Maya Diab Celebrates her Birthday & her Marriage

Maya Diab, one of the 4 Cats, celebrated her birthday last Saturday among a group of friends, Family & Lebanese celebrities, like Ghassan Rahbani & Toni Baroud.
During this party, she also celebrated entering into the golden cage of marriage! Maya got married in Switzerland a few weeks back to a rich business man, after a long love relationship.

This gave her a chance to celebrate her marriage in a simple way with all her loved ones, but she is still thinking of holding a huge party for the special occasion.
You know, Maya is really cute ... But she should have put on a bit more clothes ... Don't you think?

Oh! What am I saying! That's non of my business! ... I guess the one that should be saying something is her husband !!!

Photos of Maya Diab

Maya Diab

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  1. dina

    she is way more good looking than he is, i do not get it, why beautiful women most of the time marry men that are not so good looking, i just dot get, and not it is not always bcz of the money!

    probably thats why i am not in a relationship yet, i guess i really need him to be at least kissable.

    ana sa67iya.
    lil 2asaf.

  1. cupcake

    May be thats the only man who accepted her as it is ...

  1. S.M.S.


    I guess his money makes him very kissable indeed. I do not think she got a very bad deal. What is with the Tiara and the shiny shorts though?.

  1. MYA

    beautiful woman

  1. ameena

    shes ugly..ive seen better women..the only good thing about her is her body..her face is too manly..its like a man who put a blonde wig and makeup on.

  1. sara

    she looks very much like a man...maybe she used to be one

  1. nadine

    th guy is ugly
    well she's beautiful but i prefer much more the girl in wael kafoury's videoclip A7Ibek ktir the black haired one

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