What happened to objective/constructive criticism?

How can a recreational Television program create a political/regional cyber war involving various factions utilizing weapons of hate, racism, verbal abuse, and uncouth comments? Itís pretty shameful if you ask me. Why do we feel the need to always hurt each other? Itís unbefitting of our humanely qualities and civilized upbringings. There is no reason for anyone to feel that they are superior to the other just because they belong to a certain country. Every Arab country has its own unique qualities and characteristics. They have the good and the bad.

The Middle East is filled with civilization and immersed with rich history and culture. No one can make the claim that one country is better than another. They all have their own distinct qualities. Why do we always have to be so nationalistic to the point where we forget our humane nature? Why canít be good citizens of the world? Donít get me wrong. Iím not saying that you should not be proud of whom you are and that you should possess a patriotic devotion to your homeland, but itís unnecessary to have such extreme patriotism.

It can be lethal, and it can strip you of your humanity. God has created earth and he made it so vast for us to live on it cooperatively. The reason for its diversity is so that we can get to know each other and learn about our differences, and consequently, appreciate it. Why do we have to fill it with hate and destruction? There is a simple solution to all of our problems, and itís called respect. We need to respect each other and respect and honor our various opinions. Everyone should be respected. Same goes for the students.

I see a lot of hatred toward the students whom you donít even know. We may not like some of their voices, but there is no need to poke fun of their faces, weight issues, personalities, or their nationalities. What happened to objective/constructive criticism? Why canít we just judge them solely on their performances and voices? And donít tell me this is not a singing competition and itís about everything. Itís a singing competition. I donít see them acting in the primes. I see them singing. At the end of the day, the person with stage presence, voice, and musical talent will make it in this business.

By Audrey

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  1. Shaza( hani u r z star)
    Shaza( hani u r z star)

    Finally someone spoke.
    Waleg i sweaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar i cried in the Prime 13 post i cried alot not cuz many people are insultin Egyptians no cuz i dun see why would we hate eachother and keep callin eachother names b/c of a program.
    When emad sally and ayoub were nominees i voted for emad i didnt for sally i voted for emad emad emad . But i only disagree about something staracademy is about TALENTS mainly Superstar was about VOCIES only . This is what i mean?
    If u guys hate sally cuz of amel this isnt a reasonable reason be with her but dont insult other AND COUNTRIES.
    If sally was nominated with MARWA
    I'll vote to marwa
    but last week sally desrved cuz she is with ali and ahmed whom are already kinda her level.
    Lebanon==> is the arab paris .. Country of fashion and mode in the middle east.
    Egypt===> Hollywood the middle east Country of cinemas stars and country of producing any stars forever.a person cant be a STAR if he/she didnt pass to egypt or even sing in the EGYPTIAN ACCENT .
    Tunisia==> Tunisia is alwayz gr8 and it will keep producing many stars forever . i like watchin tunisian movies " Although i understand nothin " but it has a message.
    Iraq==> Am sorry if any EGYPTIAN insulted this gr8 country . VIVE IRAQ ,, iraq will be bk so soooooon.We all do love iraq here u cant imagine what happened here when sadam was killed .. his name is everywhere i live in alexandria and his name is on the walls of the streets by even little kids.
    If u like a student support him/her but dont keep insultin others..
    GO LEBANON & EGYPT " I dun care about those labanese people who kept insultin us cuz i know lebanon is gr8"
    GOOO Amma7
    GO CARLOOOOOOOOOOOO (L)(L)" I wish he wins this year or mouhamed or marwa".

  1. marmar

    Peace in the Middle East

  1. Tia

    * * * God Bless you Audrey & Thank You.
    Thank you Waleg :)


  1. Yezen

    I love you!!!
    We should all see people for whom they are and not where they are from. These boards should really take your message to heart.

