Rahma Mezher, An Iraqi Rising Star

Rahma Mezher

The Iraqi rising star Rahma Mezher, who once participated in the Arabic version of (American Idol) Super star 2, she got to the last episode but luck wasn’t there for her and so she ended up leaving the show with hope still glowing in her heart. Therefore, she didn’t quit and continued on with her singing and tried out for a different show on Dubai TV Channel called, “Najm El Khaleej”.

Rahma, who is the daughter of a well known Iraqi singer (Riyadh Ahmad), she was born in Iraq in 1987 on the 19th of January. She currently lives in Bahrain. She loves singing, swimming, shopping, and her favorite sport is walking. Rahma says that she’s a very optimistic person, and she believes in true friendships.

Photo of new Iraqi singer Rahma Mezher

She loved singing since she was little, and she studied singing to improve her voice and talent. She also says that her father the singer Riyadh Ahmad encouraged her a lot to sing; after his death in 1997 her mother kept on encouraging her to continue with improving her singing talents.
When she joined in super star, she said that she likes to listen to Kathem Al Saher, Warda Al Jazayeria, and Zekra. She also enjoys old songs, and the new Arabic songs.

After her participation in the super star show, Rahma got so many offers for singing, acting, and even for modeling. And she did join in some of that which made her gain the love of her fans and more success.

Her experience with Najm Al Khaleej was much different than Super Star. In one of the episodes the Kuwaiti singer Nabeel Shuail was the guest of the show, and when he heard her voice when she performed on the stage, he was very impressed and he said it reminds him of the Moroccan singer Samira Saiid’s voice. She did a great singing in that show and her beautiful voice rocked the place all over, she made it to the finals and won second place. In one of the interviews she had an interview with a journalist and he stated that “the teenager Rahma Mezher looked anxious as she waited backstage for her chance to wow the judges and win the heart of the public. And when I interviewed her I asked her: how do you feel about getting second place?

“I really want to win because it will be the first time an Iraqi has won anything like this and with Iraq being in such a bad position with all the violence, it will help raise their hopes,” said the 19 year-old.”

At last, but not least we wish Rahma Mezher all the best because she deserves it. Some fans made her a fan club and if you want to know more about it please visit it at: Rahma Mezher Fan Club

By guest writer Nada & Wasan

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  1. foofoo

    Allah iwafqich rahma. You deserve the best. You have a stunning voice and a great personality. Thanks for the post.... ;)

  1. ♥3era8ia♥


    Rahma seems to be a great person, she's greedy to success, i wish her the best!


  1. ahmed

    she is not my type, sorry!

  1. Nada

    Thank u so much Waleg for posting our article. Hope everyone enjoys it

    with much love,

  1. Ali

    Rahma has a really nice voiceand, wish her good luck
    and hope to hear new songs from her....

  1. Asma

    Good Luck Rahma she looks nice.

  1. S.M.S.

    Unfortunately nowadays in the Middle East for a female performer to succeed, she needs more than a good voice or even an extraordinary one, to make the majority of the audience "rise" to their feet in applause. She is good looking so that should work for her.

  1. Lana

    She is the best, nice voice, nice feeling and of course... iraqi like me :))

  1. gigi aka gamila
    gigi aka gamila

    good luck to her she seen like a nice person . and about wat ahmed said well nobody is telling u to marry her so u can say dat she ant ur type lol u need to think b4 for saying somthing stupid lol

  1. Iraqi_Girl

    Oh wow!! I didnt know there was any Iraqi singers around, thas kool. Good luck i guess...

  1. Iraqi_GIrl

    I mean female iraqi singers "my bad"

  1. the killer
    the killer

    she deserved to be the first in najm elkhaleej,more than that guy from emarats.

  1. Somar


  1. hello

    she looks like ashwari..the miss world indian woman..wow!

  1. iraq

    good luck in the future hopefully you can do it for IRAQ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    everyone is with you !
    good luck

  1. WALEG


    The link to Rahma Mezher fan club is already mentioned in the article thats why your comment with the link is deleted...

  1. Hind

    Very nice, i enjoyed reading it.

    Good Job girls, esp. you Wasan :) Hope your doin ok.

    Gd job again.


  1. Nada

    So glad that u liked it!!!

    Sorry about that!!

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