The Real Raya and Sekina

The Real Raya and Sekina

Those are the photos of the real Raya and Sekina, the famous Egyptian criminals of the 20s and whose story is being told in this year's Ramadan series Raya and Sekina where their roles are being played by Egyptian actresses Sumaya El Khashab and Abla Kamel.
The one on the right is Raya and the other is Sekina.

Raya and Sekina series is being broadcasted on MBC 1.

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  1. cooly

    omg !! these are Raya and Skeina ?!! how ugly they look ! lol

  1. sweet princess
    sweet princess

    DAMN they are sooo ugly!!! i cant believe somyia elkhashab is acting as one of them... she is so pretty! lol

  1. fan

    I am related to sumaya al khashab and yes shes gorgeous! Dont raya and skeena look scary!! is this story of them killing women real? eeeeek!

  1. King

    ewwwwwwwww they so ugley man ;-0

  1. leila

    i really didn't enjoy the seris very much. My favoirte show was sara by hanan alturk. SHe so cute and funny ....

  1. lovelylebanese

    god they look ugly and scary. Well Im watching Sarah and its a very interesting series. I love hanan turk and shes very good at doing her role in this series I love the way she talks and she is so cute.

  1. cuteboy

    idd they r so ugly:S i'm going to vomit.. bye:P

  1. MarYo0o0om

    Ya MaMA ...!!!

  1. salma

    so pretty lol. wow omg so ugly

  1. hind


    they look so damn scary. who the hell married those nightmares. omfg!

    somaya is soo cute. i lov her beauty

  1. warda

    wow they are so unatractive. It is very suprising that they have sumaya who is so pretty play sekina who's so ugly. Wow they really just turn my stomach.

  1. kaoutar

    hi ppl

    i just want to ask if any of you guys know the real truth to what happend to their husbands and to her daughter. cause i am not eagyptian so i dont know much i about the story
    but it is interesting sure they are some scary women

  1. cutty

    stupid series i dont enjoy it i hate 3ablah kamel sooo much! i whatch sara its much better i love hanan turk she is so cute

  1. zeina

    the movie was so good and i love sumaya alkhashab but i wanna know more about the story in real.

  1. ihberfb

    im still watchin the series and it is soo good so far, im so curious to know whats gonna happen in the far they dug up the bodies at raya's place
    i dont usually watch arabic series but this is an amazing 1

  1. sawsan

    Wow, thump up to Abala Kamel she is brlliant actress, somia is a brlliant as well ., coming guys both actress are pretty women. i watched the series very close i love it. as an egyption i can say ,it s an offense to any woman if you call her by their names.even as a joke. but frist time know that Raya has a daughter?any body knows what every happend to her or any web we can go to?
    any one there from Alexandria to answer our questiones.
    By the way at 1920 there were no make up or styliest
    and photo only black and white hellllo

  1. Fatima

    i think that naming all those murders on the two women involved is sexist. the men played a big part in the murder. this is actually not suprising because were are so trained to see women as always being crazy. there are so many movies to glorify men while the movies on women just give people another excuse to call women crazy. i am not agreeing with Raya and Sakeena's actions but the men should also get the blame.

  1. yoooo

    Sumaya is soooo hot

  1. fati

    le film a été tres interessant et extraordinaire je dis bravo a 3abla kamil et souia el khachab et bonne chose pour autre series

  1. Ramzi


    The husband's were executed at the same time as Raya & Sekina. Raya's daughter was taken away by the Egyptian government & no one (that I know of) knows where she went to live or if still alive today.


  1. zeina

    hi how is everybody here anybody knows about the daughter of raya like a website or anybody know more about the story plz tell me.

  1. Munir

    sexy girls

  1. Amany

    They are soooooo ugly!!!

  1. sarsoura

    tfou chou bich3in

  1. amira

    do you guys know where in the web I can find more information about raya wa sikena story because its very facinating and I really want to know more about it.

  1. rim

    raya et skina

  1. mojo

    The website below will tell you the real story of Raya and Sakina

  1. nasem

    i love and you are the most hotest thing ive evere seen i saw all your mousesls and plese give me a call 781 286 4191 and im allso rich so dont think im a poor kid ill love and take care of you every day somaya el khashab will you marry me

  1. haitham

    lol and lol again so mr naseem u think sumaya alkhashab is gonna answer u looooool what makes u think she even has time to come to this site trust me i know some of her family members not her so i heard she hardly has time for herself as u know the stars and there life style so i suggest u look for some rich girl like u that u can actually meet in real life lol salamz ya waad ya 3any inta

  1. Sherief

    Raya's daughter was taken to live in a house for orphant children after the exicution of her mother. But she died after a short time (may be 2 years) in this house while she was still a little kid.

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