Haifa Wehbe in Serious Car Accident

Haifa Wehbe Car Accident

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe survived a serious car accident while filming her latest video clip of the song 'Hassa if Benna Haga' in Lebanon.
The video clip shows a helicopter chasing Haifa's car ... What happened was that the helicopter hit the back of Haifa's car and also Haifa's head! This resulted in a huge accident that left the car smashed and loads of glass pieces flew in all directions which resulted in puncturing the helicopter's fuel tank! The fuel spilled all over Haifa & the crew ... This could have become an ugly exploding accident ... But luckily that didn't happen.

Photos of Haifa Car Accident

pics of Haifa wahbe car accident

The Lebanese Army forces came to the rescue and pulled Haifa away from the wreck and protected the crew as well.
Haifa was taken to the hospital for check up ... She was under surveillance for about 24 hours ... Luckily she came out of this whole experience with no serious injuries.

Haifa thanked the Lebanese forces for helping her and promised her fans that she'll be back very soon to continue working on her new album.

Watch the video

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  1. dana

    heyy im very sry 4 what happend 2 u.:(

    i hope u will get better soon.salamtek.

  1. S.M.S.

    Poor Haifa!!
    I was just reading about her hurting for Lebanon and its people when I heard about her accident. Tsk haifa, Lebanon is hurting for you.

  1. Marianne Khoury
    Marianne Khoury

    Get well soon Haifa!!!Despite the fact that I don't actually like her,i really felt sorry for the accident.....peace y'allxoxo

  1. masreya

    she needs 2 take this accident as a sign from above

  1. roro

    7araaaaaaam haifaaa....salemet albik...

  1. sam

    the acccident sounded awful..........but in the picture of her in hospital she looked fine!!

    anyway she was lucky not to be badly hurt

  1. sam

    the acccident sounded awful..........but in the picture of her in hospital she looked fine!!

    anyway she was lucky not to be badly hurt

  1. ahmed

    Oh thatís too bad hehe I wish my Haifa will be stay in the hospital for a year cause no body like her. They doing psycho to her to die and I hate that. She should rest for a year then she can do what ever she want. Am sorry but she is very funny looking hahah./..

  1. lebanongirl

    how could you say that ahmed, what an awuful thing to say about a human being no matter if you don't like her or not.. show a little respect or at least a human emotion, what if that happened to you some day or some one from your family got hurt.. what a shame because you don't seen to have a sense of heart.

  1. faysal

    I hope she will get well soon. Wishing someone a good recuperation is a sign of humanity towards others, even if you do not like that person.


  1. Roland

    Thank God shes ok. i love haifa!

  1. Farah

    Haifa I hope you get better soon and continue with your beautiful career. Thank God you're still alive and well. Accidents happen to everyone, that's the bad side of life. I love you because everytime I see your videoclips and hear your songs, you shift my moood to joyfulness. How can I possibly hate someone who brings happiness to me and my 3 young daughters? :) We Love you and we support you. May God protect you.

  1. yea

    omg i love haifa i feel soo bad for her :( ...and ahmed you are soooo weird cuz all guys love haifa w/e the reason is ...sry but i think that is soooo funny hahaha

    carlo star (love haifa)

  1. Rima

    She is fine! Do you see any scratches, blood or bruises? She just looks shaken up and scared in this pics, as anyone would be.

  1. luvu

    well, lets put it this way. its a good thing she didnt die because then she would've ended up in hell...poor haifa, maybe she will take this sign into consideration and actually stop all her nonsense and learn that wat she is doing is bad.

  1. ss

    omg i teared up i love you haiouf sooo glad ur okay love you hun

  1. hiba

    Hope Haifa that you will get better soon

    I love Haifa

  1. Sertraline

    Lucky Haifa, ffs mate, eh.

  1. sule

    ı hate all arabic women as haifa wehbe she will not live lifelong therefore she must be well-behaved more and more

  1. chicagogurlz

    im so sry haifa i hope u felt the wawa maybe this well be an experience for good and keep others from becoming like you cause ur no comparison t o nancy

  1. Refugee

    I have a different take on Hayfa's accident. check out my blog www.cb48.blogspot.com to read it.

