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  1. TALA

    ohhh my god!!!i cant believe chyma is a nominee.she has the best voice in the academy.waw dats shocking!!

  1. Bella

    I cant believe Chamya was nominated before Maya. The teachers are not judging fairly because Maya has NO VOICE. I really hope Mokha gets the audience vote. I dont want him to leave. I hope Chayma gets the students vote and M.Ibrahim leaves.

  1. dina

    OH MY GODDddd...

    shayma nomine, this is CRAZY, she has the strongest voice of all. This is crap.
    the problem with shyama, she has been told not to Depend on her voice solely, she gota be more creative in her evaluation.

    but that's crazy, a prime of tired voice will be if she is out..

  1. 7amzah

    I still can not get Mohammed Fahed point ? If he wants to leave the academy ,he can leave like Walid without being nominated ?! maybe he is thinkng audience will vote to him this week so he will get his part of his dignitiy back ! taht is y he wanted to be nominated so badly !

    Chayma is a nominee and reem and maya are not !! that is crazy!! did u notice guys that reem has been singing play back during the last few primes. it seems khalil can find a solutiion for every problem !

    if anyone knows wut is khalil thinking plz let me know !

  1. Mona

    This is crazy. Chayma H has the best voices.Mohamed I.needs to leave cause he is very boring.He does deserved to leave.Vote for mohamed fahed Plz, plz.

  1. gary

    Can you get overyourselves. Really, mohammed fahd and mohammed ibrahim are the two weakest guys in the academy in terms of singing. Also chayma sings the same old boring tone of hers..shes never been in top 5 she deserves it.

  1. nene

    This is totally unfair cause Chayma deserves to be the star although she deserves it this time to wake up and work hard
    I hope she wins and i'm sure she will i already voted for her
    When maya,reem and khalifa leave the academy will be great
    Go joseph ,Fadi and Chayma
    Go Go Go LEBANON

  1. zinebmorocco

    mohamed fahd gonna leave, he didn't want to do like walid, to give a chance for his friends, so that they can stay more, if he've done like walid there would 've been two people leaving (him and the 3rd nominee) so he choosed to save his friends. it's nice from him.

  1. Rana

    Basically, I think the nominees are very well chosen because Chayma has nothing to offer other then an okay voice; that's the only thing that keeps her standing because she can't dance, she's not entertaining & she can't act. Also, M.Ibrahim; well enough said in that department. As for M.Fahd, I'm sorry but I dislike him very much! How can he just simply do that?!!?!? Wajdi deserved to stay in that academy because he actually was willing to TRY HARDER & SUCCEED but his backstabbing friends decided to choose M.Fahd; to give him a chance to improve BUT NO. Instead, he decides to LEAVE??! Idiot. I think the only ones to blame here are his friends who actually voted for him. We lost Wajdii </3 because of himmm & that's what he does?
    Wow, I really do hope he leaves.
    Don't vote for him because he obviously doesn't deserve it.
    +Haha, I'm proud of Reemm for not being nominated this week! =P

  1. Bandari

    What were those teachers thinking? They nominated Shayma whose voice is better than little Reem and Maya, they're just idiots for selecting a good student. It's hard to predict who'll return since Mookha felt that he couldn't stay any longer in the academy after he got 15%, he looked desperate this week after what he had been through.
    Mohamad Ibrahim is sweet and funny, his birthday is on the prime so let's wish him a very happy birthday :)

  1. mama

    Pls Vote For Mohammed Fahd. He Is A Very Nice Person And Who Say Other Than That Is Really Blind, Altough I am Sure He Will Be Out This Friday Because The Khaliji Are Not Voting For Him. Hannaa We Love You And Wish You Good Luck.

  1. Fluffer

    Please vote for Mokha. Show him how much we all love him and want him to stay. I dont know what I would do if he left. VOTE MOKHA!!

  1. Jordan

    This is crazy. I cannot believe this. Chayma does have the strongest voice out of everyone. The teachers obviously favor Maya because after Reem, she is the one with no voice. I have no idea why they dont nominate her. This is outreageous.

  1. mero

    first: how could shayma be nominated and maya not?! shayma's voice is perfect she just wants 2 know 2 act well, maya's voice is too weak.
    second: we lost wajdi because of mohammed fahd& look what is he doing?!! wajdi was the most one who really wanted 2 stay& he deserverd it. i really wish mohamed fahd gets out plz noone vote for him.

  1. mama

    Why Are You People Keep Asking Question About Why Shaima Nominee, Don't You Get It It's Not About Voice, It's About Dala3, Entertaning, Telling Stupid Stories, Been Silly And All Kind Of Stuff...
    You Have To Know It's Not About Voice I LearnedThis From The First And Second Starcacademy Because If It Was About Voice, Bashar Should of Win In Star Ac#1 And Amani In Star Ac#2 In The Finals Then You Have, Nissrine, Zizi, Bahaa, Meriam.....

  1. raja

    if mohamaed fahad wants to leave why did he let wajdi leave....wajdi wanted it way more then he did...i think they think its a game that they can just send people home if they feel like..not only did wajdi deserve it way more then mohammed but he wanted to be there morwe then he did....why come to starac if u want to go home...i just dont get thiss

  1. N

    Who are the stars??????