  1. Rami

    well said...really nice said....more stuff like this
    us arabs need to be taught

  1. BamBina

    hats of too u audrey.. yea and ppl wake up n stop insulting each other for a program.. i dont see them in the academy fight over people here and insult each others countries
    thankxxxxxx wonderful topic audrey and waleg

  1. there_is_hope

    there no more to say

    thanks you audrey, waleg, and all who want see us as one hand

    and we have the basics of that, who of us was not with tunise and ksa in world cup

    who of us wasnot sad bcz wat iraqie do with eachother

    who of us wasnot with hezb allah in his war

    no one is better than other ,plz lets think how to integrate each other

    bcz of you audrey , i changed my name from no_hope

    gooooooooooooooooo arab

  1. faysal

    The first time that I saw the Arab version of star 'ac, I thaught "what a good idea a program that unites arabs and arab countries! Unfortunately I was really disapointed by the result it gave. why do we keep insulting each other, we humans are the creation of God almighty.Why was the Arab Leaugue foundend??? To unit Arabs and not discord them.
    Firts the Khaligees were discriminated, why???
    Because they have oil and a lot of $$$$ lol. God can make people rich and chose the ones to be whealty.Why do Arabs do not take the example of the European Union. Most of the European countries have their own Star academy and look how they remain united.Do we have to split up and hold 1 star academy in each arab country???
    Arabs are such chauvinists, look how people in the audience swing with their flag-->although I like star ac it is based on country and nationality.

    Can't we judge on talent and forget the nationality?? The students for the tournťe had to be:
    ---> This people have talent and can sing in front of an audience!!

    Faysal, arabs unit.

  1. moroccan_girl

    finally some1 spoke!!
    im a moroccan and i live in the netherlands !!
    the dutch people hate us so damn( not all of them) much for no reason .. its really unfair because 1 2 or 3 moroccan people are doing bad stuff so it has nothing to with all moroccan people cause not all of us are bad .!!!!!! but i dont like it anymore in the netherlands i wish i was born in morocco cause we dont deserve such things like that please dont discriminate other people !! it hurt other feelings and i know it

    Peace in the Middle East
    and peace in every other country

  1. EgyptGirl

    FINALLY..But Waleg should not allow any comment that contains bad material for any country to come out....I was really shocked by the MUCH HATRED TO EGYPTIANS from some people here!!!

    We never started anything just bcos Sally won !! by her friends ....many persons showered us with many insults!!! and they tried to make a conflict btw 2 people's countries....I think Every one must speak for his/her own opinion..too bad..I was HAPPY BY THE LOVE BTW EGYPTIANS AND LEBANESE STUDENTS BUT WHEN I CAME HERE I WAS SHOCKED (that some arabs or lebanese insulted egyptians bcos of a program who i believe they represent the bad crude in their countries as almost people in their countries don't hate us bcos we don't hate them)


    Go Carlo tina sally ama7
    and please Amal or Ahmed..etc FANS No need to hurt other students

  1. angie

    think you so much for this article,it's about time that some people need to realize that star ac is a program,and pple on it r human beings, i respect each one of them, but i must admit i truelly love and adore Marwa,that girl got me blinded,she's just so real and beautiful in the inside and the out side,plus she's got real talent,she deserve the star,good luck for everyone

  1. jenna

    'Shaza (hani u are the star') u make some good points about the unity of the arab world, but i have to disagree with you about the saddam point. trust me the best thing to happen to iraq was the death of the evil murdering dictator saddam hussein. Many people in the arab world are oblivious to the fact he committed the worst atrocities to date in the history of the world. He murdered millions of innocent people just because they didnt follow the same school of thought as him. He was brought into power and supported by the americans, and the americans ended up being his downfall. Allah yosalid thalim 3ala thalim. He murdered Shia muslims in the millions, Kurds who are sunni, chirstians, and anyone who didnt support his ba3ath party. He killed 5 of my uncles, my best friends mum and dad and for what?? 90% of ppl in iraq are glad tht hes died and the only reason the remaining 10% are sad is because saddam treated them well.
    peace in the middleeast no matter if ur protestant catholic sunni shia anything, we are brothers and sisters in humanity.

  1. tamz

    thank you audrey, couldn't have been said better. we must stay united and stand side by side, muslim, christian and any other sects.
    peace in the middle east.
    peace to palestine, iraq, lebanon.

  1. Yezen

    But jenna, the problem is Iraq is much worse now. Not that Saddam was a good man but all the crimes he commited in his life time do not add up to the deaths since the invasion.

    Sorry to get off topic though lol. I agree with Audry.