  1. Brittney

    Where can I find pictures of her family...parents, sisters, etc...?
    I am curious to see what they look like.

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    I am no huge fan of Haifa, but I was very shocked by the news. And the pictures just show how serious it was.
    Haifa, I wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

  1. Serena Saab
    Serena Saab

    Omg!!!did u see Haifa's moustache when she appeared on tV from the hospital??!!!i was extremely shocked!!!But this is not all....this woman is totally artificial..there's nothing natural in her..starting from her contact lenses,her stuffed cheeks(with silicone of course),and her fake boobs....she gotta learn from that accident that she shouldn't be going against nature!!!!!this is an illustration of God's punishment!!!!

  1. Lina

    Yes Serena!!!You're totally right!!!!Haifa is artificially beautiful,and not beautiful by nature!!!I bet they had to spend hours and hours to remove her make-up when she was at the hospital!!why can't she just be like Diana Karazon for example?!she is naturally stunning!

  1. lala_lebanese

    wow...first she falls off stage then this awful accident...what's third!
    i mean she's muslim when is she gonna learn that these are signs from allah..i don't hate her but i am not her fan either, but someone should tell her she needs to calm down before the next time she'll be in something really serious or as they say 'el talte sabte'
    but yeah she is soo fake i've seen her before she looked natural and normal..now she is stuffed with silicon..sadly, but she needs to calm down seriously or she'll end up in what else but hell..

  1. brittney

    What are you people talking about??

    Haifa is stunning! Yes she may have had surgery but she had the base from the beginning.

    Look at Nancy Ajram. She was not pretty before & ALL the surgery she has had makes her look freakish.

    Look at May Hariri. She did not have any beauty to work with before & she looks like she is a feline, not human...scary.

    If you have the foundation then surgery will simply enhance it.

    Haifa just needs to stop here & not go overboard.

    Look at pics of her when she was a little girl. She was very pretty.

    Now what she chooses to do with her beauty is a different story.

    I personally know someone that has had many surgeries & she is still unattractive, just like before. She wasn't born with beauty.

    Is beauty everything? Absolutely not, but people should admit it when they see someone beautiful. Trust me, you cannot buy beauty like Haifa's. She was born with it.

  1. Brigitte

    I'm sorry but whoever said that haifa had this coming to her and she is being punished by god has a sick way of thinking in my opinion. She isn't the first woman to show some cleavage and be overtly sexual and God doesn't punish people by giving someone a near death experience. God doesn't selectively take the lives of those who don't live by the book. If that was the case, Paris hilton and others would have died a long time ago. God wouldn't want people to wish harm on others even your worst enemy. Whatever happened to forgiveness? Someone must be wrong with people if they wish something like this upon another human being. What has haifa done to you people that has disrupted your personal lives? Absoultely nothing. You don't have to have compassion for her but AT LEAST have some for human life.

  1. louisa

    nchalla tkoun fehmet el message from up above, inno se3et yalle bado allah byekhdik ya haifa so fhamiya ba2a w raw2ilna yeha :) anyways salemtik bubye

  1. Diana

    All of you who are saying that she deserved it, you are nasty and horrible. Allah will in turn punish you for being nasty to another human. Let's hope you have a crash too - I think you are all jealous because she is the most beautiful woman in the universe.

  1. amr

    haifaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa get well soon isa yr da best and im waiting for yr album and clips isa and u r da best in da world love ya ...xoxox

  1. elias

    7aram haifa te2borne elias mhanna

  1. luv

    ok first of all this is a place where we can express our opinion. and god doesnt want to kill her he wants to cause something that'll make her think...but unfortunately she has no brain. i mean why does he make us sick, why do bad things happen to us..its to remove our bad deeds and make us realize wat we do. so thats exactly whats happenin to haifa she just doesnt realize it

  1. Brittney

    Question....why do lebanese women where so much make up?