  1. ana masry
    ana masry

    i ll vote for shaimaa for hany coz she is closer to him,goooooooooo hanyyyyyyyyyy

  1. mahita

    Wajdi didn't deserve to stay either!! pleaase he sucked! he was bad in singing and very very fake! mokha couldn't tell his friends at the moment of choosing him "please don't vote for me" cose he's not allowed to talk to them! and it went so quick! Chaimaa screwed up in her evaluation she changed the song's melody she was out of tone! but she shouldn't have been nominated and Rym, Maya and Fadi are still there!!! i'll vote chaima though i hate her personality she's so jealous but when she'll become famous i don't care if she's jealous or not all i wanna hear is a good voice and good albums. as for Miss Maya! the Queen of the academy, for the first time they said her voice is very weak should i clap my hands or what!!! they just realized this? they always say she's the best now they woke up! Mokha did a good choice i heard he asked Rola Saad to leave and she refused that's why he chose to be nominee but think about it guys 15%!!!!!!!!!!! with the worst voice in the academy ''Rym" it's so unfair! If ya vote for him you'll fall in the LBC's trap, he'll leave anyway, and what HILDA said at the end of the dailies shows us LBC's games they wanna generate some money again by nominating him they know that oeople will feel sorry for him and will be willing to bring him back! the guy wants to leave!!!!!!! which means he doesn't need votes! chaimaa seemed so comfortable no tears this time!

  1. Fluffer

    I think Mokha wants to leave because he feels like no one is supporting him, which is not true. Im from the states and everyone here loves him. I think the votes were played with on Prime. I really doubt that Mokha only got 15% of the votes. LBC and the teachers are playing games and it needs to stop. We all know that they are just trying to get Maya to win it all, even though she SUCKS!

  1. Rosalina

    Gabi complained that M. Fahd caused Wajdi to leave !!!!! Wow it's like they were so happy from Wajdi and they want him to stay what a lie, all the thing is jus rotated around from where money can be brought this is the whole story in Staracademy , look at reem many times they put her nomenie ? she is a big generator of money for them , Wajdi was another Target for them , do you think they will skip one week without puting him nomenie .. No way . The student who is having the huge vote the one who will bring more money he is the same one who will be the more nomenated. Did you guys get it , now they are trying to give some break to the Algerians to save more money for reem during this time they will try chaymaa .. how much she would make for them we will see , in between Moh'd Ibrahim is a mummy in their hands he is generating lots of money , people like Maya Josph or even fady these poeple are not soo good for money bringing the rest of the student will have their turn of testing $ nomenations. That is the game , therefore we better stop saying she is good .. she has the best voice or he is cute .. adorable .. sweet . or sing very good No No No Those qualification are never been their main concern , one thing I have to confess that they are playing it very good . They keep feeding the checkens (reportages of the checken /Roaster) till they make sure he/she is fat(have alot of fans)then they descide to kill him/her (Nomenation) So they make a big feast invite everyone encluding us for this feast (the prime) but unfortunately they eat it alone without us (%$) I am realy fed-up of this new system of voting , now every show and most of them they want to make extra money by this way !!! Y

  1. mahita

    Rosalina you're welcome here :D

  1. sarah

    i believe gabby was right about m.fahd when he said that he took away that chance from wajdi and should of at least done a evaluation adn then let the judges judge

    who agrees with me?

    rosalina i believe you are TOTALLY wrong and get over it they SUCK thats why theyre nominees; and also thats the point of the show for starac and LBC to make money or else they WOULDNT put on the show and i believe you would do the same thing so shut up you know nothing

  1. nawel

    chayma :la meilleur voix mérite encore de rester et elle sera élu par le public ( sh's the best)
    moka: he want go out , alors pqoi il n'a ps laisser sa place a wajdi
    moh.ib: the worst( i m sorry but he's very stupid) no voice no carisme....he maust go out
    chayma elle sera élu par le public ou la voix de:
    rim hana joe maya hani

  1. sarah

    raja i totally agree with you 100% its was stupid of m.fahd to waste a week wajdi might of improved on

  1. nawel

    chayma :la meilleur voix mérite encore de rester et elle sera élu par le public ( sh's the best)
    moka: he want go out , alors pqoi il n'a ps laisser sa place a wajdi
    moh.ib: the worst( i m sorry but he's very stupid) no voice no carisme....he maust go out
    chayma elle sera élu par le public ou la voix de:
    rim hana joe maya hani

  1. nawel

    chayma :la meilleur voix mérite encore de rester et elle sera élu par le public ( sh's the best)
    moka: he want go out , alors pqoi il n'a ps laisser sa place a wajdi
    moh.ib: the worst( i m sorry but he's very stupid) no voice no carisme....he maust go out
    chayma elle sera élu par le public ou la voix de:
    rim hana joe maya hani

  1. nnnnnnawel

    inshhalah chayma & moka still
    moh.ib go out

  1. i love fady
    i love fady

    Nooo, why Shayma??? Shayma has the best voice!!! It's very unfair!!!

