Al-Walid Bin Talal's Daughter's Wedding

Al-Walid Bin Talal and his daughter Rym

Saudi billionaire Al-Walid Bin Talal's daughter, Rym, wed on the 17th January, 2007. To celebrate the wedding of his daughter, 100 singers from Al-Walid's Rotana music label were signed to participate in the festivities. A number of singers sang in a 10 day private concert. Also, prominent singers like Najwa Karam, Ahlam, and Asalah Nasri have recorded special songs to mark the event. Finally, to immortalize the event for Princess Rym, the singers will al partiicipate in a video clip specially made for her.

However, on a darker note, Amr Diab refused to participate in the concert and the video clip and naturally refused to record a song for the bride. This comes after a series or cover-ups by Rotana Music General Manager Salem El Hindi, the latest of which was in Nadine magazine where he said that he is in a productive negotiation with Diab to renew his contract. It is no secret however that Diab, whose last album Kamel Kalamak marked his first Rotana collaboration, is very uncomfortable with Rotana and seeking a contract with Good News 4 Music as soon as he releases his second, and final, album with Rotana.

By guest writer Ahmed

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  1. Bandari

    She's beautiful. Congratulations to the bride and her family. :)

  1. Jason X
    Jason X

    ya serouisly who cares if his daughther got married or did anything and why is he doing a big deal getiing 100 singers cant he be down to earth . Ya and go help palestine they need the money

  1. cupcake

    Congratulations Rym :)

    Jason X, Why do the palestines need money, to buy more weapons to kill each other!! let them first solve their conflicts then we will start talking how to support them ... what they are doing to themselves recently is a shame .. a REAL SHAME and very SAD :(

  1. aussiegal

    as if

  1. aussiegal

    seriously cupcake i think your talking about iraq.besides..hiring 100 singers?what for?with all that money you pay you could feed a whole nation in its a shame you dont have the ability to realize that.

  1. tuniziana

    shame on you.look around you to see a world of war and hunger.Just take Opera Whinfrey and Bill Gates as an example.look how they give their money to charity .Why 100 singer?!! Do u want to enter guiness book?

  1. manman

    Wait... I thought their heads had to be covered in Saudi Arabia.. We can c her hair now.. OMG... I am astonished..looool

  1. KENZA

    I totally agree with you tunisiana.Ithink the petrodollars make these khaliji people turn mad.I have seen them in Marbela in Spain how they spend their money on useless things.Even the the Spanish media is astonished to the way these people do the shopping.whole supermarkets are reserved to them .Their favourate pastime is wasting money.I remember once a French newspaper talked about the story of a Emir WHO wanted his swimming-pool to be filled with one of the most expensive perfumes.The manufacturer has refused of course ? and considered this request as an insult to him and his perfume.The last strange thing I've heard recently is about that Kuwaiti who has offered a huge sum of money to get the rope by which Saddam was hanged.Is not this a sign of madness?!!

  1. cupcake

    to aussiegal & tuniziana

    Im trying to defend anyone here but who tell you that Alwalid is not helping ... Opera is spending thousands of dollars each month on her dogs! ... she is free to do whatever she wants with her money ... same goes for princess AlWalid .. having such a wedding for his daughter doesnt mean he is not helping ... thousands of families are making their living because of AlWalid ...

    Tell me what are you doing to help :)?

  1. baya

    hi manman.
    this is what I have noticed.Ithink they cover their heads just inside their country.but outside they are totally different.They are two faced!! Just look at the tv channels they finance like Rotana,art etc .these channels reflect their true character......

  1. tuniziana

    To cupcake.
    I'm sorry to tell you that you try to defend someone who had done nothing to help poor people in the islamic world.Are u sure Opera is spending money on her dogs and not on deprived children.Come on try to be objective !! dO YOU think the same thing about Bill gates,??

  1. Amazigh

    i was really surprised how the singers will participate in a vedeo clip to immortalize this historical event.this remind me of the famous song "We are the world ,we are the children" which was sung by the most famous singers of the world for humanitarian case!! These arab singers still remind me of the poets of the khalifa Haroun Errachid.where is their dignity??but in front of the petrodollars they can't resist.I take my hat off to Amro Diab who at least saved what remained of their dignity.

  1. Saudi

    Of course, you jealous losers can't wait to bash Saudis everytime you want. Oprah spends money like crazy and has a bathroom with a golden toilet. Prince Al Waleed is a philanthropist and he has the right to celebrate his daughter's wedding. Amr Diab can go to hell as far as I;'m concerned. And Saudi women are not double faced they more respectful than your own women so shut the f*** up.

  1. S.M.S.

    For God's sake a broke man would spend "li faw2oo we ta7too" to see his daughter have the best wedding ever even if it cost him loads of money that he doesn't have... You begrudge a billionaire the chance to spend money on his daughter in what is supposedly the happiest day of her life!!! So gongratulations.
    In regards to Amr Diab, it is probably the case of sour grapes as opposed to real principles. If it was a few years ago, he would have been the first one to volunteer his services.

  1. lou lou
    lou lou

    Congradulations Rym. Hope this new life is full of happiness an joy.

    But, Whatever happened to the idea of there being nothing being more beautiful than what is in the simplist of all things?
    I am amazed by the event.
    A billionaire spending that amount of money on his daughter. He has the right to do so, afterall she is his daughter.
    But, what about his brothers and sisters. I mean the Arabs, especially those that are suffering in conflicts.
    In the eyes of Rym, one day is great. But, in the eyes of those Arabs suffeing, that one day is a dream that will never become a reality. They can dream of it, but they know the painful reality that it will never become true.
    They don't even know when they will ever live a normal and peaceful life. Many of which probably don't even know what it's like to live a normal and peaceful life.

    Surely 10% of the money can make a suffering Arab happy.

    I think it's a little selfish to just think of one. Because, with all the billions, you should ought to think of those who need it, and not want it.

  1. Sarah Ishag
    Sarah Ishag


    Iam speechless lucky to have a father with like him

  1. Saudiya

    Mabrook to his daughter... and he has the right to spend what he wants for his daughters wedding! this was her big day... prince al waleed always gives to the poor (in the islamic world)... but sadly... we muslims are never happy until we break peoples banks... .. and yes. oprah is a spender.. she admits it... and gives to charities... prince alwaleed does the same.. more power to him!

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