Thalia, The Mexican Singer

Thalia and her husband Tommy

For those who have no idea who Thalia is, here is Thalia's story:
Thalia Ariadna Sodi Miranda was born on August 26th, 1971 in Mexico City, height for about 167 cm and weight of 51 kilos.
She is the youngest of five children. Her family, when she was little, were calling her "Yuya". Her father, Ernesto Sodi, died when she was 5 years old, silencing her for a year. Her first solo album was released in 1990, simply titled "Thalia". Her first telenovela (soap opera) was Pobre Senorita Limatour in 1987, followed by Quinceanera in 1988, Luz y Sombra (Light and Shade) in 1989, Maria Mercedes in 1992 at which she became famous in Middle east and especially in Lebanon though her song Amor a la Mexicana made her a diva, Marimar in 1994, and Maria La Del Barrio in 1996. Her last one is Rosalinda (1999). Her first movie was Mambo café.

She married Tommy Motolla ( ex-husband of Mariah Carey), president of Sony on the 2nd of December, 2000. Thalia has released her own fashion line in association with K-Mart and her eyewear line in association with Kenmark and new candies with Hershey’s.
To know more about her just enter her official site

By guest writer Aline

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  1. buterfly

    waw i like thalia so much she is sexy and beautiful.she has the most nice smile and hair on earth!!!!!!!!!!

  1. MYA

    oh yea i know her, i loved her in maria mercedes. my mexican girl friend told me she has a baby with rapper fat joe. i wonder if thats true.


    i love thalia shes so beautful and sweet i love her movies tooo

  1. salsa

    Thalia does not have a baby from Fat joe, she has no children yet. Thalia is simply "the best". Her voice is so unique.

  1. Sara

    I like her movies ...Especially marimar , rosalinda, maria ebnat el hai, ..
    Shes the best mexican actress...

  1. wisam

    Thalia is my favorite. I live in Brazil, and she came to make a concert here a while ago. She's a good performer. I liked Rosalinda , I wonder why she didn't do any more series, its been like 7 years already since she did her last serie Rosalinda. Shes married do a big millionare, he's old though, probably in his 50's. Her website

  1. aline

    thank you waleg so much
    guys u can be a part of thalia's big family by joining her forum
    and plz visit my webpage

  1. Marie

    Well, Thalia is a great singer. A wonderful singer. I don't know her work like actress, but I adore her voice. Here in France she is wellknown with her hits Amor a la mexicana, Mujer latina, Arrasando, Tu y yo, I want you, Seduction, Closer to you, I want you, The mexican, PIel morena. She came a couple of time in France. She is gorgeous.

  1. thaly_lover

    Thalia i love you you are the #1 star of all time no one could beat you ofcourse because you were born to be a star,well done Thalia you are already around the world i love you another time Thalia you're my #1 star i wish i could see you one day and i will because you've said already in your upcoming new tour you're going to visit the Middle east for the 1st time.

  1. jessica tremols
    jessica tremols

    Hola Thalia como estas. espero que muy bien,le mando estas letras para decirle que la admiro mucho, porfavor si usted lee este comunicado porfavor escribeme aunque sea para decirme hola. Al correo que se encuentra arriba,

  1. dina

    i loooooooooooooooooove thaliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shes the top betweeen all. but i cant beleive that shes 167 cm tall, i think shes shorter, what do u think?

  1. Rafael.

    Hola thalia si le es esto quiero que sepas que tú musica y tu son d mucha ayuda para quitar la sóledad y vivir lleno d alegria. Thank you.

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