  1. my opinion
    my opinion

    i agree with most of u guys!

    i think that chayma does hav a really good voice! but its also tru that she relies only on her voice so she doesnt bother on anything else! but i think that she is quite good at dance!

    anyways, mo.Ibrahim, well lets put it this way..he is a really nice guy but hey starac aint about being nice its about being good at performing arts n lets face it, he is sooo not suited 4 that is he??!!

    mokha, well all i cud say is wat an idiot!!! did u read the thing he wrote? n he sed im not gd representative 4 my country?? well damn right u R not a gd rep 4 ur country! i used 2 really like him but now i hav no respect 4 him wat so ever! first of all wasting poor wajdi's chance, then him not even bothering 2 thing of an evaluation! but if he wants 2 leave then fair enough!

    i really want mo. Ibrahim 2 leave through the prime! then mayb mokha will realise that the audience dont like him because chayma will get the most votes. he might decide 2 leave like walid! aww i wish walid, wajdi and jiane were still there!!!

    i REALLY liked some of the judge's commets! gabi sayin that mokha was being stupid cus he wasted wajdi's chance and FINALLY the judges sed that maya's voice really is very weak! its tru she works hard but 4 wat?? she has no voice wat so ever! she can only dance! i really did HATE ellisar's comments though!! i hate that woman. she was sayin that maya was excellent! i wonder who puts her name forward 4 the top 5 then??!

    anyways hopefully maya is out of top 5 this week and becomes nominee the next! they just dont want 2 put her a nominee cus they know that NO-ONE will vote 4 her cus she is soo rubbish!!

  1. Nyrie

    Poor Wajdi!!!!!!!!!!! The guy wanted to stay like crazy but the friends chose M.Fahad! Now M. Fahad wants to leave ! What is going on???? I think everybody is going to resign except 2 people and those 2 will be hte finalists! I don't remember in the other Star Academys that 2 people resigned!!!!!!!!!!

  1. egyptiangirl

    i agree with most of u and with gaby that mo5a took wajdy's chance i really miss wajdy so much by the way his voice is ok but he only needed to improve his arabic language but he has got the voice i really think that mo5a is selfish and also his friends who voted 4 him in the prime (they knew how much wajdy wanted 2 stay in the academy)espicially fadi i was very shocked when he chose mo5a and not wajdy and it was a strange act from mo5a not 2 enter the evaluation i still donot get it

  1. Olla

    Ya allah I feel so bad for Moh'd Fahd. It broke my heart when he said to the judges that he's not a good representative of his country and he thinks that no one likes him but that is so untrue. I just wish he knew how much people love him and support him. Unfortunately I think he's leaving this week.

    I wasn't really surprised by the nominees. Chaima has an amazing voice but like what you guys said, she depends too much on her voice and she's not that great of an entertainer but I don't think it's her time to leave the academy.

    My predictions for this week -
    Moh'd Ibrahim - saved by the audience
    Chaima - saved by the students
    and Fahd is gonna leave.

  1. xoxo

    wow! i cant believe chaima is a nominee!! she is truly talented! she has one of the best and strongest voices in the academy! i dont understand! they should have put rym or maya a nominee and saved a talented star for the prime! well..from the nominees, i think m.ibrahim should leave. he has the weakest voice out of the three. and wallah haram about mookha! i felt so bad for him! like he truly was hurt from the 15%! and i felt so sorry for him at the prime, when the percentages showed! he felt so sad and heart broken! so my wish for this prime is that chaima stays from the audience voting and mookha stays from his friends. and wow!! i was sooo surprised that the teachers finally said that maya has a weak voice! have they been deaf this whole time and only just realized? i mean its true that maya is talented but no voice whatsoever! if mookha actually sang, than maybe maya would have been a nominee instead of him! and that wouldve made my valentines day great! happy valentines day everyone! hope u all spend it with that special someone or with ur loved ones!

  1. libangrl

    hey guyz//
    first of all i cant believe chaima is nominated i mean i dont really like her but she has a strong voice i thought she wouls stay longer..wel goodluck to her.
    mohammed brahim idc really care bout thim.but goodluck
    now mohamed fahd u gerk if u think no one is supporting u then u should have left last week and gave wajdih a second chance wajdih was so desperate to stay he was good.. and really hot and he had alote of fans supporting him..he should come bak lbc u guyz should do us a favor and bring wagdih bak cause angad this is not fair...wagdih deserved to stay..
    anywayz all i gotta say now is goodluck to maya and lebanese and u guyz rock ..i hope a lebanese person wins this time..
    yala talk to u guyz later...

  1. manaly

    did you here chayma voice in the evaluation
    did she learn something in the academy and she must be happy that she reached in the top11

  1. libangirl

    hey guyz.i just want to say that did u guyz see how fadi and viviane were talkin on the fone omg vivo crakced me up shes like can u sneak out of the academy and come to the house for valentines day and hes like r ustupid..omg i luv how they talk its annoying but halirious at the same time..and omg hoo agrees with me that rym is tryin to follow salmas steps and get closer to someone in the academy..for example joe do u guyz see the way shes been hiiting up on him latly.she wants himto fal for her..joesph habibii im lebanese ur christian and shes muslim and shes twice as old soo joe wont choose her he will find someone else better that siutes him later in his life..
    hoo agrees..

  1. Rosalina

    Mahita thank you you are so kind.. Happy Valintine day , What happened to Moh'd fahd irritated me , I just didn't like the way he will be leaving the accademy ..with his heart broken , it is not even worth it . That's Y I wrote the above , I was mad because it was not fair at all.

    For Sarah I think when I did poste my openion I did not insult you and say to you to shut -up ,Don't be rude , I was just posting what I felt about the whole matter you are free to discuss it with me but don't insult PLZ.

  1. arab

    rosa said

    "oh please sarah dont insulting me, please am beging you".

    Like i care about you rosaaaa.
    i think chayma is hot he he he he.

  1. lovelylebanese

    Well I want Shimaa to stay and I really dont care about the other two. Cause shes more of a quite person not a may3a like the other ones.
    But Im sure Mohamed Fahd will be out.

