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leila kanaan

You might have not heard of Leila Kanaan, but we have all seen her work!
Leila is a 25-year-old Lebanese girl from Saida. She's got fresh ideas and works in the direction of originality and uniqueness.
Leila directed a couple of films, tv commercials and video clips ... You know those cute Clean & Clear commercials? Yup! That's her work!
As for video clips, you've seen Leila's other work in Issa Ghandour's Minsafer, Joe Ashkar's Waynik, Yara's Twassa Fey, Diana Haddad & Cheb Khaled's Mass ou Louly and Haifa Wehbe's Ma Toulch L7ad.

She's also worked with young stars like Super Star Ayman Al Aatar and Starac's Sofia Marikh.
She says that her trademark in clips is simplicity and sensuality ... which is clear in the clips above.
Wish you all the best Leila, may the future hold good things for you ... and many awards!

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  1. Girgi

    Sorry Leila but u made a complete mess of Sofia Marikh clip

  1. MASRI

    Movies?? What movies did she direct?

  1. Xristy

    i just liked Sofia Marikh's video clip

  1. rawya

    She directed short films i think, no feature films yet, i remenber seeing her short called My father's house at the Clermont Ferrand's film festival in France, it was hilarious and really well done, the theatre was full and everyone laughed all the way! I love her clip for Yara and Joe Ashkar a lot!

  1. simplyme

    I find Sofia's clip remarkable and out of ordinary cause its different and stylish and fits her voice and look.Good work Leila..at last something unlike the rest.

  1. Ahmad

    Oh my god she's so young :-)))) ! I like her work, it's always classy and sensual, she never failed to amaize me

  1. Jawad

    wowwwwwww, such a character !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. J.P.

    J'aime beaucoup ce qu'elle fait, c'est toujours raffine,elegant et de bon gout...en plus elle a l'air d'etre belle, est ce que quelqu'un sait ou je peux trouver ses courts metrages?

  1. lamia

    Leila has done the best video for Yara wich is twassa fey, the best video of Madeleine wich is Ba7ebak wa dari, the best video for Joe ashkar wich is Waynek, the best video for diana wich is Mas wa loli.......For all these reasons i love her cause her videos are always the talk of the town!

  1. fergy fan
    fergy fan

    oh i know a lot about Leila i actually follow her work, or sometimes i see a clip i like and i wait till the end to see who directed it and i find that it's her.. i think she's very creative and her clips are all well done. i think that she never repeats herself and she always surprises us with new style each time unlike other directors who always do the same thing and treat the same ideas. She's just unpredictable and stylish...

  1. mostafa

    Layla bmoutttttttttttttt fikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, chatra ktir w amarrrrrrr!!!!

  1. gaby

    guys im gonna say something about this director that no one knows ... she copied the last clip of dianna haddad , the one in the bathroom (i 4got the song's same) from a frensh one for pascal obispo and zazie ( les meilleures enemmies)...its totally the same ..she did a copy paste job..anyways u can check both clips on www.tube.com

  1. Girgi

    I really think that this girl has a promising career. Oh and you gave sofia a great look, thank you for daring!

  1. Toufic

    hey just looked at utube, there are some similarities in the two clips, but i really prefer Diana's adi!! amazing work, the music video sticks to the song and it is soooo beautifully orchestrated :).
    oh and btw gaby, why don't u go on www.leilakenaan.com to check her other work, and tell me if you find something else similar to another music video...
    I'd just wish that people support our lebanese directors, they are fighting a war to try and raise our industry's quality, and it not an easy task with singers that just want to expose their bodies and faces on the screen. I think we should be constructive and support them as much as we can and try to give constructive comments!

  1. Toufic

    the site is www.leilakanaan.com sorry 4 mistyping

  1. Rana

    what if the singer wanted the same video??? after all nawal always copies j-lo's videos and style, Elissa also copies j-lo and beyonce in the way she dresses, nancy copies egyptian movies, haifa's trying to be Madonna!!!!!! No one of all these singers have his own identity!!

  1. Youssef

    NEEDLESS TO SAY that the famous nadine labaki copied most of her video clips from one single movie : CHICAGO and i didn't hear anyone complaining... if you think gaby that u discovered something new by being sherlock holmes then guess again my dear... even if you do copy paste everything there's still the director's touch that changes the whole concept of the image. and i'm trying to figure out what bothers you so much about it unless you are a lame failure of a director running around websites posting bad stuff about leila because you know that she is way better than you and you are just jealous because you can never be as good as she is.
    one thing i want to say about leila is that she's the most creative talented lebanese director i've ever seen... and if you want to help the lebanese cinema/videos industry then you have to support her because she's our only real hope.

  1. folla

    All directors in the arab world take ideas from foreign films and clip, Said al marok said in al jaras magazine that he does a puzzle with different ideas taken from here and there, yet he is concidered the master of directing. sherif sabri also do this, in deed nawal's are taken from j-lo's and she is now copyying herself from clip to clip! Nicole's new video is taken from Beyonce, Maria from all chenel and louis vuitton commercials, Magda el roumi from chocolate, kylie's video...So if everyone does so who is to balme, stupid singers or directors????

  1. gaby

    sorry guys but there is difference between taking ideas and totally copying a clip..

  1. rana

    Hahahaahahahaaaaa.... i think i prefere a person who copies the whole thing then a person who copies a bit from here and there just to hide what he did !! lollllllllllllll !!!! This is worse it's called hypocrisie!!!!! Lolllllllll...

  1. Ghina


  1. tunisboy

    My god just checked her site, didn't know she did all these videos and only 25 years old!!!! She is something...

  1. Simaz

    personally i'm not a fan of copying neither taking ideas...but let's be frank the problem strats from the source: SONGS. When you have songs stolen from turkish songs which are stolen from other turkish songs and the same lyrics used and abused and reused and melodies we heard like billion of times, i mean one should be crazy to waist his time a second trying to create an original visual for such songs!!!!!! We can only juge when people work on personal stuff after huge reflexion, so don't waist your time anymore trying to find who copied what from where cos this is POP industry. Watch MTV: it's always the same shots from video to video and the same shit, it's like commercials, when you watch shampoo commercials from the 60's till now you still have the same shots of the hair shining and going down while floating,... We can say that nowadays singers are just products like shampoo or hot dog can! We're defenetely not talking about art.

  1. Dora

    just checked the site....one word: AWSOME. You rock baby!!!!!!!!!! MOKKKHHHHHHHHHHHH, badna heik banatttt mich mitil dana w nanaaaa...

  1. Rami

    Layla do you accept to marry me??????????

  1. Samia

    I love what she does, she's the princess of emotions and hope one day she'll get to direct her own movie cos she really deserve it!

  1. lama

    For me she is the best in the new generation of arab directors

  1. Souraya

    Pour moi c'est l'une des meilleurs, il y a beaucoup d'emotions et de gouts dans ce qu'elle fait et pour son jeune age elle est exceptionelle!!!! C'est promettant!

  1. brian


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