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ana masri

Nancy Ajram's new album is full of nice and impressive songs as usual.
One of those songs is one that she shot a video clip for, and doesn't appear in not even once; Ana Masri. Talking about Egypt & Egyptians, and their love of their land & eachother.
Ana Masri is a beautiful and touching song. And it is refreshing not to see the actual singer of the song appear over & over again in the video clip, quite different, ey!?
What do you think?

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  1. TALA


  1. Sara

    The song is nice...But why shes not there in the clip ? we love u nancy...

  1. Daniella Fedail
    Daniella Fedail

    Go Nancy you are the best, you are always the star of Lebenan and I can't wait to get your CD.
    Nancy ROX!

  1. Daniella Fedail
    Daniella Fedail

    Go Nancy you are the best, you are always the star of Lebenan and I can't wait to get your CD.
    Nancy ROX!

  1. mona

    i love farid altrash

    go fared, you are the best.

  1. hyona21

    the song is very beautiful and why does she sing that if she's not egyptian ?

  1. miss lenbanon
    miss lenbanon

    we are all arabian.........why cant we sing to eatc other.....i think its nice............many lebanees sang for palestine even they were not palestinian

  1. ahmad

    why is she singing for egypt, she is crazy fake face. She think she care about us, i thought she is racizt.

  1. rokaya

    When did an Egyptian singer say "I am Lebanese"
    This is outrageous

  1. karonnnna from tripoli
    karonnnna from tripoli

    hi rokaya and ahmed nancy etsha7aret be masr w kol fanan etsha7ar b masr fayrouz w fared el atrash .. etc she too and hayfa and elissa all those got the chance in egypt why shoudnt she sing to egypt it is the most country which is moutakadema they have an amazin history and 97% of egyptian are funny if u r labanese or marocco or algerian etc u will find it easy for u to speak in egyptian than in other sin cuz it will be more easier cuz if u got to open ur tv u will see 100000000 of egyptian movies they are all wonderful and handsome and cute people im not egyptian im labanese but i dun see anythnig wrong to nancy to sing to egypt and not singin for lebanon she did sing for el hariri when he was dead wtz wrong with u pbl be grown ups nuttin deserves i love u nancy
    also nancy is alwayz their in egypt and the sherka elly beda3emma masreya why wouldnt she sing for egypt i dun see any problem in this..

  1. yasmine

    i think that nancy ajram proved that she is a real singer by singing and not showing herself on the video, which she was great of singing it, eventhough that i'm not egyptian, but she made me like the song, and like egypt even more.

  1. yasmine

    i think that nancy ajram proved that she is a real singer by singing and not showing herself on the video, which she was great of singing it, eventhough that i'm not egyptian, but she made me like the song, and like egypt even more.

  1. yasmine

    i think that nancy ajram proved that she is a real singer by singing and not showing herself on the video, which she was great of singing it, eventhough that i'm not egyptian, but she made me like the song, and like egypt even more.

  1. nancy

    well, this is a terribel song because I am not egyptian, therefore I can't stand it ! Why not sing about ALL ARABS! this makes me so mad.. shes not even egyptian to be talking about them. Whatever nancy ajram the poser

  1. arab

    she should sing about palastinians. Egypt already has everything, they got education and they got a crazy stuff. For example, women has free to work and has sport to exercise...
    Nancy is not a muslim, and she is not a christan. She making fun about IRAQIE people and their accent.
    nancy dont have a life to live like normal people. Im glad that the journalist guy throw a glass of water on her face. she deserve it, she digraze al mantiga.
    nancy doesnt have a brain or a leg to walk.
    She didnt have to be a singer, she got the voice from karaoke.


  1. karonnnna from tripoli
    karonnnna from tripoli

    this song rocks nancy wonderful woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  1. mimi

    this song is so cool, i love it. it's so nice. the best part is wen she says "law sa'altak enta ma9ri ooli eeh,etc" NANCY AJRAM U ROCK::D:D:D

  1. nancy lover
    nancy lover

    what did she say about iraqis?????????????????
    i love nancy and im from iraq

  1. mersad

    hello...i love nancy ajram,i think she's a real good artist! i'm not Egyptian though, nor Lebanese and never Arab.just like arab cultures and stuff especially Nancy music!i'm Filipino muslim working in saudia.i think she did give justice to the song and to the people of egypt. great work Nancy...can't wait to grab ur next cd...