  1. princess

    oh my god i feel so sad for mokha... he is really a nice and sweet person but he is heart-broken because of the 15% of audience's votes.he couldnt take it anymore and i think he knows y he got only 15%...... i'm sure he regrets 4 voting 4 walid instead of dosari. I HOPE MAYA LEAVES NEXT WEEK , SHE IS SOOOOO ANNOYING AND ALWAYS WANTS ALL ATTENTION ON HER!

  1. 73

    I think this nomination is so ridiculous. Mokha is being so mean and evil. He's mad because he didn't get 15% of the vote so he "volunteers" himself as a nominee to see if he'll get higher votes this time. What a jerk! Don't you realize that if he is voted in by the public or by the audience a student that ACTUALLY WANTS TO BE IN THE ACADEMY (shayma or mo. i) could leave ? I cannot believe it. LBC has stooped to new lows with this. It should be a rule that anyone who does not do what the minimum that is required of him, such as PRESENTING AN EVALUATION, should automatically be thrown out of the academy. I used to love mokha and now i hate him. He stole wajdi's spot (who wanted to be in the academy more than anything in the world) and this week will take another person's spot.

  1. lecia

    It is so clear that LBC is playing a big game.. this show is becoming useless to watch...i feel bad for mokha but i mean it doesnt take a genius to determine that LBC is playing with the votes...since when does a Khaligie guy loose facing an Algerian or Tunisian ......AHMAD elsharif and Sofia, both were so popular and likd by lot of fans way more than Reem is liked and they both lost infront of a Khalegie same with her own sister so how could all of a sudden be #1 in voting......Mokha should know that LBC plays with the numbers....and as for maya, why does elsiar like her so much, u would think she is her daughter and maya is really annoyingand ugly...

  1. suna from lebanon
    suna from lebanon

    Like most of you I think Chayma definitely deserves to stay. She has a beautiful voice but she lacks the whole package: being a good dancer and more expressive. I really feel sad for and sympathetic with Mohammad Fahed. The moment the prime results were shown, you could see how disappointed and sad he was: his face, eyes and body language. It was also heart breaking how he said that he doesn't think he is representing his country properly and they don't like him. His country is punishing him for not voting for Mohammad Dosary. I hope they snap out of it and vote him back in this coming prime. He made a mistake but a lesson was learned. I like M. Ibrahim. He is sweet. But Mohammad Fahed deserves to stay more than M. Ibrahim. M. Fahed is a better dancer, better singer and plays a musical instrument. I am hoping M. Fahed will be voted back in and if that happens, Chayma will definitely be chosen by her friends. Please vote for M. Fahed. I love you M. Fahed. May God be with you.

  1. ballerina

    hey everyone,
    i was so sad about mohamad fahed his heart was broken it's like he wanted to cry,we should vote for him and show him how much we really LOVE HIM even if he gets out at least he will know how many people love him and how many people supported him and wante him to stay!

    to all who said that wajdi should stay not him,
    you are wrong wajdi's voice is not that good like joseph,hanaa,shayma..
    so why are you saying that?i meen JUS TPUT YOUR SELVES IN PLACE OF HIM!you will do the same!!!and last prime he couldn't say that he want to be out!and even if he can maybe he wanted to think or try!!he is so SWEET cuz he didn't do like walid! cuz wleed left and mohamad Dosari left then marwa so if walid Is SWEET LIKE MOO5A he should've did like moo5a cuz mohamad dousari got out cuz of walid then after 2 ays walid left the academy then after one day the Nominees then after three days MARWA left!SO WHY ARE YOU BLAMING,AND INSULTING MOO5A?HE WANTED TO STAY BUT HE HAVE FEELINGS!HE THINKS THAT HE DIDN'T PRESENT HIS COUNTRY BUT HE DID!!!!!SO IF YOU JUST THINK FOR 1 SECOND THAT YOU ARE IN PLACE OF HIM YOU WOULD DO THAT AND MORE!!!!so don't blame him about what he did cuz this is the only choice!!!!?PLEASE SUPPORT HIM BY VOTING ALOT I AM VOTING AND VOTIN CUZ HE REALLY DESERVE TO STAY!!!!mohamad ibraheem should leave this time really!!BUT PUT YOUR SELF INSTED OF MOO5A 7ARAM HE IS SO SWEET BUT NO ONE SUPPORT HIM THAT WHAT HE THINK!!!!!really last time i voted for him and alot of people voted for him but the thing is they are playing with votes they think we are stuped or what?(the LBC)

    about shayma,
    her voice is nice and strong but she is thinking that her voice is like a mask for her!if she sings the teachers wouldn't choose her to be nominee and that is wrong she should act,dance,what ever but she is thinkng that with her voice she will not be nominee and that is really really wrong!i know that she will be back.

    to all,
    FROM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! (my heart was really broken about you)i know that he wont read that but it's ok!



  1. ballerina

    TO 73.
    YOU ARE SO WRONG I AM SORRY,but how come you say that about mohamad fahed!HE I SO SWEET AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT AND NOTICE IT!don't you guys remember how he stand with kaleefa,mohamad ibraheem,issa?when there country prince died(alla yer7ama)he read quran to them and he praid and...!SO AL KWAIT.BAHRAIN,AND EMARAT SHOULD VOTE FOR HIM CUZ HE STANDED WITH THEM AND SAUDI ARABIA HIS COUNTRY OF COURS!but they hated him because he did't vote for mohamad el dousari!he was wrong but he learned a lessone so they should forgive him cuz even if he voted for mohamad el dosari his vote wouldn't change anything!and 5ala9 walid is out and mohamad al dousari is out they should forget everything and vote for him!PLZ DON'T BLAME HIM ,THE GUY IS SO SWEET!

