Ricky's Concert in Cairo

The Ricky Martin concert was one of the most amazing nights of Cairo.
His concert was held on the 29th of May at the media production city, where it started at 10:15 and lasted for two amazing hours.
Ricky sang most of his new album songs like "I don't care" and "till I get to you", and he couldn't leave without singing his top hit songs like "livin' la vida loca" and many more...

His performance on stage was outstanding, by dancing Latin and showing off some kick boxing acts, which got girls screaming and shouting out loud for him.
The Latin pop star has created a joyful, intimate and friendly atmosphere among the Egyptian audience that exceeded 4,000 viewers.
According to Ricky, this visit has always been a dream for him and now that it has come true he is very happy and satisfied.
Well Ricky, you are welcome any time.

By Guest Writer Shahira

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  1. WALEG

    Dear Shaza,

    Glad you find other sites/ magazines to publish your article, we are truly happy for you and we wish you all the best of luck.

    As a way to show you that you are always welcome, we edited your article today about starac students and publish it for you...

    Thank you all for your understanding.
    Again, good luck Shaza and sorry if you feel offended, we never meant to offend you in anyway.

    Please note that only approved articles are published and we reserve the right to approve or not approve any submitted story or news.

    *** All the unlrelated posted comments here are deleted because they have nothing to do with the subject of the article.

  1. shaza

    Thanks waleg for your replying I was really nervous when i saw you writing such things to me in a bad way and i a mreally glad that u published the article of rakia and mou5a in this site . Thanks to everyone of you who defended me and Yeah i am the one who wrote about books in TEENSTUFF and thanks alot waleg for publishing my article and tell me please if u r intrested to publish any articles for me afterwards but please waleg get more news and events cuz it is really turning be boring and sorry for miss understanding and if you dont want to publish it as u like ..

  1. WALEG


    You are always welcome to share news & articles with us. We are so busy that's why we didn't publish many updates (news) during the last few days...

    Hopefully, next week we will be updating you with more news...

    Take care.

  1. shaza

    Thanks alot waleg and sorry for miss understanding again ...

  1. shahira

    oooh thats a good gesture waleg :)
    way to go shaza

  1. shaza

    wat do u mean by way to go shaahira??

  1. sam

    'way to go' is American slang to show u support. It's like a way of saying u r going in the right direction/ u r heading the right way (3amalty il sa7).

    we bas.

  1. shaza

    Thank you sam cuz i got it wrong and thanks shahira..

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