a great actor. BUT still, I don't get casting a Syrian to play the Egyptian King? I wish Yehia El Fakhrani had accepted the role when it was offered to him. Same with Ahmed Ezz, and el Sakka. Although El Sakka would not have done it well. I'd take Taym over both Ezz and Sakka. But Fakrani would have played Farouk amazingly well.

  1. sara

    taym hasan did a GREAT kod this year. not ony did he act in such a great way but he also stole our hearts
    jamal sleman also did a great job las t year. i dint really watch awlad ellayl this year. anywayz i dont understand why youthink he did such a bad job.
    is it just because they didnt choose an eygptian actro
    well just to tell u one of the directors is also is syrian
    and really no efeence but what is up with these eygptian dramas
    EVERY SINGLE YEAR same tories is msalaslat!!
    com on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smaalllah LOOK at the syrians
    OOOO so talented
    bab elharah was mostly atched not only is the middle east , BUT HERE IN CANADA TOOOO. SO dont u say syrian actors arnt good actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. masreya

    All the Syrian actors have obviously done a great job in the Egyptian dramas, which the article has pointed out...It's about talent but also chance and luck: u gotta be at the right place & at the right time..& some of these actors r continuing to participate in Egyptian Cinema (Jamal just moved to Maadi, Egypt)......

    Sara, as far as im concerned nobody said Syrians weren't good actors, did u make that up or sth....anyway, if u think Egyptian dramas are just the same old stories, just don't watch them...believe me there are enough viewers in the Middle East and the entire world, i'm sure 1 not watching will make ZERO difference

    It's great that the entertainment field has began to expand in other Arab countries...bravo 4 them all!!

  1. MASRI

    Sara, take a Chill pill, you seriously need one.
    And Jammal Slieman was not taling Se3edi well in Hadayek el Shaytan, that's something everyone knows, so don't argue about it....
    And the director of the show was Egyptian...

    Plus, Egyptian drama's have and always will be at the top of the list. And in terms of Actors, just don't let me talk, because our Egyptians actors have a huge advantage in that catergory.
    And just to let you know, these someone like Taym Hassan is brought cheaply, he isn't payed half as much as the rest of the Egyptian actors, who get what, are the most payed in the middle east....

  1. ahmed

    She doesn't know what she's saying trust me...Sara it just a child, and she is not ready to argue with adult.
    Don't pay attention to her.

    for real...

  1. audrey


    you have crossed all boundaries with your last post. Excuse me!!! Are you saying Egyptians are exploiting taym hasan by giving him a lower wage? First of all, he is a fantastic actor. In my book, he is Oscar worthy. So if they brought him because he will accept a cheaper salary, it's pretty sad!!! Let's not forget that it was a Syrian director who nominated him for the role.
    Also, you mention that there are great Egyptian actors.There is no denying in that. However, Syrian actors are as great, and they are very talented.
    Please, use your words wisely before you post them. It's pretty offensive when you indirectly take the light away from Syrian actors' talents!!!

  1. Mr.BrightSide

    Calling all EGGyptians, time to get over it, The Syrians are catching up and will soon surpass you. Everyone is sick of the same old stories in your soaps and movies, most uncreative people in the world...

    Who the hell would make a show about a DICTATOR king WHO WAS A PUPPET TO WESTERN POWERS and GLORIFY IT WITH LIES.

  1. Shaza(im bk)
    Shaza(im bk)

    Mr.bright site,
    Actually most of u r just talkin like barbarians . Egyptian series arent using the same stories WTF r u sayin .. this year we had yousra's series it discussed sth never done in the middle east before . Yehia el fa5arany series a new type of series A PERFECT and a new story that discusses everythin that's new . Omar el sherif talkin about his love to his country and how do egyptians who live away from their country feels it is new . El daly for nour el sherif discusses a new suspensabal point IT IS NEW never done before.even fifi abdo's series is new i reallllly loved its story it is EXTRA NEW ..on the other hand u would find the seires athar el hakeem did for the 11 september tragedy .. Egyptian series are discussing world wide issues while syrian one are still rotating in a circle the wont ever end they just get to the same point at the end . Actually , u just speak without watching aw u watch without taste so u cant write the proper comment .No one can deny how much great success syrian series has done in the latest years but still it is too little to be compared to egyptian ones . Syrian actors are so talented especially Tayem but still there is much work to be done . Ayman zidan said it in an interview he said that he was in a world ( syrian world) and he came to the egyptian world which really knows what does the word ART STANDS FOR .There u go , those actors are all saying the same thing egyptian dramas and series is 100 times way different and harder than syrian ones . Guys , i am not just sayin this cuz i am egyptian nooo . i watch both and even this year i watched more syrian series than egyptian ones .Yet , i can tell u that egyptian ones were much bettter and every year they are doing greater steps and so does syrian ones . SO, plz stop arguing GO SYRIA GO EGYPT . No need for close minded people plz

  1. cupcake

    People ... unless Arabs cooperate together in cinema, we won't be able to move to the next big step ... the secret behind the most successful American movies is the diversity of actors and directors nationalities ... they came from all over the world .. !! so what if Syrians and Egyptians are working together, at the end its for our advantage to see better work !!! i hope next year we will see more nationalities involved !!! even with just small roles!

