Haifa Congratulates Hassan Nassrallah

Haifa Wahbe

At a concert in the Lebanese town of Juneh, the beautiful star Haifa Wahbe congratulated Hassan Nasrallah for his stand against Israel during the war on Lebanon saying that Lebanon has those who will stand by her and defend her land.
In an interview with Reuters, Haifa said that Israel attacked civilian targets in Lebanon intentionally while Hezbollah attacked only military ones.

"I believe the whole world knows who started this war and who aggressed on whose land." she said, "There isn't a war that starts from nothing and he who begins is the unjust one"

It is interesting to point out that Haifa refused to perform at any concert during the 34 days of the war even if it was a fund-raiser saying that there were more ways than one to show support to Lebanon.

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  1. nouza

    this is the first time i read something useful or imp from haifa,but i think her support is also goes to Nasr Allah becoz her father is muslim from shi3a,beside she is lebanon..good haifa hope u really mean what u ve said

  1. mustafa

    coool haifa!

  1. sumi

    mabrouk haifa!!!! Haifa is the best in all.

  1. Mimi

    she has a brain..YAYY

  1. 3era8ia


    NOUZA: Hun, it's she is lebanese not "she is lebanon" ROfl D;


    Well, who cares wat haifa says... esp. to Nasrallah. kiss ass haifa.

  1. nouza

    i forgot to write "from","she is From lebanon",i think its obviously clear that i mean she is lebanese without correcting the sentence,and the more important is to understand the idea as whole not each word

  1. faysal

    I think that it's the first time I hear Haifa Wehbe saying something significant.
    Good job Haifa, hopefully she will always think like an intelligent woman.

  1. yaman

    Who needs her congrats

  1. evlou

    this woman got my vote. I loved her music a bit, now I think I'm starting to love the woman too! Hehe Allahu akbar!! God bless Nasrallah wal Lebnon!

  1. ♥3era8ia♥

    Nouza: a word can change a whole sentance, can be changed to a question, sentance, opinion, statment, etc...

  1. nouza

    u r right 3era8ia,but in my case u did understand what i mean while my sentence wasnt complete,"she is from lebanon = she is lebanese" same meaning,wich doesnt deserve to be corrected,anyway thanks

  1. birdflukillme

    i dont think hasan cares one bit about what she says .there is a big difference between the lifestyles of both despite the fact they are both muslim(by life styles i meant hasan is extremist in a herioc way and haifa..well shes just a moderate muslim).anyway thats the first time i hear haifa saying that stuff.for the irst time in my life(and probably the last)i will agree with haifa on this one.

  1. foofoo

    Haha. That's all we need now. People like Haifa Wahbeeee telling political figures that they're doing ok. Who does she think she is?

  1. foofoo

    Nouza and 3era8ia, please end this little misunderstanding. Lol. We're all friends. Either way, we got it. She is from Southern Lebanon.

  1. natalie

    bit late isnt it haifa? 3al 3omoom fine, okay thanks, u can go back to being shallow now.

  1. ♥3era8ia♥


    wallah i no ;] bas i had to read nouza's comment twice to understand what she's saying, it might be my fault for being a lil slow :P

    anway, ma sar shi ;]]

  1. nouza

    really 3era8ia,u didnt understand my comment from the first time!!!but excuse when some1 correct others mistake,he should be perfect or at least know how to write "sentence with e not a and statement not statment 3era8ia,its better to check out ur comments first:)"while i did recognize that u have mistakes but its really silly to correct it or even mention ur faults coz i did understand ur comment and i am not going to show of and correct it!!

  1. WALEG

    *** Please keep your comments relavant to the article subject ... !

    As for the word mistake thing, Lebanon has different meaning than Lebanese ... and forgetting one word could change a whole meaning .. people dont read your mind to know whether you forget a word or you mean this or that!

    Anyway, it seems that everything is clear now and the subject already took more than what it deserves!

  1. nouza

    the problem waleg is not in the word lebanese or lebanon but when some1 correct other mistakes its better to check his comment first,we r not in a school..!!

  1. WALEG


    Don't take it too seriously ...

  1. nouza

    i am not:),waleg u promised that u ll post an article about ur site and from wich country r u and a lot of information,where is it?,i am waitting for this article and i think many commenters wanna know too..u promised:)

  1. WALEG

    Keep checking this page:

    We will be updating it with more information soon :)


    LOL, this women is tooooo FUNNY!

  1. Aussiegal

    ohhh my goodness waleg thankyou so much for pointing that out...especially to people like nouza and people who mistake a country for a race.GOSH!!!

  1. Aussiegal

    "and forgetting one word could change a whole meaning "

    o right,thats what i was actually basing my earlier post on.

  1. LebThug

    i want to point out to nouza that she can not speak perfect english so i wanted to just tell her to leave people alone just because someone misspelled a word that does not mean they cant spell or that they should go to school. Also Nouza no one here put u in the position of a corrector or teacher to the people here.

    This site is for people to post there comments i believe not for people to show off cuz they know english like u do although i think u urself cant even speak or write english well so just stop trying to teach people cuz u r right this is no school for u to teach people if they misspelled something, this is a site for people to post there oppinion so u should just post what u want to say like everyone else here is doing and stop acting as though ur a english teacher though i think that u should go to school.

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