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If you are a fan of Nancy Ajram and want to get your hands on her songs lyrics, photo galleries, biography and news... You can find that all and more on WALEG newest page about Nancy Ajram.

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  1. libangirlll

    nancy i luv uuuuuuuuuu!!!! u r the best cant wait to hear more bout u on waleg..
    yalla chow

  1. LALY

    da picutures r nice :S ... but no way i hate her.......

  1. dana

    nancy i just want to tell u that some of ur pic are nice and some r very bad and ur not cute like ruby but i see that many people like u but i dont

  1. Malak

    Hi nancy kifek ana kteeer b7ebek .

  1. Safi Hamdel
    Safi Hamdel

    Nancy i looooooooove u and haifa,elisa,ruby, and Mouhamed Attieh, dont listen to anyone but me, ana b7ebak kteer kteer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE U NANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. rama

    i really like nancy shes talinted and her dioes they r grate i like hayfa too but she is soooooo spoilled and showof she thinks she is young but she's not and in the program (alwadi)haifa wore the same blows that alissa wore on stage before

  1. hadil

    hahah omg ram i saw that too, the same shirt with teh same exact jeans.
    I hate haifa wat an idiot she tries to be cute but hard luck for her, it just won't work. And yup she think's shes young key word "thinks" she has a child thats about 14 know, be ashamed of yourself. Ok shes pretty but i think so are many other respected girls so go burry yourself under sand and pray for allah (swt) to forgive u!!

    For nancy on the other hand, u can't really say anything to her because shes very cute, YOUNG!!! AND DOESN'T TRY TO SELL HER BODY OFF AS MUCH AS THIS HAIFA KRAP. I like nancy becasue she knows how to get ppl's attention in a cute modest way , good luck nancy and hayfa go home habibte

  1. rawan

    well people

    i really like nancy ajram. shez young and pretty too.
    but when ever i see her in T.V i feel am watching a hoe. a dvice( she better act normally and stop showing her body.
    nancy ''God help get and you better get ready for the judgment day''

  1. KILOI


  1. BBenz

    Hi, can anyone,"translate" in roman alphabetical letters, the lyrics from Haifa's songs? I would love to learn arabian language but I haven't this opportunity yet! Cheers m8ts !

  1. amanda

    everyone who hates haifa shut the hell up
    ur all losers ...and ur ALL jealous of her shes gorgeous and smart because she knows how to work the audience...never say shes not cute or pretty because then ur the biggest liar in the world...maybe her voice isnt the best in the world....but shes getting better in my opinion so all of u haifa haters shut up!!!!!

  1. salman pakistani
    salman pakistani

    hi nancy, i`m salman from pakistan and i love u so much from my heart ,,,,,, and also want to marry with u, now i want to kiss u my sexy sweetheart mmmmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh

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