  1. jenna

    Hey Yezen, yeh iraq is soo screwed right now, but it was screwed before but noone seemd to give a damn. Whats going on now in iraqi is the fault of al-qaeda trying to dividee the muslims and cause havoc. America and al qaeda are as bad each other. Cant wait till america get the hell out and take al qaeda with them

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    Am'een at what you said.
    Thank you so much.
    You did a very good job, be proud of yourself :) I just hope people can actually read this and get the message in their heads that all this stupidity is completely unnecessary.
    Many forget that this show is purely and primarily about talent, not where they come from. I just donít understand why people use it as a weapon to hurt one another. Yes, to see someone of the same nationality as you and representing your country on one of the biggest shows in the Arab World, is definitely one thing to be proud of. So, why use it as a golden ticket to hurt others.
    You should use it as something to show your pride, not something to show your hatred.

    Whatever happened to respect!?
    Yes, we are all different. We have different nationalities, some live in different countries, some have different traditions and cultures, some have different dialect and accents, some even have different religions. No matter what, we are still Arabs. That is something to be proud of.
    Can we simply not accept that we are all different in many ways?
    And, at the same time, there is something we all share in common? - Arab blood.
    We are all Arabs. No matter what happens, that is something that can never be changed. Itís who we are, and who we will be forever.
    We all come from different background, thatís why each and every one of us is unique. We all stand out in our own way. Therefore, we are entitled to have different views, different opinions, different thoughts and different styles of thinking. Weíre all different.
    Yet, all Arabs.
    Yet, all the same.
    Why all this division?!

    There have been many times where I have hated this website because of the mean and rude posts that individuals post. Most of the times I end up feeling so angry that I want to post a nasty comment back, but I end up questioning ďwhy should I bother?Ē, ďwhy do they bother?Ē, ďthey must be deliberately doing this, and want to hurt and bring people down because they have nothing else better to do!Ē.
    What do they think and feel like when they post comments like that?!
    What do they prove to others?
    What do they prove about themselves?!

    It just leaves me with the following answers: pathetic, weak, stupid, dis-respectful, pointless, inconsiderateÖ.. Endless list.
    But you get the idea, anything and everything as long as itís not positive.

    And the number just keeps going up and up. Itís like there is no end to it!
    Itís really annoying!

    But once again, Audrey, thank you for raising up the point.
    I hope the message hits home.


  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    You mentioned Saddam, but didn't mention Bush on your first comment. I don't mean to be rude. But I feel that many still think that all that is happening in Iraq, even up to this very day, is all because of Saddam. But, that man is gone now. (Allah Yar'hamo) And, there is no single sign of improvement within Iraq.
    I don't think it's so much about Al Qaeda, because they are mainly in Afghanistan, and not in Iraq.
    I would also like to point out that the war on Iraq was illegal. Meaning this war has no end to it. This war started and no one know how to end it.

    So far, after all the disasters in Iraq, no one can say the Iraqis won, no one can say Al Qaeda has won, no one can say America has won. Everyone is losing.

    America is considering about bringing more troops in Iraq.

    I don't think it's Al Qaeda that are dividing the Muslims. Yes, there is a clear division. But if you ask me, it's completely meaningless. I don't really know the difference between Shia and Sunni, and to be honest, I don't care.
    Why? because we are all Arabs, and we are all Muslims. Haram all this that is going on between the two sides. Nothing is achieved by it. Really meaningless. I wish they could simply stop and make the best of their life. Yes, it's difficult because no day goes by without a horrific accident. But, why not value and appreciate one another, instead of kill and murder? Life can be a lot more easier if peole were to wisen up and look at the bigger picture and the solid reality.
    It's all stupid.

  1. Tia

    * * * Our prayers for Iraq & Iraqi people Palestine & Palestenian people & Lebanon too & all the countries that are suffering the ugly wars.

    And Give Praise & Thanks to Almighty God (for all the other arab countries) for not having these conflicts in their countries . . . you might feel for Iraq, Plastine, Lebanon . . . but we really don't know the magnitude of the suffering that the innocent people are going through . . . we don't know what the future is hiding for us, but one thing for sure that we can always do " To put our trust only in God & all the time"
    And learn how to JUDGE less!!!!!!

    Peace for all,

  1. el_pharoah

    thnx for ur article audrey,
    but i just want to clear sth that in the prime 13 article there was a girl called maya who started the conflict between egys and lebs,she kept insulting egypt and egyptians that i really was offended and had to reply in a harsh comment,so sry to all the other respective lebanese who were offended by my comment

    peace in the arab world

  1. S.M.S.

    Many people unleash their inner beasts behind the computer screens.... Some people use it as an outlet for their anger and frustration... Some are cowards who would not dare say some of the things they type, so they act all brave hiding behind their computers....

