Nisreen Rizik New Sexy Video Clip

Nisreen Rizik

Nisreen Rizik started out as model and quickly became one of Lebanon's top fashion designer models. But after her modeling experience, Nisreen discovered she had a talent for singing. She joined the famous 4 Cats but quit after a while to participate in the Miss Lebanon contest of 2004.
She didn't win but got very close. Her natural style made her a favorite amongst the audience despite her loss.

After a few modeling adventures, Nisreen has decided to go back to singing, this time alone!

Photos from Nisreen Rizik video clip

Pictures from Nisreen Rizik video clip

She's making her big comeback debut with her new song ‘Khalini Maaak’ (Let Me Be With You) with a new sexy video clip by director Yahi Sa'ada.
The video should have been released earlier this summer but since the Israeli war occurred, the timing wasn't right.

Keep an eye out for this one.

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  1. S.M.S.

    How did she discover she had a talent for singing when she possesses no such thing?.

  1. leila

    i actually agree with you this time, i saw the video her voice stinks, and the video was mostly dancing.

  1. ♥3era8ia♥

    ;/ wtf is this? she should go and become a stripper.

  1. ahmed

    Aieb walah! show her but naked like that and make it so high to attract the beach boys eih, it is improperly and not Arab culturey. I don’t know she have a good voice though, some Lebanese models have experience for modeling and now trying to experience to sing which they sock at it. What arab women doing it’s wrong very wrong.
    they starting to date westerns and have party all night that’s why they look western. like my friend he’s French he date a woman from lebonan and she just look American and wearing too short clothes. Eih dah ya bentin naas.

  1. Mimi

    i have just one thing to say about this video is that she looks POSSESED hhehehehe

  1. me

    what a WXXXE and SXXT dressin like dat!! i hate these stupid arab women..i mean im half arab..and yet my family in tunisia think i dress bad, and thats just caz i don't wear hijab!! i mean im respectable but they just don't agree with the way i dress.i mean i seen tunisian girls wit bikinis and i neva eva wore one and im half english!!!!! what a crazy world...shame on these arab women!!

  1. foofoo

    Shino hal qilat il adab!!! My god. I truly have nothing to say and it's a waste of time saying anything.

  1. birdflukillme

    well thats lebanese culture for you.

  1. nouza

    regardless of being alelt el adab,the problem s that she think shes pretty!!!

  1. Razan

    Let me tell you something that is not sexy. More like scary.What an ugly, stupid woman. I mean, she actually believes she is pretty. Also, there are some stupid arab girls and some that are not. There are some stupid English girls and some that are not. It's the same for all the other countries. She is obviously one of the stupid arab girls. And one of the worst.

  1. Razan

    alelt el adab, for real!

  1. Razan

    Wait, cross that out.I just watched the clip its not scary its HORRIFYING! Not only her looks but her voice too.

  1. eliyas

    well thats lebanese culture for you.

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