  1. ballerina



  1. Gazelle

    To all the people who said that Shayma will be saved by the students, I dare say that you are wrong.
    I watched the 24/24 channel till late in the night & what was noticeable that all girls were happy & relieved that Shayma is nominee.
    2nd, there was a deal between Khalifa, Rakia, Maya & Fadi that if Med. Ibrahim would be saved by the audience, they will save Moukha to get rid of Shayma & then he will leave anyway. I thought that I misheard what they said but when reading some sms in the screen, I was sure that what I heard was right.
    So, if Shayma won't be saved by the audience she will leave for sure.
    Remember that she is a strong component to them (in terms of voice) & at this level of the competition all of them want to be among the 8 finalists to make the tour.

  1. Rasha

    ppl it's just a matter of time and the teachers will be forced to nominate Maya, she has the weakest voice among the other girls...although we must admit that she has her own talents and creativity but this is just NOT enough!
    Elissar loves maya and will never say her name during the nominations.
    the last 5 students to stay in the academy should be:
    Chayma,Joseph,Hanaa,Rakya and Hani

  1. Nina

    In my opinion Chayma really deserves to stay and be one of the 8 finalist. she is 5th as my preference look:

    Joseph (great look, excellent voice, personality, multi talented, smart and has confidence)

    Hani (great look, great voice(his voice is being improved), good acting,matured has confidence but some problem with his personal act)

    Hanea ( excellent voice, descent girl, but lacks a little confidenc)

    Maya (great dancer, multi talented, good acting ,has confidence, bad bad.. voice)

    Chayma (excellent voice, not smart, lacks confidence)
    Khalifa (great voice but very weak weak personality, it is hard to tell if it is confidence or being noisy but he is not shy)
    Rakia (good voice weak personality, she is not shy but very noisy )
    Fadi (not that bad voice, he is trying to improve, at the beginning he had nothing)

    If Wajdi was still in i wouldn't put Fadi in the list who deserves to be 8 finalist

  1. priscilla

    i think the choices for nomine are gud but i think reem shld have been as well anywaiiz Maya is the best girl their the only reason some of u ppl hate her is bcoz she is beautiful, smart, tallented and bcoz uz are rasist!!! Zou zou n Maya and Fedo are gona stay to the end and they deserve it bcoz they are the best omg best of luck u three mwa

    i love wajdi i miss him so much i hope he comes back to the academy and i love manal tooooo i hope she comes back so much mwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. sofi

    Could you tell me who said Maya has a weak voice from the judges, amazing i thought she is so precious for lbc to be told the truth. please tell me and i also heard someone from the judge had Maya's name on the nominees list, who was that plz tell me

  1. Jeddawia

    I think I can understand the kind of pressure Mohammed Fahed is under. The Saudi people are institutionally racist. When there were 2 Star Academy entrants, it was always our boys. But now that Mokha dared to vote out AlDousari, they have shown their ugly faces. You should see the amount of racist comment only on SMS channels. Saying M F is a nigger, Our maid loves him, looks like our driver, and other disgusting things.Other comments circulating by mobile phone and in private conversations is viler still. This kind of racism has always been an undercurrent, but now it is out in the open. AlDosary was weak and nominated twice, the Saudi VOTES which they brag about were not able to save him either time. He was out wheter MF voted for him or not , so depending on their votes should not be a priority for MF. I am 100% sure had the shoe been on the other foot and pure blood Bedouin voted "impure" Fahaed out, he wouldn't have caused even part of this outrage.

  1. hasen

    unfair nominees until now i never seen the correction on the part of the administtation the whole comments were put down on the recycle ben or on the garvage we lost our time but the out come is nothing .it is rediculious that chemia is a nominee she has a very good voice and smart for evry thing like that of wajdi that was sabotage made to brought him with that lazy reem there was not any reason only to sent him home why this jugdes take care of reem this week that is obious her sister in still doing on herbehalf tobe one of the 8 part of fahad soonly he must go out i hate him all his activities .

  1. sarah

    The nomination of chaima is not a surprise for us Tunisian and we hope for goods being left the academy this week it is not for it especially serious to be or not worked or not all simply know us very goods that never would succeed.

    We are always obtained the best voices But never obtainable to win.

    We hope for ours own hearts for the first time which will gain this years HANA or JOSEPH they is really both which merits and good luck for the others.

  1. abidi lobna
    abidi lobna

    chyma a une excellente voice elle merite de rester et elle sera èlue par le public vive la tunisie je t'aime chyma ma belle

  1. sandra

    Maya & joseph are da best in da academy and whoever is sayin that maya has a weak and voice, is jst plain stupid. she can dance, play guitar,.... where chayma can ONLY sing. shes so boring when she sings i feel like im gonna fall asleep.

    i wish shes gonna leave dis week. i hate her she gets jealous sooo easily.

    and 3a2bel Reem(next week a nominee and shes gonna go yay) wat is she thinkin wid zouzou sheslike hes grandma. JOSEPH deserves some1 betta dan her lyk Maya

    Luv joseph, maya, fadi and hanaa
    hope wajdi and manal come back!!!!!!!!

