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  1. nane

    ugly inside and out. ew he

  1. Rania

    Hi nancy I like your song I love you Nancy Ajram
    Good luck

  1. Masrya

    why would i wana c more that 100 pics of nancy????

  1. susu

    lol ohh there we go much as i love ur songs nancy, ur just another of the plastic girls of lebanon.....typical.

  1. samar

    HAHAHA SOOO true susu... as u look at the pictures, u can see the gradual changes in her from all the plastic


    uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thats the only word i can think of ewwwwn and i think shes lost a lot of weight coz she is really skinny in real life and i dont think she used to be as skinny..

  1. some1

    i luv her songs, and i think she is beautiful!
    i dunt care if she is fake or wutever, but that was the past..lolz
    she looks good now!!!
    her songs r one of the best in the rab world!!
    i like her older ones more though..but its still good!!!

  1. merna batros
    merna batros

    hi,Nancy Ajram i am 17 yrs old from australia i luv ur voice alot, u hav a great body n great look i wish to hear from u asap how r u?????n how is lyf for u,i mean has singing changed ur lyf ???was lyf better before being a singer or is it still ok????lool cya mwaaaa i luv u Nancy Ajram

  1. zubaida

    i love u nancy ur da best hoo eva tells u ur ugly n ur plastic there just jealous as they say stiks n stones may break ma bones but words will never hurt me luv u nancy mwaaaa im just listening 2 ur song ya tab tab

  1. nastaran

    hello my name is nastaran. i love you .

  1. reza

    hello nancy i like you sung.
    you are best singer for me.
    iiiiiiiiilllllllllooooovvv yooooooooouu

  1. reza

    nancy plice 1 mail send for me plice nannnnnnncyyyyyyy
    iiiiiilllllloooovyour song

  1. peyman

    please send me pictures of nancy

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