Latifa: The New Envy of Rotana Divas?


Stories of envy and jealousy between Rotana divas over the success and special treatment of double World Music Award winner, Elissa, have been entertaining the press throughout 2006. It is evident in every interview conducted with any female Rotana artist, the stock question is always “Are you jealous of Elissa’s massive success?” or “Are you envious of Elissa over her double World Music Award win?” and then of course comes the stock answer: “I am so happy for her, she deserves it, I don’t think she bought it!” Amal Hijazi sugarcoated her answer by saying “she aspired to reach the level of treatment that Elissa receives.” Dina Hayek, on the other hand, said flat out that Elissa got better treatment than everyone else. However, Elissa may have lost her place on the throne of Rotana diva envy… To Tunisian singer Latifa.

Latifa’s return to the music scene, after a period of absence in which she worked in theater with the Brothers Rahbani, has caused a stir in the music scene. Firstly, Latifa has switched sides in the Arab music monopoly; from Alam El Phan she jumped boat to the Rotana camp. Her new album, Maaloumat Akidah, in which she collaborated with names like Ziad Rahbani, Marwan Khouri, and Jean-Marie Riachi, was an independent production and is being distributed by Rotana. This arrangement means that Latifa has the freedom to broadcast her videos and music on any radio station or music channel she wishes. However, Latifa also benefits from the best advertising, marketing, and promotions Rotana has to offer. This was evident from the extensive advertising campaign Rotana launched in Cairo for Latifa.

Latifa advertisements

Also, advertisements have already begun airing for the interview that Joumana Bou Eid will soon conduct with Latifa to celebrate her collaboration with Rotana. It will be called “Latifa Maa Rotana… Bel Jaw!” and will not be part of the “Maa Hobbi” show. Latifa has become Rotana’s number one priority overnight! So Amal Hijazi, Dina Hayek, Ahlam, Nawal, Najwa, Pascale, Elissa, and all you other Rotana divas: Eat your hearts out!

By guest writer Ahmed

Here are some photos from Latifa's new video clip 'Shefto' (I saw him)

Pictures from Latifa's new video clip 'Shefto'

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  1. Sallyfield

    Latifa sucks, her voice is not beautiful because she screams instead of singing. I really think this is exagerated. Najwa and Elissa are way better than she is. Please reconsider the article

  1. eva84

    maybe her voice sucks but at least she have a voice we cant say that much of Elissa she cant scream since she doesn't have a powerfull voice

  1. the truth
    the truth

    she's a georgeous womens , great voice
    sallyfield i really don't know what the hell r u talking about ... latifa is a real diva .
    no comparison she's so long a great singer plus all the people who knows hers says she's got the best personnality as a singer very down to earth ... but that's not all the most important is her arabisme that she kept it for ever everywhere all her patriotic sang she never ignored her orgins and all the help in money she provide to palestine and even lately in last lebanese war ... even at her world music award moment she annouced her wish for peace and reminded the audience that the arabs wants a free plastine and iraq ... what else do you want from a singer ... what's have elissa done from all of this ...

    or any other freaking cheap lebanese fastfood singer of nowdays we have in lebanon .

    you r nuts . no sense in what u r saying .

  1. S.M.S.

    I love Latifa just as much as I love Najwa, they are both great with very different styles. Latifa's style appeals to a much wider audience. Elissa has nice songs but the voice is nowhere near the quality of Latifa's.
    Kil ma kibrit hal Latifa 3am tit7ala, Tayyoubi ktir...

  1. Bashar

    I think Latifa did a great job in her album, just like all her other albums.
    She really deserve what all the care from Rotana. I think the stuff about Najwa and Latifa are just some gossip because she doesn't really have a contract with Rotana...She is producing her own clips and Rotana is just distributing her album in the Arab world.

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