Marwa & Sex Appeal in her Video Clips


• Lebanese singer Marwa rejects the fact that she uses sex appeal in her video clips and says she is an actress who studied art. She said that even though she makes some sexy moves in her clips but that doesn't make her solely dependant on them saying there is more to a video than just sex appeal.

• Noor Al Sharif has accepted to play the role of late writer Ihsan Abdel Qadoos in a new series written by Amira Abu Al Fatooh which is expected to go under production after the Eid.

• Director Nasser Mahroos is attempting to enroll Tamer Husni and Haithem Shaker who both served jail time in the same cell for forging military release papers in a new movie of his called "Al Fariq" or "The Team". He just has to wait for the boys to finish their army time.

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  1. faysal

    Marwa is so vulgar and awful.
    Even a blind person would be afraid and run away from marwa!!
    Why can female arab women wear proper cloths and be truelly arabs, in stead of wear tons of make up und make clips with awful short clothes!

  1. dina

    the censored black line, was it to cover her niples, did she show it by mistake or what?


    faysal, the general vulgarity is too much makeup, less clothes not really a wide spread phenomenon, most girls are muhajabat.

  1. NuNu

    I think that this pic looks so sick...i mean singer like her i dont really know her and dont want too...but all am gona say is that famous singer wearing like this and making sex movies during videoclips that they are putting their name down infront of all the world arab world and others...BE MATURE AND REAL...people will still like u!!!!

  1. Hell_Girl

    That's what I call a fake, old, silicone-stuffed slapper!

  1. Hell_Girl

    If that's what they call sex appeal in the Arab world than God help us!

  1. Heba

    Go for it Marwa!! You are gorgeous. I admire the women who have the guts to dress and expres themselve freely. In the arab world, people are judged on the way 6they dress etc..which is wrong....Freedom is a good thing. Express your freedom, Marwa...good for you habibti. By the way, no offence to anyone. Peace and love to you all. x x x

  1. robina

    hehehhe heba , well if she went out naked will you admire her more?? ,,, there is a big difference between looking sexy and looking trashy , freedom has a limit bil 3alam al 3arabi , w khasatan bil 3alam al 3arabi if every women going to express her freedom ma betle2i 7adan lebes tyeb , mafhoum li freedom 3end some people ghalat ... sometimes they look disgusting enno bi araf mish bi jamel , better cover up ......

  1. yaman

    go go robina u tell her......realy heba u obviouslly dont know the meaning of freedom is freedom going out in the streets naked i dont think so

  1. Hell_Girl

    heba iam with u for the freedom part. I also admire women who dress the way they want not giving a rat's a*s*s about what the world things and generally I am totally for freedom of personal expression and I think it's a pity that in the Arab world women are judged whether they are worthy or not, "good" or "bad" according to they way they dress.(or dress down!)This is lame and discriminating. But Marwa in particular is not the best example for me, she is rather tacky and leaning more on the trash side rather than the sexy side. There is a fine line between being "sexy" and being really trashy and looking like garbage because you don't know how to chose your outfits according to the occasion and you end up looking like "white trash trailer sexy". If Marwa wasn't so stuffed with silicone and had better fashion sense and opted for elegance and sophistication AS WELL AS sex appeal she would have looked 100 times better. To me it looks like she is just choosing this look for its "shock value" without knowing how to do it properly so she actually looks truly sexy.

  1. yasser

    marwa is the most sexiest singer in the world & she dont depend on sex in her video clips because she is sexy without cosmotics and she dont need to use sex apeals in her video clips

  1. Bandari

    She's just the epitome of white trash.

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