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    Well said :)
    We can imagine the scale of conflicts, but the reality would be far more greater than that.

    I like the part where you said:
    "we don't know what the future is hiding for us, but one thing for sure that we can always do " To put our trust only in God & all the time"
    So true.

    I do admire people who make their mark in history. I admire some of the actions and word of Mother Theresa. Even though she is a Catholic, and I am a Muslim. It's always interesting to pick up things and issues that are raised by different people and religions.

    She said that God is neither in the flowers, the trees nor in all the pretty things. God is in the poor and the needy.

    Basically, he is everywhere and always there. Sometimes, when one feels so deperate and helpless, they end up forgetting that he is there. That's something that many should not think of.
    Mother Theresa sumed it up by saying he's everywhere. So, lets put the trust in him. He knows everything, even things that we ourselves don't. He's far more greater.

    We can only turn to him, and no one else at the times of the worst disasters. My heart goes out to all those that are sufering in conflicts and wars.


    Once again, well said Tia :)
    You raised a good topic, and saw the bigger picture out of this article; it's not just about hatred between Star Academy posts. It's all signs of division, which is very disappointing. This division happens beyond the topic of Star Academy. We seem to forget that we are Al 3alam Al 3arabi, and that we need to stand together. Even though on our TVs, Star Academy seems to be the big issue. But, the wars and conflict are far more bigger. We fight over the meaningless issue, and not remember (as much as we should) the larger issues.

    Nice Work ;)

  1. nadia

    finally someone spoke....
    I don't mean 2 insult any one but I really want to c marwa shatha and kamma7 in the final...they just deserve it...
    they have both the voice and the carisma...
    i think that each one os us should think well who deserve 2 b a star & vote 4 him...
    don't let the nationality or anything else lead u 2 the mistaken choise...vote 4 the best..
    we dont want to see the same mistake that happened in star academy 2... starac 4 must have a strong voice

  1. audrey

    I actually didn't mean to write this as an article. It was a reply to the other comments on this waleg site. I surprised that waleg took it and made it into an article piece. I'm glad that many of you had a positive reaction to it, and hopefully, we are able to take a moment and step back and realize that there are bigger issues in life. We have to be aware of our surroundings and just basically appreciate the good and learn from teh bad.

    Thanks to all of your comments.


  1. Tia

    * * * Again Thanks Audery & Waleg for posting this topic, so people like LOU LOU can share with us thier beautiful & great comments.

    * Lou Lou as usual you do great job with so much knowlege, wisdom, love & respect. And you have a beautiful spiritual side. From reading all the fights & offensive comments you brought us gracefully to Mother Teresa (one of my favorite saints by the way) . . your family must be proud of you . . we (me & I'm sure many other readers)are happy to read your comments.

    * And that is what we should be looking for, encouraging the candidates,focusing on their positive & bright side of their talents & personalities, hoping that they show their best for the last 3 weeks.

    Let them & us Enjoy the SHOW.
    And let us have a real stars to enjoy their songs for many, many years to come . . . Insha-Allah.

    Thank you ya Lou Lou & Bless you always ;)

    Peace & Bless you all,

  1. susu

    allah yil3an 1)al-qaeda and 2)usa, for what they have done to iraq.

  1. liina

    thnx 'Audrey' for posting this, coz every word is true within ur topic. this program has captured peoples mind and played with it. every1 has reached at a point where each 1 insults other nationalities, and wats batty is tht thy insult not any1 far from thm or even an enemy but a brother... a arab brother or sister. i am 1/4 omani 1/4 somali and 1/2 british, although my mix of nationality is interesting, i wasnt able to bond within my arab side, coz i was born and rised in london, i want to arabic school on Saturdays & lived in uae 4 2years and learned arabic tht way. it is so sad tht the every opportunity i get, i see arab represented in bad way. i placed a thought in my mind tht arabs were ths wonderful people....my people and tht thy were represented by the western media as bad people. but it seems tht in every opportunity thy get to prove thm wrong thy jst tend to prove thm right. if u lot hate each other like this becoz of a stupid program, whn r u lot ganna be loving each other inorder to stand together, to face th true enemy.

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    You are so sweet, and you have such a big heart. Thank you. Your comment always puts a smile on my face, and this time was no exception.
    But, like I mentioned earlier, it was you who saw the bigger picture behind this article.
    The discussion went off and away from the topic of Star Academy, and managed to turn to Iraq. That's why I started speaking about unity and God (respectively), and somehow remembered Mother Theresa.

