An Old Photo of Haifa Wehbe

Old Photo of Haifa

This week's picture is of Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe when she was a little kid.
Haifa is the girl on the left side and the other girl who is holding the bird cage could be a friend or a relative of Haifa ...

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  1. SAMU

    HAIFA has become so fake now....plastic surgery and GREEN EYE CONTACTS and heaps of make up to make her eyes look big and nice....!

    as u can see her eyes hardly look as beautiful as they are now.....her skin even looks different it looks darker and a yellow browny shade unlike now she looks very fair which is better....

  1. some1

    belive me or not this is her brother, i saw on it a different website..wallah
    but its sad he is dead now..thats what i heard!

    amd samu ur rite she wears green contacts..but in this pic u cant c her eyes anyway lol..but how i found out, well at 1st everyime i saw her i would say how pretty her eyes were, but one time i was searching in old mag n saw pics of her..i swear im not joking but her eyes were plain brown n small..n her nose was super huge...
    i know 1 or 2 surgeries is a small number.....but........i mean..

    wutever shes beautiful deny shes fake but yea still hot!!

    i wanna do surgeries if they make u them again like m.jakson surgeries r wutever

  1. natalie

    she looks rather cute in this pic. she is, after all, just an innocent child.

  1. MYA

    aww she looks cute, she still has the same features. haifa is HOT suregery or not.

  1. lovelylebanese

    she kinda looks the same to me. maybe the cotact lenses she wears make her eyes a different color but who doesnt wear contact lenses these days.half of the ppl I know did nose jobs so if she did one so what she has the money so she can do whatever she wants and in my eyes haifa always looked pretty from before she was a model. I dont now why its hard for some ppl to admit that haifa is pretty and always been pretty.

  1. julia

    what a gorgeous lil girl..adorable..very innocent but has that amazing beauty..much better than now..with her lips all fat and her cheeks all plastic!

  1. shahira

    ohhh how cute and innocent she there is no innocence and hardly cute...just fake hotness.

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