  1. nene

    I've always said that nancy ajram is a total idiot but now she's a total and big freak idiot
    She sang for egypt just to be more famous cause here in lebanon nobody seems to love her anymore all she does is singing for egyptians and fot egypt and forgetting her country Lebanon that needs the support of the lebanese but no she prefers another country
    She's reaaly idiot

  1. :P

    Im 100%with rokaya when did tghe egyptian sing for us omg lebanon have many problems now and a song is the smallest thing she could do but she smart she knows that egyptian likes her and she did the song to them omgggg plz get a life your country is more important than smething else!
    hate you!

  1. Ramy

    Just a little reminder.

    This song was first released a couple of days after Sharm Al Shaikh disaster.

    Nancy is not Egyptian, right.
    Nancy is lebanese, right.

    But she was thoughful enough to make such a song after a deadly event like Sharm's explosions.

    Here in egypt, we adore Lebanon. We love everything that's lebanese.

    The song is nice, the clip is adorable, why don't we just enjoy it ya shabab !!!!

  1. egyptian angel
    egyptian angel

    Nancy, I luv your song!! I am egyptian, and was crying when i heard it. u go girl!!

  1. zizi

    go go go nancy u r the best 1,... i like all ur songs im zizi from uk all uk is with u nancy ajram u r top 1 wallah, i vote 4 u i like u sooo sooo sooo much c u take care and be always top 1 go go go go

  1. Mohamed

    Thanx Nancy. Were all with egypt. And f*** those lebanese

  1. youssef

    i'm youssef from morocco , i just wanna say that i like the song very much and nancy has a good voice .....go nancy , you're in the good way
    i have one request to all nancy's fans : i wanna hear the song ana masri (video or audio) but i can't find it , so if you have the song send it to me plzzzzzzzzzzzz.....thxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    kiss youssef !!!

  1. darine

    when i first heard the song i started crying even though im not even egyption, im lebanese but it still brought tears to my eyes. i like the lyrics to the song, thats what really made it touching. very cute how she says "ana masri wa aboya masri" thats my favorite part.

  1. I am Lebanese and Proud
    I am Lebanese and Proud

    To Muhamed,
    Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you say that about LEBANON!!!!!!!! Get a life you STUPID EGYPTION!!!!!!!! You wish that Nancy was Egyption, but guess what loser, SHE IS NOTTTTTTT. She would choose Lebanon over Egypt any day. A lebanese singer sings a song for you and this is how you repay them? You are just jealous that Lebanon is more advanced, has a better culture, and has more famous singers then you stupid Egyptions.
    You can burn in hell, iou and your stupid country!!!!!!!!

  1. Pfft

    To Proud Lebanese,

    Forget he is Egyptian. His name tells us what he really is!

  1. heba

    nancy is the best lebanese singer she is beatiful and her voice is nice and her songs and clips are great. who ever is out there that hates nancy and swear at her the swearing goes back to them because there the ones belong to be all the bad words in the world i love u nancy ur great and never listin to the people that say bad things about u. all the people that are out there and love nancy are cool and rock ya all of u who like nancy rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk yaaaa i love u nancy

  1. snoopy

    HI nanoon how are u i am so ok wat about u plz email me soon nancy my email is umm my frined told me that u r coming 2 dubai soon umm 2 day is 27/3/06 so when u will come email me i will come 2 ur concert ok cya nanoony byez !!!!xx kisses xx

  1. Renin

    Deeennaa låtten är ganska fin och du va sööt i denna clippen ...:D:D:!!


  1. Renin

    skiitttt brraa låått nancy

  1. Renin

    skiitttt brraa låått nancy ajram

  1. Laila

    she is singign for the egyptians because the won the african cup. get over yourselves. its an amazing song...and if you understand arabic you know she is TELLING SOMEONE TO RAISE THEIR HEAD UP HIGH AND SAY THEIR EGYPTIAN. and not claiming herself to be egyptain. and there is a whole verse about her living and working with egyptians and them treating her nicely. shes not a poser. its a song. singers make money to make people happy.