  1. priscilla

    im so wid u sandura go the lebs
    Maya & joseph are da best in da academy and whoever is sayin that maya has a weak and voice, is jst plain stupid. she can dance, play guitar,.... where chayma can ONLY sing. shes so boring when she sings i feel like im gonna fall asleep.

    i wish shes gonna leave dis week. i hate her she gets jealous sooo easily.

    and 3a2bel Reem(next week a nominee and shes gonna go yay) wat is she thinkin wid zouzou sheslike hes grandma. JOSEPH deserves some1 betta dan her lyk Maya

    Luv joseph, maya, fadi and hanaa
    hope wajdi and manal come back!!!!!!!!

  1. zoubeida

    je vous jure que depuis le départ de wajdi j'ai plus envie de poursuivre ce programme c'était quelqu'un qui devait etre au final et maintenant cé SHAIMA mais qu'est ce qu'ils ont contre les tunisiens! soutenons ensemble SHAIMA cé injuste de l'envoyer elle à une voie formidable elle mérite de rester plus que les autre candidate! BONNE CHANCE POUR LES MAGREBINS ET MONSIEURS LES JURYS SOYEZ JUSTE

  1. priscilla

    i dnt noe who u are sandura but ur cute but i must admit wajdi is cute and manal mwa

  1. priscilla

    i hope shayma and both mohamads leave and then a miracle happens and wajdi and manal are back plz god and jesus get them back

    mwa mwa mwa to all wajdi and manal and zou zou and fedo and maya fans


    Chayma's nomination is not a surprise for me coz who has the best voice always loses in staracademy!! fady in top 5 maya also while chayma never been in top 5
    u ll say that she relies only on her voice but this is quite normal staracademy is mainly about about voice and then comes dancing, acting (bear in mind that shayma is a modest dancer and she contiributed in some dancing medleys like that of polices but Elissar puts her always at the back and she works hard in her class)
    the pb of shayma is that she did not understand Khalil's game she is habla while she has to be witty; dallou3a; shows her belly ; kisses, hughs;
    when she sings in primes she has to dance , winks the audience,
    in evaluations she has to sing for wadi3 or hughs Michel as fadi did for Elissar in his evaluation!!!
    at that they will say wow! we are impressed by wht she does she is daring this time we like it!!

  1. sandra

    thanks prisci

    and jst 2 tell of u somefin. Star academy isnt about the voice only. (remember star ac 1&2)

    the stars have 2 optain a full package (voice, dancing, looks, acting, how 2 play on instruments...)

    Chayma only has 1. but Maya has all so wat she doesnt hav a strng voice with practice she can be betta dan all of them. and who said about havin a great voice 2 win star acaemy look at da boy who won last yr he sucks.

    I love Joseph he should win.

    go da lebs

  1. priscilla

    chayma does nothing but lets words out of her mouth wen she is in the prime she stands still doesnt even move her head like one of the teachers said she'll make a gud wife but isnt the right person for the star


    good morning Waleg
    i have a question: This morning i visited ur site as usually and read the comments as usual and they were wtitten in an organized way
    but now when i entered again i find the comments scrumbled i mean i have to move the cursor till the end edge of the page to read from left to right!! did u get what i meant?
    is it because of comments containing long words?

  1. hasen

    why every body rejected this chamia stay in this academy ?she is able to stay as good as m.fahad you see with her bad voice unacceptable condact reem stil exist .please render your vote for her don't discrimitate her and don't insult her dont limit your vote with location in this session but for arebs culture and language and other resources

  1. louly

    As it chaima nominated more the share of the candidates is happy they sing and dance with the madness surtouts khalifa, Maya, rakia and fady

  1. dandooneh

    Teachers have no sense of hearing Maya screwed up way worse than Reem did,Maya shoyuld be nominated not Chaima,7aram she has the strongest voice.
    To all who say Chaima's personality sucks we know that but her voice is incredible GO CHAIMA!
    I hope Mohammad I leaves he annoys me so much and if Mohammad F doesnt wanna stay leave!
    Im glad michelle nominated Maya the golden child and i hope she doesnt turn up as number 1,i think Hani will be number 1 he sang well but ofcourse nudity and sexual moves is a must


    to Shayma: start wearing sexy clothes and make striptease in the evaluation, they will never put u nominee then!!

  1. *ARAB* gurl
    *ARAB* gurl

    good morning Waleg
    i have a question: This morning i visited ur site as usually and read the comments as usual and they were wtitten in an organized way
    but now when i entered again i find the comments scrumbled i mean i have to move the cursor till the end edge of the page to read from left to right!! did u get what i meant?
    is it because of comments containing long words?

    yea this also happened to me once

  1. sarah

    To priscilla
    Carry that I am Tunisian I hope for my god that chaima leaves the academy this week for silk happy for you and for all the races which hate chaima but for wajdi sorry, do not return still with the academy all simply it is unacceptable for us Tunisian and our dignity does not allow it we always respect our prides.
    For your manal I hope for my heart return again to the academy and always for you for beings happier my expensive.

    To bambucha
    I am very with reach agreement with him that chaima is HABLA... and do not can beings require bus has our life the races very good are always very idiots and his problem of chaima unfortunately.

    For me even I hope for my own heart which HANA or JOSEPH beings star.

  1. mahita


    what are you saying!!! is that english? or what exactly!!! i'm trying hard to read your comments but i can't find any "perfect sentence" is that the game of scrambled words ?

  1. lulu

    sarah i can tell ur not from tunis as chaima and wajdi give a good impresion to tunis as im not from tunis but seeing chaima and wajdi gives me a good idea about tunis. so u should be thankful they are presenting ur country.