    Why do they draw in their eyebrows?

    Why do they put so much eye make up on?

    Why are they always jealous of everyone else & never happy with themselves.

    Do Lebanese men like that?

    Someone, please let me know.

  1. S.M.S.

    Yep you are so perseptive ya Ms Brittney, and ofcourse here I am being sarcastic here because you are obviously not very gifted in the IQ area and thus would tend to believe I was serious. Yes yes only the whole female population of the Lebanese people tend to wear so much makeup in the Arab world and from your comment one can conclude that for you to generalize about them being jealous stems from a personal issue you have with them or as I said before you are a very silly person.
    However I have to thank you for reminding me today that there are people around like you who do have worse problems (in your case mental and esteem issues) than others. Ya3ni like they say "bas tshouf misibit ghairak....".
    I hope I answered your question :)

  1. S.M.S.


  1. Brittney


    I wasn't being ugly at all. I was simply asking for an opinion. There is no reason to be so defensive & attack me. Most of the lebanese women I have encountered where tons of makeup. My in-laws constantly watch LBC & other Lebanese shows and yes ALL the women on those shows look like that. Some of them have natural beauty & ruin it with all the make-up. Others are not pretty & cake it on.

    It is widely known that most Lebanese people validate themselves by how they appear to others...appearance, material items, etc...ALL the ones I have known are that way.

    Yes there is that small percentage that are not that way at all. My mother in-law has lived in lebanon all her life & 100% agrees with me. Sadly enough, she herself judges people on looks.

    I am just trying to understand the culture...that is all.

  1. S.M.S.

    You are basing your opinion on Lebanese women that appear on TV and Lebanese shows??!!! I gather your assumption that there " is a SMALL percentage that are not that way" and "JEALOUS from others" is based on your in-laws, your mother-in-law and TV. Obviously from the way you describe it your parents-in-law are shallow and that may have left some residual resentment with you, but do not base your view of Lebanese based on them or TV. There are almost 4 million Lebanese in Lebanon, and a far greater number abroad......

    Yes I agree with most of your second comment, there is a big percentage of Lebanese that are impressed by material things, but there is a bigger percentage that is not. We live in an era where looks, material wealth and comfort are pursued and worshipped worldwide, not only Lebanon (nowadys we are seeing 8 year olds dressed in clothes that are fit for women in their 20's). However let me add that your first comment was vicious and childish. I don't really care about your make up part, because you have encountered people that do seem to like to be decked in it. I don't know but call me naive in believing, RIGHTLY SO, that there are areas of Lebanon where you can encounter many many women that do not .....
    I will not dispute that shallow materialistic Lebanese women exist in great numbers, but a bigger number that is the opposite exists. Nothing wrong in taking care of yourself though as long as it doesn't become your whole life, as we see unfortunately many Lebanese women who do make it their whole lives, many but not ALL, and too bad that these women are the ones flashe on TV for all to see and they want to be seen which explains it.

  1. S.M.S.

    Let me add that if you had phrased your opinion in a more respectable and less provocative way, I would not have felt the need to attack you as you say... In regards to your first question, I gather you are married from the in-law mention, ask your husband!!!

  1. Brittney


    I appreciate your input. I am basing my observations on my experiences with Lebanese people. My husband agrees with me.

    From my experience, SOME Lebanese are so fake. I have seen it time & time again. They talk about everyone behind their backs immediately after they smiled, served them dinner & wished them well. It sickens me.

    I believe you when you say that the there is a big group of good decent Lebanese people. I haven't encountered too many. The ones I have seen are very superficial & fake. They judge people on the things that don't matter. They make fum of people for things they can't change.

    I can be sitting in a room with a bunch of Lebanese women & all they talk about is everyone else. It's so sad.

    Anyway, thanks again for your input. No harm done.

  1. S.M.S.

    No worries Brittney :)
    I wish you luck and I do understand about the gossip part, it is like a disease and a big shame really.
    I did not mean to sound like a shrew but parts of ur first comment irked me.

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