    Rock on MASR. u know why? BECAUSE MASR OM IL DONIA!

  1. nadine

    nancy u r the sweetest singer on the sister is called nancy to.we love all ur songs ya nancy,,,,,,,,,,,u r sooooooooo sweet...
    i always hope to see u face to face and huge u.
    u and elissa r my favorite singers.i have all ur songs...........and i think this clip is soooooo nice and i think if u were in it ,it would be more nice...........
    i love u so much and u r so sweet...
    my name is nadine nassif and am from koura .

  1. Miriam

    Hi to all Nancy fans!! Do you guys have any idea of where I can get the lyrics and the translation of ANA MASRI?? I would be very thankful for any tips from you!! Nancy rocks!!!

  1. sulee

    i really don't see where is the problem with this song that i love particularly i think she has begun her career with songs in egyptian accent and her best fans are in egypt so she is grateful with the country which had welcomed her!that's it !
    i think you all have real troubles with your identity for me an egyptian is equal as a lebanese and i love the both accents and singers so if you're shocked by this song stop hiding yourself that you're a stupid racist and instead of saying such bullshits be proud of living in a welcoming country we're on the globalization time now and even if i'm not egyptian i can be touched by such a song and your culture be proud of it and calm down!!!

  1. sabrina

    hey nancy
    i think ur song is sexy i luve it even doh im egypt, so wot if u nt egypt it does not mean dat u cant sing da song
    i think its very beauitful, she is
    TELLING SOMEONE TO RAISE THEIR HEAD UP HIGH AND SAY THEIR EGYPTIAN. and not claiming herself to be egyptain. so get over it.


    wts wrong with u lebanese..why do u always think tht u r better than not gonna say tht EGYPTIANS are better..but u just cant say such idiot thangs about us..we EGYPTAINS love LEBANON very much..we love the lebanese ppl and we love ur singers...besides we dont call u names..we don say such bad thangs bout u..u know why r u sayin bad stuff about EGYPTIANZ..thts coz u all know tht EGYPT is OM EL DONIA..and no 1 can doubt tht ur ppl ADOREEEEEEE EGYPT and its ppl.ur just jealos of us coz we r the get over ur it..and trust ur selves..with all ma respect 2 all lebanese but i was v.mad bout that ***** tht said such things about us..NOTICE : i still LOVE u LEBANON & u LEBANESE

  1. yasmin

    OH MA DAYZ!!!!!!!! im coming on dis site for da 1st time n am i really seeing headz gunnin eygptianz !!!!NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! wot r u headz on dont b ****ing mad at d end of d day if nancy wantz 2 sing bout eygpt go ahead coz she's bigging up OUR country up n not yours so jus wot does dat say PLZ PLZ PLZ dont hate dont get it twisted doe a gyalz got love 4all d arabz at a time like dis we need 2 stick 2gether i live in london yeah an at d mo arabs are seen as terroristz so stop d h8 ting and get ova yourselfz all our contries are BEAUTIFUL U HEAR DAT HATEAZ!!!!!!!!!!! BLESS BIG UP LONDON N EYGPT REPPIN DAT TIL I DIE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  1. Mareine from California
    Mareine from California

    Did anyone read the comment above written by a guy named mohamad? Go read that comment and see what he wrote. You think we are insulting you? What about that loser who wrote that rude comment. Why should we be jealous? We have everything you have and much much more!!!!
    Allah Yihmik Ya Lebnan!!!!! Ya Ahla Balad Bil Dini!!!!!

  1. Robert

    It seems to me that this kind of rough (and dull) argument is particularly typical for no-registration boards. Anyway, to me Nancy Ajram is a Gorgeous singer and I am pretty indifferent to which one of the 2 countries is better. But this is not the issue here. It's about people trying to hold on to what I call the dark side of patriotism, which will ultimately lead to frustration. I believe that the louder the people say that they "are" the better country, the less they have actually contributed to making it that way. This is not so with Nancy Ajram. Even some of us here in Germany know and love her Songs, so in her way she has contributed to not only her own country but also the world. Watch out for her next song: Ana amriki. *just joking*

  1. mostafa.k

    salam nancy I LOVE YOU.i wish take bite from your check.

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