Miss Iraq 2006 was Silva Sahagian

Miss Iraq 2006 Silva Sahagian

A few months back, there was a Miss Arab World Beauty Pageant in Egypt and among the young women participating in that pageant was Miss Iraq 2006 Claudia Hanna ... Well, turns out that that Pageant was not an unofficial one and that Hanna isn't Miss Iraq 2006 at all and she never participated in a Miss Iraq contest! What a mess!

The real Miss Iraq 2006 is a young lady by the name of Silva Sahagian ... This mix up has caused lots of trouble for the organizers of the unofficial pageant and even a huge law suit has been thrown in their faces by the organizers of the official Miss Arab World Beauty Pageant.

As for Miss Iraq 2007 ... The pageant was held during March & the winner of the title was Anais Catala ... So don't mix it up this time!

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  1. 123

    She looks ugly to be miss Iraq 2006!

  1. lala

    I agree, they sooo need to see me.
    If miss iraq gets to go through miss universe, then am enetering. I never even knew miss iraq existed. Man i know bare prettier iraqi girls than her. Like my cosands and friends. Am telling, there are lost of pretter girls in Iraq than her.
    Anyway, Wlaeg, where is it held. don't tell me iraq cause i can't go there. And where can i find out more info.

  1. Miss JOrdan
    Miss JOrdan

    Where is Miss Jordan, you should post anything about miss jordan,she is sooooo hot (I cant believe it)oh lala.

  1. kawal

    UGLY!!! :p

  1. smr

    shes not that cute...

  1. Heidi

    what the hell? She is UGLY! damn how can they pick her to represent us? hell no...

  1. S.M.S.

    Silva wasn't the original Miss Iraq, she was one the runners-up, fourth I think. The queen and others as well as Silva recieved a lot of death threats for participating in such a contest.

  1. S.M.S.


  1. Alaa Abdul Hadi
    Alaa Abdul Hadi


    2006 Pageant was held in Iraq, Baghdad when Tamar won on April 5th and resigned on April 9th, I was a judge and Miss Iraq 1996.

    they dont judge you on beauty alone, you need to be Charismatic and go through the swimsuit, evening wear etc

    Miss Iraq 2007 was held in Turkey
    organizers are Talat Model Management

    I dont think Kurds and Shiites compete in such events.

    here are pics of Miss Iraq 2007 can be found here http://claudia.hanna.tripod.com/

    in the section that says official beauty queens is where you will find Anais, she is half french and her mother is an Iraqi Jew, beautiful girl.

    Miss Iraq goes way back to 1947, it was never transformed into a TV production but survived and dropped by the Iraqi state organization for Tourism in 1988 and Edith took over until 2005 then in late 2005 it was assumed by Ahmed Kadret of Talat Model Management. based in Monaco, the agency that is.


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