  1. sarah

    To mahita
    I'm so Sorry!!!

  1. Gazelle

    To all the people who said that Shayma will be saved by the students, I dare say that you are wrong.
    I watched the 24/24 channel till late in the night & what was noticeable that all girls were happy & relieved that Shayma is nominee.
    2nd, there was a deal between Khalifa, Rakia, Maya & Fadi that if Med. Ibrahim would be saved by the audience, they will save Moukha to get rid of Shayma & then he will leave anyway. I thought that I misheard what they said but when reading some sms in the screen, I was sure that what I heard was right.
    So, if Shayma won't be saved by the audience she will leave for sure.
    Remember that she is a strong component to them (in terms of voice) & at this level of the competition all of them want to be among the 8 finalists to make the tour.

    I just want to add, that you have always accused Shayma (By the way she is not my favourite) to be double-faced but by now & especially after what I've seen yesterday night in the 24/24 channel, I do believe that most of the students are double-faced & same for the teachers.

    I think that the whole show is a dirty game. The excess of hugs, touching & kissing was just the reverse of the medal to superficial, stupid & devil Arabic minds from different Arabic countries. It is just a reflection of our reality as Arabs, full of racism, prejudice, stupidity, hypocrisy, lies...

  1. N

    Hey Waleg,

    do u know who the guests are this fridays prime?



  1. Louly

    Please sarah stop speaking (I'm Tunisian)
    You are not Tunisian

    and thank you

  1. emiratiyia

    i want mokha to leave and m.i and chamiya will return
    i hate mokha

  1. imaneEK

    Hello all,

    I dont understand!!!!!!!!! Chayma nominee & Maya/Reem/Hany/Fady not???? what's going on here?!
    Chayma Nominee & Maya who has no voice not?!Star Academy is for dancers or singers???

  1. Laila

    hey ppl,
    i just wanted to ask about that guy who's in the panel and always wears hats and talks in a funny way? can anyone tell me who he is?

  1. sue

    hani deserve 2 be the top 1
    i love him sooooooo much
    the best doing in the evaluation
    hani is the best
    go hani go hani go hani u r the best

  1. saso

    this program is not for voice only
    maya bad voice v good dance v good act
    but i dont love her
    jousef v good voice not good in dance good act
    hani good voice v. good in dance v. good in act
    i love hani & jousef
    fady not good voice not good dance
    i hate him
    hanaa v.good voice bad in dance god in act
    chima good voice bad dance bad act
    i hate her
    khalifa i hate him
    rakia good voice good act bad dance
    i hate moh fahd fady khalifa
    i love haniiii& jousef

  1. Najla

    Hi guyz l do not understand Mohd F & this is not fair for Wajdi.Plz Rola Saad bring back Wajdi.By the way guyz Walid is realising his new single on March 5 .l am a huge fan of WALID WAJDI JOSEPH they just rock. GO GO GO GO GO WALID WAJDI JOSEPH. FROM KENYA

  1. xxx

    go najla u're soooooo right WALID WAJDI JOSEPH HANI alllllllll rock.. go go... btw is mohd fahed crazy y didnt he just leave n let wajdi in the academy ughhh... i hope mohd ibrahim, goes out i hate him

  1. Sara

    This is so unfair..Chayma is nominee.... NO WAY!..wake up teachers..u wanna get rid of chayma so that maya stays...Im sure there is a problem in there mind..mentelly there mind is gone.... Chayma NOMINEE! If it was Maya i would say fine she has No Voice..But Chaima she is very good...Mohd Fahed God help him..Why did he do this...he let wajdi out and now he wanna be nominee. There is something going on this year..all want to go out as for Mohd Ibrahim No comment! Hope Chaima gets in by the People Votes...Even though im a khaleeji from Bahrain but i wanna chaima win..


    wow gazelle if that s true than i would tell chayma what goes around comes around
    although i dont like her at all but i thought it s unfair that she s a nominee while others as u all mentioned are not
    well this year is crazy really but in a bad way
    anyway take care all and waleg where r u hope to hear from u soon lol

  1. OKii!

    hello guys!!

    i want to ask you something!! you keep going on about the fact that mohammed fahed didnt give wajdi the chance to stay and why he didnt do the evaluation,,, bla bla blah!!!! if you think about it.. walid did exactly the same thing,,! as in he didnt give mohammed el dossary the chnce to stay,, noo actually if u think any it,, its even worse,, cuz not only he left but also another perosn had to be up for nomination as a result of his depoarture!!
    dnt get me wrong,, i loved walid,, and still think he is great but i think ur judgement on moe fahed is a bit unfaiR!! as walid did the same thing with dossari! which means its not agood way of judgement!
    nways have a good time all of ya! and njoy watchin da showw! byeee

  1. nada

    i wnat the 3 nommines to be out very soon! but i prefer chaima !
    wajdi i miss u and i love u!

  1. TruthHurts

    StarAcademy is not only about voice, Superstar is. How many Starac graduates have made it as singers?!! The only guy who made it as singer so far is M. Shrif; the rest tried, but are failing miserably.
    Shaima should have tried Superstar; she would have made it to the top 6 at least. She is pretty and has class; the following also have class and are talented in different degrees: Joseph (best male voice), Hany (class), Hana (class and voice, the rest have little or no class, but may have talent. Khalifa is Starac imbecile (impish). M Ibrahim is like nitrogen gas: colorless, tasteless, odorless--so is Mokha. Rakia quite talented, but no class. Maya: quite talented, but no voice, but some class. FadiFadi: Starac Romeo with a good voice (qimashah), but needs developing --not much class; he's using Maya and the other girls to tease Vivian who seems to have no class b/c she is so mushy in expressing her feelings, and b/c she should dump Fadi if she has any pride (karamah). Fadi tells her it's all play, and doesn't mean anything when he touches the girls!!! Yeah sure! Poor Vivo: she believes him! lol
    They should bring Wajdi back instead of Mokha bcz it is not fair that he stayed and now wants to quit!