    I'm not that spiritual a person though, I only love history, especially Arabic history. Yes I am a Muslim, but I do respect Mother Theresa, even though she was a Catholic. I admire her because she made her mark in history, and made it in a good way. She showed the world that the key in life is love. And also said that loneliness is the most terrible poverty around. No matter what the differences were between her and others, she treated them all equally and gave them love. She didn't just do that because that's how she wanted to be treated in return, but she did that to teach them and make them value the lessons that they learn from her. And most importantly, pass it on to the following generations.
    And look at us now.
    It seems like it's all forgotten and lost.

    Alongside Mother Theresa, I also admire Ghandi and Martin Luther King, because they believed that using no violence would always lead them to victory. History has proven that time after time.
    And yet, people don't learn the valuable lesson.
    No one appreciates the valuable lessons told by history.
    Bush is a prime example of that. He is the living proof of what would happen if you DO use violence; you fail.
    No one appreciates History.
    Yet, it is history that is repeating itself.
    And yet, no one is making sure that they don't fall in the same holes that others before them have.
    Nor, do they bother to look up to those who have succeded in life.

    It's really disappointing. I love History, but I don't think the question is about whether one loves it or not. It's more about appreciation and learning the valuable lessons.

    I too live in the UK, and sometimes people come out with things that can be offensive about the Arab World. It really annoys me when the media send out the wrong message and image of what Islam is and is not.
    I see that the biggest problem is because, most of the times, they cannot differentiate between religion and human.
    Religion is a way of life.
    Human is what lives the life.
    Meaning, religion is what guides a Human, but the Human is guided by his/her mind and heart.
    Religion is like a set of rules that we are made to follow because we belive it will guide us God. But, Humans make the decision of whether or not to carry out certain actions, even if it is against the religion or not.

    But, I too get really annoyed. I mean if we look at this website and see the amount of hate spread out over this small issue. If we look at the bigger picture, it's all signs of division. Enemies who see that, know that is something of great advantage to them. No one will stand in their way.
    Whereas, if we stood side by side, taking on one country, or one town, or one person would equate to taking on the whole of the Arab World.
    You cannot take on all the Arabs.
    If we stood by as one....
    Well, we would be Al 3alam Al 3arabi.

    For the first time, in such a long time, I feel so happy and pleased about a certain issue because I feel that there is a strong meaning behind it.
    It's the smaller issue that make the bigger ones.
    And you nailed it sir ;)
    Well Done, and Thank you.
    .... Hang on....
    I should also thank Waleg. Just as well they made your comment into an article.
    They had every right to do so because it was so good.

    Take Care Everyone

  1. Tia

    * * * Lou Lou at the top of everthing I said (wrote) about you . . you are such a humble, sweet & big hearted person too,
    Thank you & Bless you always . . . I still think that you should be a writer (a bright one):)

    Peace & Unity,

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    Awww. Thank you :)
    I don't really know what else to say, and have started to realise that everytime I post a comment to you, the same words appear over and over again; "Thank you".
    You are such a lovely person :)

    I love English, reading and writing, and have always wanted to try a little bit of journalism. I like to voice my opinion every now and again, especially about the bigger issue like war and human rights. I like the fact that writers and journalists can have an impact on the way people think. There have been some who have raised big issues, raised awareness and made a difference and improvements on the issues.
    That's something I myself would like to do.
    Change a big issue, and make an improvement in the lives of people.
    But, do I have time?
    Not really :(
    I am studying Engineering at University, and the course can be very demanding and heavy. So, I don't really have time to try out other things.
    But your words are very encouraging.
    Once again, and from my heart, Thank you :)

  1. Tia

    * * * WOW!!!! Lou Lou . . . did I forget to say . . very smart too . . and I'm sure that you can do both jobs (engineer + writer) perfectly well . . The best for you at the University & Enjoy Life :)

    Thanks again,


  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    Thanks sweetie :)
    I'm sure if anyone was to search everywhere on this website they won't find anyone else who has a big heart like yours.
    Such a tay'ooba :)

    Take Care

  1. Tia

    * * * Thank You
    * * * Merci
    * * * Gracias Lou Lou,

    - you won't see things that way unless you have same (better) qualities yourself.

    - Wish You the Best & always :)

    Peace & Unity,

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