  1. S.M.S.

    These exchanges about such topics get more amusing every time and somehow always feels like deja vu...
    By the way no one should take a chill pill unless advised to do so by a certified physician :P

  1. sara

    mr.ahmed IM A CHILD
    swettie uv crossed the line
    mr i am child u need to start respecting people .
    and com on u cant deny it SYRIAN ARE ON THE TOPP
    what r u tryin to tell me eygyptian actors are better thatn syrian !!!!
    well let me tell you this SYRIAN DRAMA HAS REACHED THE TOP!!!!
    who agrees with me!!!!
    k mr I AM A CHILD

  1. MASRI

    Ya, I'd like to see Syrian actors who can match these actors:

    Ahmad Zaky
    Adel Imam
    Salah El Sa3dany
    Yehya El Fakrani
    Nour el Sherif
    And many actors, from today, and the old actors.

    These are Historic actors, that we won't see like again, unfortuanetly.

    BTW, I did not say that Taym was a bad actor, I said I disagree having him play an Egyptian KING. But seeing how is was the 4th option after they offered the role to 3 Egyptian actors.
    As for Jammal Suliman he's another great actor, but the guy can't talk Egyptian right, it's a fact, and just face it....
    And yes, these actors, probably Taym more than Jammal are not payed as much as the huge Egyptian stars. But still, they get paid more than they do in Syria.

  1. cupcake


    Here is a syrian actor who is sill alive and who is from the same generation and more famous than the famous and respected list of actors you provided:

    Duraid Lahham (famous as Ghawar el-Tosheh)

    Asaad Fiddah

    Muna Wassef (ex: role of Hind in the very famous movie AlResala)

    Salma Masri

    Ghassan Massoud (ex: Kingdom of Heaven!)

    Asmahan (singer and actress), you know that she is Syrian, right?

    and the list for both countries goes on :)

    we have a loooong list of great actors in the Arab world :)))

  1. sara

    THANK U cumpcake

  1. daisy

    thank u

  1. angelica

    oh y God you are all kidding this is how arabs will never unite. yes syria has great actors but if they want more fame they all run to egypt to get it (as gamal suliman himself said more than once) don't deny that. from the list cupcake gave i don't know except mona wassif , dureed laham and ghassan massoud as he worked with khaled el nabawy in kingdom of heaven.
    asmahan originally syrian but please tell me did she really started her career with Farid el atrash in syria - no they escaped as we all know and started their career in egypt and they are even buried in egyptian soil as requested by farid himseld before he died.
    please all stop what you are doing the gap is coming more and more wide between the arabs just because of silly views. try to repect each other opinion and country.

  1. sam

    I agree with angelica.
    There's no need 4 competition or jealousy. I hope all Arabs fail in the field & start putting their efforts elsewhere i.e. technology, packaged food, cleaning...whatever!

    Either way if it boils down to this then Egyptians have more than proved themselves in singing, acting, media & humour & what not. Not only that but they have been very helpful pushing other non-Egy's forward. Other countries are just starting 2 prove themselves & all the best with that quite frankly.

    But singing & acting as a whole globally r rubbish now; the Golden era is long gone as far as most r concerned. Allah yikhrebeit kol il fananeen.

  1. S.M.S.

    Please tell me you are not including Country Music in your "But singing & acting as a whole globally r rubbish now;" ?!!!! :P

  1. Cherr

    stop all this!
    first; for the king farouq (acting is a job) and every one has his own opinion so if taym hassan accepted to do this you can't agress him because he's free also the director is free and the writer is free to write his own view, that's why drama is made for! to tell us all the point of view not repeating the same point everytime hata yjina takhalof 3aqli!!! brain wash!!
    and the producers are free and i know that this serie cost 2 million pound! and the surprise is: the producer is saoudian not egyptian! soo egyptian calm down you don't have the right to say that egyptians payed him low! and a lot of egyptians actor didn't accept not because it's about "king farouq" absolutly not! but they wanted a very high wage!!
    and as i see tayem played very well the caracter of the king, and he won a lot! love of million arabs and fame and intichar ! so he's smart to do the right choice (there's not only money)

  1. MASRI

    First, Yehia el Fakhrani always dreamed of playing the role, it was offered to him before anyone. He turned it down because he said he was too old to play it now. After that it was offered to Ahmad Ezz, who turned it down because he did not wan't to appear wearing any facial hair. After Ezz, it was offered to Ahmad El Sakka, who refused the role because he was too scared people would hate him after it. Which is obvious, because in Egypt it was told to us that he was "3ameel" to the English army, and that he betrayed the country. So everyone hated him. But obviously the truth was finally told in the show.

  1. sara

    ya MISTER ahmed
    gosh if ur having trouble reading do TALK~!!!!

  1. Cherr

    ok Masri,
    thanks to clarify my info about the 3 egyptians actors who refused the offre. but still that don't denie the fact that the producer is a saoudian and by consequence wwhat someone said, in an agressive way, about how egyptians used taym cheply (i don't remember who? is it you or another that's not my problem actualy! but he's an egyptians for sure)

    finaly maybe i don't share with you the same opinion, but at least you were respectfull with me and that's what i liked, "civilised way"

    by the way yahya fakharani is one of respectful egyptians actor and the proof as you said his reason to refuse the show was so objective.

    and thanks to tell me this information:
    because in Egypt IT WAS TOLD TO US that he was "3ameel" to the English army, and that he betrayed the country. So everyone hated him.But obviously the truth was finally told in the show.

  1. 22

    syrian actors rocks!!

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