    Proud to be Lebanese ;-)

  1. glory

    It is expected that Chaima is a nominee if you remember when rola saed told her that she must obey all her instructions and no one of the students has the right to discuss her , she told her when she refused to wear the police dress at the prime which appear all the lower part of her body . Rola want to make student afraid of her and never say NO . It's expected

  1. noha

    i want chyma to be out becouse she is the only girl how has doublr face
    remmber her problem with manal her friend , she don't vote 4 her to be in the academy ,
    also with marow her friend she don't vote 4 her to take her place in thr top 8
    fron the begining of the show she don't vote to any girl
    is any one of u ask him self why she do that?
    she do that to be from the top 8 no more
    and if he still she will vote aginst all the girls
    so plz get her out

  1. Amira

    Im tunisian, and trust me if Chayma will be out of the academy without being one of the 4 finalists, tunisian people will be so angry and mad.For sure, every one know that tunisian audiance are the best, and that CARTHGE is the dream of every arabic singer. So, there is no way that this programm thinks to hve life concerts in Tunisia cause we are no more interested in it(without Tunisian condidates).
    God bless TUNISIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. rarooooooooooo

    yalla mohmad fahed fans atleast vote 30 times
    he needs it yalla please ya

  1. abed

    Friday prime guests: 4Cats,Rami 3ayach,bahha Kafi. RYM will sing with 4cats

  1. Hajar_Morocco

    To Mahita!
    hellooo Mahita; you should know me

  1. cutepale

    rakya=out out.
    this is just a waste of time show, academy is not for talanted ppl.its a strip club, i dont think any 1 should bother to vote, they have it planned, who is stayn and who is leaving is up to rolla, and the academy, so relax

  1. Bandari

    As a Saudi, I feel terrible for Mohamad Fahad, he's been insulted and called names over those last weeks. I agree with Jeddawiyah, the SMS channels and forums are full of them even one said that his family found him on the streets and adopted him! Can you imagine how callous these people are? I feel ashamed that they've reached this level to bash any person over the slightest thing.

  1. salma

    hi to all
    i am salma from Morocco
    I want to tell to everyone that hanaa and shaima deserve to win this year
    i like also joseph and maya
    but i want a girl to win this year

  1. raja

    on the 24/24 channel..does it show who is winning by votes so far...if anyone knows who is winning from votes (chayma, mohamed f, mohamed i ) please tell me....i really would like to know...thanks so muchh

  1. jojo

    please ppl! vote for the best voice! vote for chaima! she really deserves to stay and has so much potential! she has a very strong voice and is very beautiful!

  1. Norma

    Ohh Lala Shaima is Nominee,Reem Should go out.Reem They like Her To stay of her Sister,Reem all the times skriming and She thinks that she is Smart To be close to everyone with her Second Face....I do't like her specially when she talk.

  1. zeinab

    Shaima should leave academi is not for her cuz she doesn't have any other talent only a strongh's not good enough to stay at star academie..even though i don't like her voice i prefer rakia voice it's strong and sweeter.and hana too.and for those ones who are asking themself if star academie is about singing or not?.. well no it's not only about's about so many other things! that shaima doesn't have.. maybe she would be better for her to go at super star ..cuz she can stand up singing and only moving her mouth like she does usally and her ugly personnality nobody will see it..anyway don't wanna talk about her in bad..but stop saying that shaima had to kiss and hughs everyone and wear sexy things to stay at the star..cuz first she is the one who run after all the guys in the star!!and hugs everyone and trying to touch every guy even the guest!..and about wearing sexy things she wear but she is not flashing like the other girls..and seriously guys do u imagine shaima doing the tour..well i think that she will get tired after traveling in two country..If there is someone about tunisian people who should represent this country i think that it had to be Wajdi! cuz he is full of energy and he can do the tour with the 7 other fady maya joseph rakia khalifa hana hany..haydol BAS li biyelba2lon!!

  1. heno

    wtf!!! if i cld go and slap thoses stupid teachers i wont give a shit!! i mean shayma iz nominee?!?!?!??!!? i dont think so ther just jelous from her! cuz she haz the best voice this is so unfair maya should be a nominee her voice sux!! even if she talented but thats not fair al shou they put her in top 5 and once she won!!! this is silly shit! plz guys voter for shayma plzzzzzzzzzzzz we want her she the best we dont wanna do like wut we did to wajdi hez better than reem and moh'd fahed! PLZZZ GUYS VOTE FOR SHAYMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE BEST VOICE!!!

  1. rania

    A star is not just a voice...a star is a combination of a nice voice,some talent, creativity,a personnality...
    Shaima unfortunately only has the nice voice...she is boring on stage
    she deserves to leave

  1. hasen

    why you jeolus and down chemia ? she has a very attractive voice when we compair with reem and rakia two of them are bad noise .i like her she is sociable with all students and she is fixed with hani she is not changing her relationship like that of reem and rakia they are moving around boys.

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